Well I first remembered Debra in her main supporting role as Kim in the trashy T&A slasher flick 'The Slumber Party Massacre' as she seemed to stand out quite well as well as a memorable scene on what happens to her dead body later on and where it was placed in which looked bizarre.
She just seemed to have that personality for anyone to remember her in as well as being tipped as a low budget exploited actress.
I saw her win a lead role as Trina in another slasher flick made on a lower budget that went to video known as 'Iced' which had her co-star from 'SPM' Joseph Alan Johnson as I like that one better so she drew an interest to me more and more since she works hard on her characters that she portrays in although some of these flicks are considered bad but hey they're so bad it's good.

I found that she'd have a promising career in low budget horror movies but hasn't done much more of them but saw on imdb that she worked in some other shows from films to TV appearances.

In fact she studied the true craft of acting working promarily in regional theatre as she deserves great credit for in shows from playing the title role in a critically acclaimed production of "Agnes of God" at the Edinburgh Festival, Scotland, to the physically demanding performance as a Siamese twin in "Air For One" in Santa Barbara, to sparkling Los Angeles reviews of her portrayal of Blanche Dubois in "A Streetcar Named Desire," and Lorraine from "Lie of the Mind." Debra played the lead role in Donald Freed's world premiere of "1951-2006" at LATC along with starring in Freed's "The Einstein Plan" with James Cromwell.

What grabbed my attention was that I found out she guested on the TV spoof 'Sledge Hammer' as I want to check that one out since I remember seeing an episode as a child since my babysitter liked it.

While Debra was growing up I found out she was a competitive ballet student and gymnast (As this skill was perfect for her in 'SPM' since her first scene was playing basketball in a school gym).
She also performed in several dance concerts and choreograph over 20 theater productions. She has delighted many audiences performing her original comedy solo piece, "Lamp Dance." She was the Chair of the Physical Education Department at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts for eight years. She has taught methodology from her Master's Thesis, "The Physicalization of a Role," at several institutions.

To top her credit off she was busy working as a director for stage and screen productions as well as being a choreographer for over 20 theatre productions. Not only that she was a member of the Classical Theatre Lab in Los Angeles, where she keeps in shape working with artists such as Alan Rickman, Lynn Redgrave and Alfred Molina.
Her other talents included playwrighting and teaching.

In the July 2002 issue of "Femme Fatales" magazine Debra is featured in an article about her Hollywood journey from early film work in low-budget horror films to finding her niche in theater, dance, and helping others in need.

Yes this woman definetely shows off alot of skills and is not a newcomer or an unknown in the entertainment industry which doesn't surprise me so she deserves to be mentioned here at Racks & Razors. A special thanks to Brooks Wachtel for some info on her bio placed at imdb.com

The Slumber Party Massacre 1982 The flick she was well remembered in as the role of a partying teen Kim in which she struts her stuff playing basketball in her school gymnasium and then we see her taking a shower with her classmates after since there's a good focus on this in which she agreed to do nudity in along with later on the driller killer Russ Thorn (Michael Villela) coming to the slumber party to crash a slumber party hosted by Trish (Michele Michaels) later on but beforehand she smokes a joint with them and undresses into her nighty which was another drawing card in the story.
Then when she discovers the pizza delivery boy killed is when the suspense happens while she sticks together with her surviving friends which looked fun to watch as the best scene in the film is when both Trish and Kim trry to hide away in a bedroom the killer comes through the window to try to do them in and uses a knife to stab Kim in the stomach as well as later on storing her in a refridgerator.
Yes indeed she stood out well in this flick even if the acting was pretty bad and the story was nearly plotless but just focusing on a bodycount. I enjoyed her work in it and she became somewhat an icon as well as this flick receiving a limited theatrical release and a sequel.
This flick was meant to poke fun at various exploited horror films with an all female crew on board as well as borrowing many elements on Carpenter's classic 'Halloween'.
In fact this film seemed to inspire several other trashy no budget T&A slashers that mainly went right to video.

Iced 1988 Debra had the lead role in this one and did a nice job in it. It was written by her 'SPM' co-star Joseph Alan Johnson as well as having a supporting role in it too.
She travelled to Utah to be in this one as it's about a skiing resort in which there's a prologue on someone who died in a skiing accident who liked her but she was taken as we spot a nude lustful scene with her involved in the prologue and then four years later her and her friends are mysteriously invited back and being slayed by a maniac in a broken ski mask.
Deliso definetely shows a niceness to her role with good chemistry to her performance in it.
A very memorable moment that involves her in the end when we think after they did away with the killer but we are in for a surprise when it shows her future kids building a snowman which seemed bizarre on what happens after it's all finished.
After watching her in this flick I am eager to see her other work in shows and hopefully she plans to do more of these kinds too but we shall see.
It was a very cheaply made for video budget as the opening credits you could tell were computerised that this would never stand a chance going to theatre's at all along with Z-grade synthesizer music. Plus can be categorised as a 'Friday the 13th' ripoff but in the winter time. I still dug it regardless.

October Moon 2005 Debra was only in this one for a second as she was basically a featured extra but credited however. She plays an actress on TV that someone is watching in their home as this film is a psychological drama-thriller about a troubled closeted man Elliot whom is obsessed with his employer Corin Buckman (Sean Michael Lembrecht) but already has a boyfriend even if they're having differences but he must have him no matter what.
This flick was made by a horror film company but it's not a horror at all but near the end has the elements. It's disturbing and making things realistic on the people you really liked and not letting go as things cause problems due to this.
Good writing with a fairly strong performance by the cast here as we even have Judith O-Dea from 'Night of the Living Dead' as the religious homophobic fanatical mother. Plus we have Brinke Stevens in it too whom was in 'SPM' with her along with the poster of that movie revealed in a bedroom.