David Huffman wasn't famous for his horror films but however fans knew him for his lead role as Harry Caulder in the cult flick 'Blood Beach'. He plays the role of an almost once married to a woman named Catherine Hutton (Played by Marianna Hill of Schizoid and The Baby) years ago but they both reunite after her mothers death on the beach and searching for clues in the abandoned buildings where they used to play when they were young. But while people are hanging out on the beach some sort of a monster is sucking them under the sand and killing them. Harry tries to find out what is causing this with a detective named Captain Pearson (Played by John Saxon of Black Christmas and A Nightmare On Elm Street). Many critics bombed this one but it wasn't such a terrible flick and Huffman was great in his role along with the other cast members. It left a door open for a sequel which sadly never happened but I would've loved to have seen Huffman reprising his role in it.

He was also in a TV horror movie which was a sequel to the 1968 Blockbuster motion picture hit Rosemary's Baby known as Look What's Happened to Rosemary's Baby in 1976 although it never met up to the original film. He had the head supporting role in it named Peter Simon who helps what turns out to be the baby of Rosemary named Adrian (Played by Stephen McHattie) reveal on who he is and keep him out of danger or doing evil things with his evil powers towards others that he gets in trouble with but he doesn't live up to his expectations. The TV film was a flop and easily forgotten but David did a good job in his role as he showed off alot of energy into what he did but fans may be upset at the end of his performance to what happens to him when a ceremony happens to Adrian on his Birthday.

Talented actor David Huffman was born on May 10, 1945 in Berwyn Illinois. He married a casting director named Phyllis. Huffman was a lead and supporting actor in film, TV and stage starting in the early 70's throughout the mid 80's and became a familiar face. For a number of years he acted in Broadway productions one time starring opposite of Gloria Swanson in the original stage production of Butterflies are Free which he took over the part of Don Baker from Keir Dullea.

One of his memorable on screen roles was Tom Edison in the historical 1979 TV special Tom Edison: The Boy Who Lit Up the World. His career led to a short but successful career having lead and supporting roles in motion pictures like F.I.S.T. (Starring Sylvester Stallone), my favourite performance of his in another historical event St. Helens: Killer Volcano (Starring Art Carney who also passed away) and Firefox (Starring Clint Eastwood).

But tragedy struck on February 27, 1985 after he was performing in a stage production in San Diego's famous Old Globe Theatre Huffman was murdered in Balboa Park after chasing a thief into a nearby canyon by being stabbed by a screwdriver and bled to death. The crime was later solved. He was greatly missed and will be well remembered for his talent as he had a promising career.

There was another actor named David Huffman who starred in the awful made for video horror film titled Witchcraft V: Dance with the Devil in 1993 as some people mistakened his named credit for this fellow but even if Huffman was still alive he wouldn't touch this project thank goodness.