Don't Go In The Woods (2010)


Directed by: Vincent D'Onofrio

Written by:
Sam Bisbee & Joe Vinciguerra


Eric Bogosian .... Marti
Cassandra Lee Walker .... Ashley
Matt Sbeglia .... Nick
Soomin Lee .... Johnny
Nick Thorp .... Robbie
Casey Smith .... Anton
Jorgen Jorgenson .... Carlo
Gwynn Galitzer .... Felicity
Ali Tobia .... Melinda
Kate O'Malley .... Callie

Release Date: Sarasota Film Festival: April 16, 2010; Woodstock Film Festival: October 1, 2010; New York City Horror Film Festival: November 11, 2010;






A young band heads up to the woods in order to focus on writing new songs. Along with them a group of friends party out with them which seems to be alot of fun but some disputes break out. Then suddenly they are in a terrifying nightmare with someone or something killing them all.


During the beginning of this flick we spot a gruesome situation on a dead body out in the woods with some killers doing sick things which is supposed to open up for a horror flick but then we spot a bunch of people in a vehicle on their way to a campfire listening and singing to gospel music as well as one of them throwing another person's bag of weed out the window in which this looked pretty odd but yet adds some timing to the humor here as we think the others are religious. I mean what's a horror film without a teen smoking dope?
Then most of the time we spot them doing musical numbers and hooking up their instruments to play at a campfire in the dark which seemed to be a bit of a bore here and then we spot some lights as we wonder if the killer is coming in for the kill only to spot some fine chicks and other guys coming in to their party which looked adrenalised as if you were in the picture enjoying yourself. This scene I must say looked fairly strong.
Another strong moment with two chicks singing towards one another while going to their car with their emotions towards one another. Then they try to trap themsevles inside the vehicle from the killer trying to crash through their window shield in which there's trashy looking camera takes on this.
I was thinking to myself ok where is the horror in this plot as it was getting pointless without a plotline but people doing duets with one another making the story happen and very little speaking too.
There's more situations happening but it is very slow and powerful moments with disputes between other band members which seems to look perfectly meaty here that something dysfunctional is going on here.
There's also a woman trying to sympathise towards her boyfriend with him acting cocky and insulting her as well as a good shot back at him by getting defensive here in which this moment looked powerful too since we needed more of this in a horror flick as well as figuring that this dude will be done in by the killer next.
There's an interesting moment with a foreign person trying to sing english towards her friend and acting happy and cheerful but suddenly the killer crashes in which looked fairly suspenseful to watch breaking this moment. There's other brutal killings happening with other victims as it can psych you out now and then including someone being impaled by a keyboard as this was supposed to look unique in a horror musical like this but I was thinkiing how lame. However there's a brutal axe swinging at a woman's head as she stands stiff and then falls which looked good and shocking to watch.
Bottom line is that this film is a real sleeper and as mentioned nearly plotless and unscary for the most part as well as the makers trying to kill time with the music before the real terrors here which doesn't work in at all. They tried to make this piece an original one but didn't go too far at all. Avoid this one at all costs. Plus it isn't a remake to the infamous 1982 turkey slasher flick done in Utah. Skip this and watch Repo The Genetic Opera instead as that one had alot more class than this one. Also I had doubts on reviewing this since it was tough to follow whether or not it was a horror in general.

The acting seemed to pull in okay but not the greatest by any means. It was mainly musical acting so in other words alot more singing instead. Let's try to see who stands out here as this was tough to figure out. Oh yes Cassandra Walker (Ashley) seemed to come on well as an understanding type who talks softly and nicely towards others in which she gets into this nicely. She also has a good smooth singing voice when we hear her and strongly done too. Plus does a good job with her scared and panicking attitude when the terror is happening showing some good adrenaline here.
Matt Sbeglia
(Nick) seemed to shine off perfectly by acting like a typical douchebag and a male chauvinist which also seemed very believeable here. Shows a good hyperactive behavior too with what is happening along with having these right looks to potray this part. His singing in the film is at an average pace and not the greatest.In other spots does a good job with his mysterious attitude too.
Soomin Lee
(Johnny) tried to show off well to the camera with his outgoing type of behavior and showing pizzaz as well but yet his singing is the pits. He is totally out of tone and sounds like a born amateur who is in desperate need for singing lessons or better yet a new hobby or career. He must've been a friend of the filmmaker in which this strongly shows here with his musical performance.
Casey Smith
(Anton) seemed to be the most powerful performer out of the whole cast in which he was perfect with his cocky and obnoxious attitude and bringing this to life big time. He certainly knew a thing or two on portraying a person you don't want to mess with while having a bad day here. He almost comes across perfectly as someone who will hit you showing his temperamental behavior. He was a very strong singer while doing his musical numbers and has a good singing voice I must say really belting it out in a high fashion.
There were many other performers but these were the only one's that stood out in my mind. These people are virtual unknowns and if they accept work like this they will stay that way.

A body is skinned to the bone
A face is smashed in lying on the ground
A head is whacked by an axe and bloodied
Someone is imapled by a keyboard and bloodied
Blood stabbings
Lots of violent bloodsheds inclduing bloody bodies

The composing for the musical scores seemed fairly okay especially the clear keyboard music which smoothens the song and is really out there. However there's some accoustic guitar playing which wasn't my style at all and could've done without.There's the odd electric guitar licks as this seemed to work in well nonetheless. Plus we hear the odd creepy synthesizer music for when the horror moments start in the film which sounded a bit cheesy to listen to. This was done by separate composers such as Sam Bisbee and Bo Boddie.