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Come and listen to our 10 minute radio plays as there's a different story on each one. It's like Tales from the Crypt but in radio format.
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The heat is still on for our talk show with a prize to give away too.
Greg and Heath introduce the show and discuss their feelings on
Land of the Dead
*Their new movie review is a promising indepdendent film that's riding the film festivals titled Nightmare Man about a young woman who is a paranoid schizophrenic named Ellen who buys a demonic mask she ordered away but she continues to have nightmares about it over and over again and is constantly hallucinating but her doctor tells her to take some subscribed pills to calm her nerves as she thinks a demon in black wearing her mask called the Nightmare Man is after her.
#Next up news by: Quey Philips discussing the new film out titled Bug.
*Then Greg interviews underground film director/writer Terrence Williams on his work of the Llorona Gone Wild trilogy series
*Greg and Heath review the retro movie
Prom Night the cult classic 1980 motion picture starring Leslie Nielsen and Jamie Lee Curtis
*Last but not least we're giving away a special prize to speed up your internet connection to those who don't have high speed internet. Yes folks it can be all yours if you answer our trivia questions.















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