I fondly remember Adrienne in the first film that got me into the horror craze which is of course 'Friday the 13th' as she played the head camp counsellor Alice Hardy who survived all the massacres in less than 24 hours at Camp Crystal Lake as well as putting an end to the bloodthirsty killer Mrs. Voorhees only to anger her supposedly drowned son Jason who got her in the sequel.
She delivered a strong performance in the film and thought she could follow the same footsteps as Jamie Lee Curtis like she did in 'Halloween' since she portrayed the virgin type of role since both characters Alice Hardy and Laurie Strode were very similar characters.
Then I found out that she was harrassed by a stalker who saw her in the film so she ended up going into retirement for a while as originally in the sequel her character was supposed to have survived in the end and it was all a dream or somewhere along those lines but intentionally was asked to have her killed off before the opening credits to see if she will be left alone. However she had no such luck.
I had the honour to interview her when my blogtalk radio show was running which was an awesome interview that she did for me and the rest of the people involved which she gave every detail on what the movie was about since I thought it was run by Paramount Studios but it was originally an independent production and were not thinking of making any sequels with Jason being resurrected.
She even told me that the stalker was even following her instead of making threatening phone calls and tried to take legal action by getting the police involved but at the time weren't able to do anything.
Eventually this person was arrested and was a schizophrenic and tried to put those issues she had with him behind her
but she told me that she was working on the daytime soap which I believe was 'All My Children' as she had a hard time doing her performance due to the issues she was having with that crazy person bothering her.

She got accepted into the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London and then returned to the US to do voice over work as she became a successeful ADR looper as well as meeting her future husband Richard Hassanein whom was president of an international independent film and distribution company.
She has been a very busy person by doing other types of involvement in the entertainment industry than just acting and travelling around the world for the Cannes Film Festival and Milan Film Market.
She's also been very active in the autograph circuit at horror conventions greeting many fans of 'Friday the 13th' whom wondered what she's been up to.

During the very beginning at the age of six months she was in a TV commercial for Downey and worked in many others afterwards including 7-Up tap dancing with Sammy Davis Jr., the Burger King girl in "Have it Your Way" and at the age of 9 years landed the feature role of Melinda in a TV movie of Hallmark Hall of Fame Productions of 'Inherit the Wind'
I believe she also was involved with the true craft of acting by performing in regional theatre too.
She also did voice overs as well as looping on television, cable stations and motion pictures in Hollywood studios during the 90's.
Plus had a talent for pianting as well as sketch art in which was featured in a scene of 'Friday the 13th' as her and I have something in common there.

While on my vacation in Los Angeles I went to a Weekend of Horrors Convention in Burbank as she was one of the celebrities there and right away notcied me in which she was my favourite person there and got to hang out quite a bit and a lovely lady she is. We communicate time to time on facebook too as she deserves to have a written up bio for R&R.

Adrienne is offered many roles for upcoming independent flicks and has returned to acting since many of her fans have missed her as she had roles in movies sich as 'All American Bully', 'Psychic Experiment', 'The Butterfly Room', 'Gabby's Wish', 'Tales of Poe' and doing voice over as the Stranger in 'Silent Night Bloody Night: The Homecoming'

Most of all she is selling her own Crystal Lake Wine along with her own paintings and other stuff on her website. Check it out at www.adrienneking.com

