2 Headed Shark Attack (2012)


Directed by: Christopher Ray

Written by: H. Perry Horton

Story by:
Edward DeRuiter


Charlie O'Connell .... Prof
essor Babish
Carmen Electra .... Anne Babish
Brooke Hogan .... Kate
Gerald Webb .... Han
David Gallegos .... Paul
Geoff Ward .... Cole
Mercedes Young .... Liza
Shannan Stewart .... Lyndsey
Tihirah Taliaferro .... Michelle

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: January 31, 2012




A bunch of college students are on their way on a boat trip to a destination only to be attacked by a two headed shark. They take refuge to atoll but this shark tracks them down as it starts sinking as well and try to find a way to battle this ferocious beast while it feasts on the students one by one.


I got a kick out of the beginning of the film with two people water skiing in which this almost looked like an old fashioned grindhouse type of style on how it was all shot and makes things look promising and having a deep dark feeling that the two headed shark will appear to attack these people and yet it does happen here getting these two at once. The CGI effects looked very cheesy and also seemed a bit more funny spotting a two headed thing swimming around the ocean.
Also later on in the story things seem pretty cheesy with a bunch of college students in a boat on the water going to a destination but yet it looks fun with them having a good time. Also we spot a cocky one named Cole doing steroids and flexing as this looked pretty crazy to watch all of this and shocking too spotting a drug use like this one. Right away you have a feeling that this person is bad news.
Things get really phony in certain situations when the boat crashes into something and two girls look over and scream as the word amateurish isn't the word describing this situation. It was terribly lacking in the plot as well as alot of bad writing too. Plus we spot situations with the boat sinking in which the scenario here was supposed to seem intimidating but even this moment fails big time.
There's even a situation with 2 girls swimming topless and a guy swimming in a shallow end of the ocean as well as a lesbian make out scene since this seems to be common in today's horror flicks. Suddenly we spot the two headed shark simming towards these girls with a camera shot closing in as well as the two of them spitting out blood in which this looked pretty unconvincing to watch that they were attacked here due to a poorly budgeted scenery surrounding this. Also we spot the guy struggling to swim to shore as he is in shallow water which looked incredibly lame too.
There's also a situation with this shark grabbing someones leg in the water and she tries to get away without a scratch on her as this was not believeable at all. Plus there's close up shots on the shark attacking her as you can tell this shark was made of rubber.
There is a good situation with one of the main characters named Kate discussing her fear on a shark while she is walking near a pier in which seems to add a nice touch to the story here making you wonder if the shark will rise to attack.
There's the odd jumping moment here and there with the shark attack but that's about it as well as the island shaking since it's not a sturdly land as this seemed cheesily done but yet can be fun to watch if you're in the mood for a Z-grade flick such as this one.
We have Cole acting like a dork again speeding along with a motorboat and racing with others in which this didin't look inspirational or adrenalised at all spotting this. Everything here was pretty cheesy but there's the odd interesting moment with the two headed shark attacking.
There's a neat cheesy effect with two girls on a pier and out of nowhere the shark jumps out and swallows them which almost makes you jump here but yet it barely succeeds in doing so.
Things seem cheesily impressive when everyone struggles against the shark while being pitted in a shack since we can really spot the rubber shots of this shark.
There's even exciting moments while Kate struggles against the shark in the sea with a knife as there's great fast action moments on this keeping you in suspense wondering what will happen next here. But this is as good as it gets folks.
Bottom line is that the film seems to have a take on those old school shark flicks like Jaws but yet tries to create a two headed one. If this is as bad as it sounds then it just is. You can tell that this was an independent film trying to be creative but everything about this flick really stinks. At first it looks like a film so bad it's good and fun but even the story sinks more than their ship while we continue to watch this clunker. The movie is just as bad as the sound of the title here.

The acting is terrible for the most part. Lead actor Charlie O'Connell (Professor Babish) seems to fail to fill in his brother's shoes here but yet he does his best as a teacher of his students in which he tries to have a good and strong serious attitude when he instructs them. It almost comes off okay. But yet when he is in pain from a bad incident he is extremely low on energy and seemed very wooden while doing all of this. I wasn't convinced that he's a character actor at all and would need some lessons in order to stay successful doing bigger projects than this one.
Carmen Electra
(Anne Babish) seemed to try and act sharp with her behavior and yet she almost does the trick but then lacks in which she was more famous for her work in Baywatch. In other words her looks did more of the talking that her performance which is pretty sad. Yet she stands out not too badly into what she did here so there's a few pointers while spotting all of this.
Brooke Hogan
(Kate) was the best out of the cast in which she does a fine job in her performance here as well as having the hot looks too which helps as well. She knew on how to act cool in her words as well as getting sarcastic the odd times which seemed pretty believeable too. She also does a great job by acting tough which shows great energy here along with perfect struggling situations against the shark in which she is at a perfect intense pace here too. Yet at times her blocking is off like throwing a punch at someone as it doesn't look brutal enough but still passable at the same time.
David Gallegos
(Paul) was incredibly stiff within his performance in which he doesn't show much emotion into whatever he does here. Also he really acts like a robot when getting anxious about the terrors happening in which he totally comes off as annoying. He was supposed to be one of the main characters in the flick and didn't study his part well at all.
Geoff Ward
(Cole) was supposed to portray a macho steroid induced asshole in which he was really rough into what he did speaking his lines like he was forced to portray a character here and shows no enthusiasm whatsoever into his part here. He comes across as plain stale into all of this and only has a well built body doing all the talking here folks.
Shannan Stewart
(Lynsey) was the worst out of the whole cast in which she shows nothing in her emotions with her fearful attitude as well as having a real irritating ehiney type of voice which doesn't even come off convincing either. She was basically just a line reader and low on energy big time. Just another pretty face here with no talent folks.

Two women take off their tops while going into a shallow end of the ocean breasts revealed big time here.

Many bodies are chewed up as well as remaining pieces lying in the water. However alot of the effects look incredibly phony.

The music tried to sound like your typical everyday adventureous horror mainstream type with the orchestra in which it sometimes works in well with the trombone and drumbeats in which they sounded fairly strong as well as the odd tingling sounds too. Plus there's great booming sounds which will make you jump for the two headed shark attacking it's prey. All of this was put together by Chris Ridenhour