Bad Moon (1996)


Written & Directed by: Eric Red
Wayne Smith (Novel)


Mariel Hemingway .... Janet
Michael Pare .... Uncle Ted
Mason Gamble .... Brett

Release Date:
Direct-to-Video: November 1, 1996




While on assignment in the jungles of Nepal, photojournalist Ted Harrison (Michael Pare) and his girlfriend are savagely attacked by a hideous beast which tears the woman to shreds and leaves Ted badly mauled.
Later on he lives in the trailer next to the house of his sister Janet (Mariel Hemingway) as he has a hard time adjusting to what has happened to him.
He goes out at night in the woods and not returning till dawn and their family dog Thor (Primo) is getting suspicious of him.
People are getting slashed by a gigantic creature at night and the police are questioning Janet about these incidents.


There's a nice opening with a couple named Ted and Marjorie having a bonfire in which this looked nice abnd dark leaving an impression for a suspicious werewolf to attack. Then they get into a romp in their tent as this looked fairly cheesy to watch and then we do spot the werewolf attack which looked good and fast but yet this was supposed to make you jump and that moment fails a bit but at the same time will leave you in suspense of what is going to happen in the story.
The opening credits look nice with a camera viewing around a forestry area with a nice bright sunlight shining on these tree's as this adds to a nice peaceful touch before the real terrors occur later on in the plot.
There's a cheesy comedic moment with a character named Flopsy about to do some soliciting and spots the boy Brett playing with his dog Thor as this dog watches this person carefully which makes you wonder if he is a werewolf himself but yet with this silly moment it seems a little too obvious and that he is a normal scumbag trying to fool locals with his sales. It does tease you here a bit as well as a fast acting moment on him making out that he will attack the dog and Thor leaps on him in which he pretends to be injured making out he is suing the family along with nice one liners on the single mother Janet telling him that she's a lawyer which offers good timing here for the humor and to show no mercy here as well by and putting this con man in his place. It seems to work in well for a next start with the story here.
Another great still moment with a forest ranger wandering in the woods and then a good shot on a head of a werewolf biting him in which this looked perfectly shot and adding some decent terror here along with a nice shot on the full moon.
More mysterious and freaky moments the next day when Janet visits Ted at his mobile trailer in the woods and we spot their dog Thor running into the woods along with a good camera shot looking up on a tree with the remains of the dead forest ranger's body hung on some branches which would disturb others who aren't into anything graphic like that.
Many good shots between Ted and Thor staring at one another which draws in more mysterious moments especially when it's near dark. The film makes you watching for more suspense when it's after dark and Thor is eager to go outside in which we spot a huge ferocious werewolf handcuffed to a tree struggling as these special effects looked neat to watch begging for more terror with the fans on werewolf flicks. There's more good pointers when Ted discusses with Janet about the dangers of her dog being outside in case of a wolf attacking as this setting looked good and serious.
We have a nice moment with Brett watching the Wolfman on TV when Ted comes in for a morning breakfast as there's a nice discussion with him talking to Brett about a werewolf not necessarily coming out with a full moon and other situations like that which makes you cringe as to wondering if Ted himself is unstoppable when he changes. Good writing here indeed.
Good camera shots on Thor watching through the woods the next night and spotting Ted's jogging clothes on the ground which defientely leaves an impression that this isn't good at all. The settings looked nice and dark in the woods which is a pleaser here. Also we spot some nice battling moments with Thor against a huge werewolf in the front of the house as this keeps you in suspense as to what the turnout would become here.
More decent comedic timing as we spot Flopsy trespassing with a meatcleaver going near Thor's doghouse trying to find him and then we spot a big ferocious werewolf lunging behind him and he slowly turns around which also worked in marvellously here on him not expecting this at all. The terror really happens to him greatly in which the dark terror here blends in quite well.
Some nice still moments with an argumentive scene between Janet and Ted as well as a good close up shot on him winking his eye at Thor and then we spot him lunging for his arm which is a good jumping moment here.
There's real upsetting moments when Thor is being taken away in which looked disturbing to watch little Brett getting emotional and upset with all of this since it seemed very real to watch all of this. It for sure makes you feel like crying as well as a good wicked wave by Ted as this was another nice pointer for a werewolf flick.
The suspense and terror really piles up big time as we have Janet taking out a gun and then walking into the forest talking to Ted in which we see him slowly transforming in which looked impressive to watch with all the effects as well as a great close up shot on his evil face as well as his eyes and sharp teeth too. Probably the best moment in this film.
A great moment with Janet running into her house and the werewolf crashing through a window to try and get at her. Plus nice shots on her blocking a door in a bedroom with him smashing through it. Also more battling sequences with Thor attacking this monster which looked very deadly to watch all of this. Also a good shot on the werewolf grabbing Brett by the throat as you watch in terror as to what will happen here.
Bottom line is that it's nice to see a decent werewolf film again. It has quite good suspense and effects. There's lots of good moments with the transformations taking place in the deep dark woods making each moment of this intense and overly enjoyable for anyone who loves werewolf flicks.
Too bad that it never made it to cinema's as this one reminded me of earlier werewolf films like the Howling and An American Werewolf in London.