Friday the 13th 1980. This was the movie everyone knows her in as the head camp counsellor Alice Hardy in which she played the Jamie Lee Curtis innocent girl next door role. She does a great job in it and her performance always stood out in my mind as a nice girl as well as showing a nice spunky outgoing attitude too.
I will always remember a scene when she spots a snake in her cabin and gets freaked by it or when she spots an axe in someone's bed just being concerned by everything that is going on.
She for sure does a great job freaked out after spotting her boyfriend slaughtered by some arrows as she offers great lung power or sobbing frightened emotions. She brought up the energy while struggling away from the killer Mrs. Voorhees (Betsy Palmer). She had the most memorable scene by beheading this maniac which also stood out in my mind which was cool for a slasher flick.
Yes Adrienne was a full force of nature and had many fans which isn't surprising. She was responsible for having Jason Voorhees becoming the killer in the sequels in which this also stuck in my mind big time too. Not only that I will always cherish a scene when she wakes up in a canoe with the police calling out to her awakening Jason by dragging her in which was supposed to have been a dream but according to part 2 this really happened and was rescued in time.
As well as her noted for being a sketch artist she shows her drawings of her art in a scene of this story too.
This was originally an independent film that Paramount distributed and this company produced the rest of the sequels and she shared that the makers weren't thinking on doing sequels or Jason being resurrected in them while doing teenagers away.

This film co-starred Kevin Bacon whom was a struggling actor at the time before moving on to bigger projects.

Friday the 13th Part 2 1981. Adrienne reprises her role briefly during the start of the story with her having nightmares on what had happened which showed clips of the original one struggling against the killer and then she wakes up from her nightmare in her own home. Also a nice chilling feeling that she's being watched as she gets a prank call as well as a camera heading into her bathroom while taking a shower as at first I got an impression that her situation was going to be like in a scene from 'Psycho' but this one was a teaser big time.
Well she gets spooked when she thinks someone is watching her holding an ice pic but her cat leaps and she is about to give her pet something to eat but sees something terrifying in her fridge. Then she meets her maker whom is Jason and then the opening credits happen. It was a shame she was killed off but requested this due to that stalker of hers. Her name was in the opening credits which was cool.
Then 6 years have passed and a nearby camp with counsellors in training is happening with Jason watching them and killing them off one by one crying for resurrection of his dead mother.

All American Bully 2011. The film that made a comeback for her as she has a supporting role as Principal Kane at a highschool in which she was only in it for about 3 or 4 scene's.
The movie is a psychological drama-thriller on two teenage kids who have a falling out and one of them is gay but is closeted in which he pits his former friend on camera beating him up with his new friends and making him say onto the camera that he's a fag as he posts it on the net for everyone to see as Adrienne comes in as a closed minded one who had a son that was gay and expels him for failing his class due to his preferences. She shows raging aggressions as well as having an emotional attitude but this was a rough comeback for her and is too over the top. It was nice to see her acting again regardless.
The film itself was a very well done independent flick done by Jason Hawkins who works in indie horror but decided to do a different type of genre this time and deserves a good pat on the back as it's a realistic look on bullying offering different twists too.
The flick was very intense, violent and has a good dark theme to it all as well as seeing the main bully having a deep dark secret as well as two teens trying to seek revenge on him about his secret
on the net for revenge which was also well done.
There's also a peer pressuring moment on this bully forced to rape someone while the other one films this as this also was done in great style too. Plus we spot some gun shootings and things like that. It for sure makes you cringe a bit while watching this movie come to life and for anyone who enjoys movies that has topics on bullying this one's for you.

The Butterfly Room 2012. Italian filmmakers travel to Hollywood to make this horror flick as it was very well done on an elderly lady named Ann (Barbara Steele) who's obsessed on collecting butterflies and has a bipolar disorder in which she has a disturbed past as well as having a disturbed relationship by tutoring a spoiled brat named Alice (Julia Putnam) who cons others.
Ann will even kill others to keep her as her guardian since she is a very disturbed woman.
Adrienne has a cameo in this flick even if her name was in the opening credits whom is with Alice in a mall as we wonder if this lady is a relative to hers or is being conned as well. She shows an unpleasant reaction towards Ann when Alice tells her she doesn't know this woman and they quickly walk away from her as that was about it for her performance as I found that disappointing and hoped that she had at least a supporting role in the flick.

The film had cameos by other horror celebrities such as P.J. Soles ('Halloween') and James Karen ('Return of the Living Dead') as well as a good supporting role by Heather Langenkamp ('A Nightmare On Elm Street') as it was nice to see her back in the public eye.