Carey Shawn: Jumping for Joy with Silent Scream's Leggy Wonder! by Brian Kirst

If I owned a school the talented Carey Shawn would be too cool for it! As Amy, the enthusiastic Shawn livens up (well, before she dies horribly, of course) the bloody, mind blowing 'Silent Scream' with her contagious vigor and pep. Now working on a handful of projects (including commercials and upcoming films), Shawn also finds the time to track down heartbreaking wrongdoers as a private eye with her husband. So, cheaters - watch your backs! But as you do, check out the charming interview, below, and then go directly to when you're done with that!


Brian: Who were your first performing influences - The 'Full House' girls - Suzanne Somers' ads - A talented relative who offered encouragement and hope?

Carey: My first performing influences were 'The Carol Burnett Show', 'The Incredible Hulk' and 'Showboat'. Now I love James Dean and of course Audrey Hepburn. I am still incredibly inspired by the movie 'Psycho'! Everything inspires me, I hope to direct someday.

Brian: Is there a particular aspect of show business you enjoy the most (IE: acting, modeling, voice over) or they all equally important?

Carey: I truly LOVE every aspect of show business, but acting will always be first in my heart. I love to sing; soon I'll be coming out with my own music video. I've learned this business helps me express myself creatively on every level.

Brian: You have worked on many different kinds of acting projects. Besides budget, what would you say is the biggest difference between working on a major production like 'Hardball' as compared to a smaller one such as 'Silent Scream'?

Carey: When you're working on a Major production the bigger stars set the tone. The set is usually off limits to other cast members watching actor's scenes. This all varies depending on how cool the director is. A great director can make or break you!

Brian: It appears 'Silent Scream' was filmed as 'The Retreat'. 'Silent Scream' is definitely a catchier title in the long run, I suppose. What do you think of the title switch?

Carey: In show business, everything changes in the blink of an eye. So I've adapted well to change. 'Silent Scream' is definitely a catchier title.

Brian: You and the entire cast of 'Silent Scream' were secluded on an island during filming. What was the most enjoyable bonding moment you had with your fellow performers while on location?

Carey: The cast and crew all got along pretty well. We played a game called "I dare you". One crew member stood on a chair and recited "I'm a little tea pot", others had to strip down to their undergarments and jump in the snow! We filmed a lot of scenes at night. A few jokesters got together and scared the devil out of each other on the long way back through the woods, to the bathrooms in the trailer.

Brian: You have the best death scene in 'Silent Scream'. What was it like working with the special effects and having a leg up on the competition, as it were?

Carey: The special effects were my favorite part of the movie. They had to keep the blood heated and I loved playing with it. When the snares ripped my legs apart, I had to jump up and do the splits in the air about 50 times. During my death scene, my torso and legs were buried under the snow. The crew made sure to bundle me up, and they put about 20 heat packs in my snowsuit. I remember being buried and looking up at my leg and thinking, somebody please pinch me - this all looks and feels TOO real!

Brian: Was the set of 'Silent Scream' as cold as it looked or were some of the snowier aspects faked?

Carey: Harbor Springs, MI is very beautiful, especially in the summer. The winters on the other hand are unbearable!! It was freezing beyond belief, but I still snuck out to see the other actor's scenes. FYI: Blowing snow has a way of working itself through your snow suit!!

Brian: If you could develop the perfect project for yourself what would it be?

Carey: The perfect project for me would be anything directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Seeing that it will never happen, I've decided on an action packed psychological thriller. I am very athletic and I love special effects! The bloodier the better! Unless sharks are involved! I am terrified of them!!! (Shark week is airing this week, at this point I'm scared to go in the bathtub!)

Brian: Lastly, any future projects or words of wisdom (IE: Don't flirt in a pink snowsuit when a killer is on the loose) that you'd like to leave us with? And thanks for doing this! It's been a howl!!

Carey: I'm a Private Eye; my Husband & I own Eye Spy investigations in Fraser, MI. We appear on the Maury Povich show as expert investigators on cheating spouses. I'm also a Macomb County Commissioner; I was elected in November 2006. I do a ton of commercials; I have one coming up for the Humane Society. As of right now I am securing my movie deals for a psychological thriller and a biography and will be filming in spring 2008. Details to follow!!!- Lastly a word of wisdom: If you DO happen to get killed, make sure it's in a lower budget gore/slasher flick, so you can come back and kick butt or chase rabbits, no explanation needed. LOL!!!