The acting is good. Mariel Hemingway (Janet) has a nice sharp attitude to her character as a lawyer and single Mom. She delivered her strong words very well in her first appearance here by acting stern towards another actor which seemed very real here. She also does a nice heartwarming type of attitude in many spots of the story towards the cast who plays her family members which looked very uplifting. Also she is well focused when she calls for her dog too. Has a great anxious type of behavior when something bad happens showing off great energy here. She does well getting stern during a certain moment while speaking to someone in the woods which was well performed here along with great shocked and scared reactions by what she later spots. She does a great job with her struggling attitude as well as getting touch when needed to be especially when she points a gun with her speaking. This was very impressive.
Michael Pare
(Uncle Ted) gives a thumbs up performance as a victim to a werewolf and shows good troubled reactions to his part in it. He seems to do well with his charming attitude during the beginning of his performance as well as having great shocked reactions after a terrifying moment occurs which he seems to be on the ball with this. He also does well by getting emotional with his sobbing words while talking to someone on the phone which looked realistic. Shows nice stern and serious expressions while staring at a dog with his cold speaking which also looked well performed too and greatly focused. Does a good job with his cold speaking along with having a crazy and wicked behavior while slowly changing into a werewolf which shows off very powerfully.
Mason Gamble (Brett) is clever in his role as a boy next door and really delivers his character. Shows a nice job acting lifelike while playing with his dog showing off good energy here as well as having a nice suspicious attitude towards a solicitor. He also does a nice job by being interested in things around his home and being trivial on stuff which shows off a nice charm to all of this. He also does a nice job with his emotional attitude later on in the story too as well as showing good energy with his blocking by riding a bike or climbing a fence to rescue his pet not letting an ounce of energy down here at all.
Supporting actor Hrothgar Matthews (Flopsy) played a nice goofball conman in the film as he gives a horror film a nice touch by adding some humor to it. He is sometimes stiff at times whenever acting anxious but seems to pick it up later on in his next scene with his goofy and sneering vengeful behavior. Plus shows a great wide eyed expression with a scared behavior when a werewolf is behind him ready to attack. He was right on with all of this and had a great hype to his reactions with this happening to him.

A woman has her shirt unbuttoned with breasts revealed.

Plenty of gore.
A person is torn up by a werewolf.
Werewolf's head is blown off with a shotgun.
Plenty of blood too.
A conman's fingers are sliced off as well as his throat slashed
A man is badly scarred in the woods

The music was composed by Daniel Licht and has some smooth classical music to the film with violin playing as well as some string plucking. Plus good low sounds for some dark writing in the film that's about to happen which blends in nicely. Also we have some drum beats and the odd banging sounds too which sounds good for a werewolf flick. Also there's the odd pleasant sounds for the mellow moments too. This guy has composed music for many other familiar horror films like Children of the Night, Children of the Corn 2 & 3, Hellraiser: Bloodline and Thinner.