Corey was a Canadian actor who was born on December 23, 1971 in Toronto, Ontario he travelled to New Jersey to co-star in his first acting gig which was a drama thriller about being caught in a 1984 family war titled 'Firstborn' which starred Teri Garr, Peter Weller and Christopher Collet.
He then travelled back to his hometown to become a semi regular for a season of a family TV series 'The Edison Twins' but it wasn't much longer that he moved to Hollywood, California to start his acting career full time in 1985 which he played Marty Coslaw in the Stephen King novel based blockbuster 'Silver Bullet' which also starred Gary Busey as he plays a paralytic boy in a small city terrorised by a werewolf.
He later on continued to star in other genre shows whether it was TV or movies until he landed the part as Sam in the 1987 flick 'The Lost Boys' as he plays the youngest one in his family moving in with his eccentric Grandpa (Barnard Hughes) but the town is advertised with missing kids advetised all around the area but they happen to be vampires and two teenage siblings at a comic book stand named Alan and Edgar (Played by Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander) try to warn him about his safety there in which his older brother Michael (Jason Patric) falls for a beautiful hippie named Star (Jami Gertz) who happens to be a half vampiress. Michael ends up drinking a bottle of blood from a vampire and turns into a half vampire himself and the only way to be cured is to destroy the vampire leader and it's up to Sam to help Michael out by doing this. This was one of Corey's most memorable roles during his acting career and then he was starting to get more work in horror films for his future acting career.
Him and Feldman worked well together that they were teamed up by starring in many non-horrors throughout the 80's and 90's like 'License to Drive', 'Dream a Little Dream', 'Blown Away', 'Last Resort' and 'Busted'. They were noted as being the two Corey's.
He travelled back once again to Canada but this time to Vancouver, BC in 1988 by portraying as Travis Cornell in another horror film he was fondly remembered in 'Watchers' based on a popular novel by Dean Koontz in which he finds a stray dog, later finding out that its an ultra-intelligent runaway from a genetic research lab. Unknow to him, the dog is being stalked by another escaped creature thats not quite so friendly. The film was very dark and creepy as well as offering some good light comedy too.
In the 90's he moved on to acting in low budget films and starred as Albert in 'Fever Lake' about a group of teenagers drives to "Fever Lake" to spend the weekend in a cursed house near the lake despite warnings from the locals. This film went direct-to-video at rental stores and starred other cult icons like Bo Hopkins and Mario Lopez from TV's 'Saved by the Bell'.
He starred in another direct-to-video/DVD horror flick known as 'The Back Lot Murders' as Tony and then had a cameo during the closing credits with Feldman in 'The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe' as a joke to his role from the first film but this time he has become a full fledged vampire.
But tragedy struck him on March 10, 2010 in Burbank, California from pulmonary edema as he had health issues before his death explaining "I was numb and I had lots of swollen lymph nodes, my heart was hurting and I had blood clots in my arm and leg". - on his drug-induced stroke.
After his death a couple weeks later a crime-thriller-horror film as his role of Jasper Crash in 'Terminal City Hotel' was released which had many cult actors in the flick like Stephen Geoffreys ('Fright Night', '976-Evil') and Tiffany Shepis ('She Wolf Rising') about on an exploration of the dark side of the Hollywood dream machine; a revenge story with an anti-hero who finds no redemption waiting on the other side. It's the study of the downward spiral.