Felissa Rose Goes Back to Camp by Owen Keehnen

Greenwich Village born actress Felissa Rose is known to most horror fans as Angela, the transsexual killer in the way ahead of its time slasher flick 'Sleepaway Camp' (1983). The movie was off the charts in "shock value" for the era and genre. Following her appearance in the film 14 year old Felissa finished school, studied acting, and did a great deal of stage work.

Then about five years ago she returned to the horror world in a VERY big way and was met with legions of loyal fans. Talk about making up for lost time! Since 2002 she has appeared in a number of scare films -- 'The Ocean', 'Satan's Playground', 'Zombiegeddon', 'Horror', 'Corpses are Forever', 'Evil Ever After', 'Slaughter Party', 'Sludge', 'Dead and Gone', ...and most exciting of all Felissa is set to appear as Angela in 'Return to Sleepaway Camp' (2007) which is very eagerly anticipated.


So Felissa, first off tell me how your got your nickname Ladybug?

I love Ladybugs and when someone close to me passed away they seemed to follow wherever I was. Someone just called me that and it stuck.

You filmed your role as transsexual murderess Angela in the slasher classic 'Sleepaway Camp' (1983) at the age of 13. Did that role make your high school years a nightmare of teasing?

For my brother, not for me. I think people were too afraid of me to tease.

I know you have many fans and go to conventions and such and I was wondering if you have noticed a significant transsexual fan base?

Somewhat. I think all people can relate to that adolescent teasing and not fitting in at some point. There are people who relate to the trans gender issues from the film and have become friends of mine. It's cool that it spoke to people considering what a b movie it is.

So after 'Sleepaway Camp' you did stagework and studied your craft but remained fairly off the horror radar as well as the film scene. What prompted your return to the genre and to film in 2000's 'Birds of a Feather'?

I always wanted to act so I stayed around in theatre. Once the internet hit with a surge of interest for SC, I found some film work with young directors who were fans of SC.

Since then you have really embraced your fans and cult status with roles in numerous movies like
'Zombiegeddon', 'Nikos the Impaler', 'Satan's Playground', 'Slaughter Party', 'Evil Ever After', 'Corpses Are Forever', and several others. How does it feel to be back and embraced?

Awesome. I'm thrilled it's happening and I've been happy to get work. The horror genre is amazing because everyone is very loyal. I've worked with incredible people and I'm grateful for that.

I want to ask about your return to your role as Angela in 'Return to Sleepaway Camp' (2007). I know your turned down several offers to reprise the role before. What made the time right and was it a tough or easy decision to make?

Well, I haven't revealed how I'm actually associated with the project but I worked on it because Robert Hiltzik asked me. We did part one together and I was back doing horror movies again. The timing was right for me to hang on that set.

Can you give us a plot teaser for
'Return to Sleepaway Camp' that will make everyone even more eager to see it?

It's not happening the way everyone thinks. Some stuff was leaked and that was a ploy....

Another project of yours I am very eager to hear about is
'The Ocean'. What was it like to work with very talented horror director Dante Tomaselli?

I did 'Horror' and 'Satans Playground' with Dante but I'm not yet set to film the 'Ocean'. I should know this week.

Tell me a bit about your role as Peggy Goldstein in the upcoming movie 'Dead and Gone'?

Wow, that was a lot of fun. Yossi the director is amazing and we had a good time trying to create a mysterious character. I am a little bit of a protaginist to the lead character. Originally it was shot without Peggy. She was only heard on the phone. A friend of mine, Paul, called and said I think you would be great for this part and I met Yossi and it happened. A tightass laywer "trying" to help. Dead and Gone is almost finished with editing and then they'll look for distribution. They won't have any trouble finding it because the story is original and the whole package is fantastic.

Do you have any other projects in the works you would like the
http://www.racksandrazors.com / readers to know about?

I'm signing on to a bunch of new films but everything is being finalized. I'll work with Ford Austin, Sean Cain, Steve Miller and a bunch of other directors. Things are in the works.

Okay, we're pulling the car into the Felissa Rose Drive In. What goodies are they going to be serving up at the concession stand?

Several bloody, hot limbs; an eyeball and some brains.

What makes you go crazy in real life?

Dishonesty and people in this business who fuck you over for their own gain. I'm ready to take a chainsaw to some.... i'll let you know. I don't handle back stabbing very easily.

What scares you in real life?

Not much. I've dealt with a lot of horror in my own life and I have a pretty good handle on "take everything with a grain of salt."