I am a total 70's fanatic and bought a book on 70's pop stars as Leif was mentioned along I bought some of his records at second hand stores such as Value Village and Salvation Army to name some.
Back in the days as well I rented movies at my local video store which was 5 movies for 5 days for 5 dollars and I found a movie called 'Cheerleader Camp' which was the first time I spotted an acting gig on him even if the movie was terrible.
Although he uisn't a household name in the horror genre he did do a handful of these gigs along with his other projects and TV appearances. Well here's the bio I will write on him.

Leif originally had the last name Per Nervik and started in the entertainment industry since he was 5 years old but the casting agents found his last name difficult to pronounce so had his last name changed to Garrett when he got a paycheque mistakenly named that so his mother credited his last name for future gigs.

He had a small gig in the movie comedy in 1969 'Bob & Ted & Carol & Alice' but his scene was deleted as he played the son of one of those characters. He had a bit part in a 1971 TV movie which was a horror titled 'Black Noon' in 1971.
He worked with his sister Dawn Lynn in other small gigs as they co-starred in the horror-slasher flick in 1974 'Devil Times Five'
as juvenile mental patients who almost innocently go on a murder spree at an isolated ski resort.
They teamed up again playing siblings on screen as well in the 'Walking Tall' trilogy (1973, 1975, 1977) which were fact based crime drama flicks in which was one of the movies that he was fondly remembered being in even if they were only supporting roles.
The two of them guest starred together in the TV shows 'Gunsmoke' and 'Wonder Woman'

When Leif was 14 years of age was signed to be a regular in a CBS TV series titled 'Three for the Road' as the role of Endy Karras as Alex Rocco played his father and Vincent Van Patten played his older brother.
The story line is that of a father and two sons, grief-stricken over the death of their wife and mother sell their house, buy a recreational vehicle, and roam throughout the United States.
The series only lasted for 12 weeks due to poor ratings and the show was cancelled. However this caught him in the public eye for young teenage girls in which he was featured in teen magazines such as Tiger Beat.
Due to his popularity starred in a handful of spaghetti westerns 'Peter Lundy & the Medicine Hat Stallion' (A TV Movie), 'Kid Vengeance' and 'God's Gun' in which he was already a teen idol during this period.

Due to his fame in the film and TV industry Michael Lloyd whom was doing music for Shaun Cassidy signed Leif on to Atlantic Records in 1976 due to his looks more than his singing talent and recorded his first self titled album in 1977 which were mainly cover songs from the 1950's and 60's that were very bubblegum rock in which he had four singles that reached the billboard hot 100.
He then signed to Scotti Brothers Records in mid 1978 in which he recorded four more albums which lead him to doing world tours and TV shows. He also had lots of merchandise including posters that were plasters in girls bedrooms or rec rooms even. But when the 80's hit his pop moment was fading.

He still pursued his acting career in the late 70's and early 80's and had notable guest appearances in 'Circle of Fear', 'Family', 'The Odd Couple' and 'Chips' as well as appearing in the teen films such as 'Skateboard' and 'Longshot'

Then in 1983 he landed a brief supporting role as a drunken rich popular young adult named Bob Sheldon in the blockbuster motion picture 'The Outsiders' as it starred many top celebrities and gave him publicity as the top film that he was noted being in but gets killed off early in the film for trying to drown a young gang member of the Greasers which causes a war between his group and the gang from the separate sides of town in Oklahoma.

Aftewards Leif lost alot of money after an automobile accident crippling his best friend in 1979 after the courtcase made a decision on the charges that were held against him and was getting less successful gigs along with battling his addictions due to his frusterations by having a bubblegum image during his 70's singing career and accepted in non mainstream flicks such the musical drama 'Thunder Alley' in which he played Skip a singer of a band that was torn apart by drugs, a mechanic Casey Lee in the car chasing action flick 'Shaker Run' in which the story revolves around a famous stunt driver as they are in the run from a special unti police force in New Zealand while someone is carrying a secret formula riding along with them, the awful teen comedy-horror slasher flick 'Cheerleader Camp' as he plays a captain of a cheerleading team as Brent Hoover who is a total womaniser and almost being unfaithful to his girlfriend as these women end up being mysteriously slaughtered one by one, 'Party Line' a thriller in which he plays a killer Seth killing people with his psychotic sister when they meet people on a dating phone line and a 1991 spoof 'Spirit of 76' which also starred 70's icon David Cassidy and cameos by many 70's celebrities as he plays a disco dude Eddie Trojan taking place in 1976 when his fame was big.
During this time period continued in his TV guest roles such as 'Hunter', 'Superboy' and 'Monsters'
Leif still did the odd singing as he used his vocals for a songtrack in the horror flick 'To Die For' with the song "Torn and Tattered"

Things seemed silent for poor Leif afterwards but in the mid 90's he did return to acting and singing as in 1995 as he landed a supporting role in the low budget action flick 'Dominion' and then had the lead role in the supoernatural horror 'The Whispering' which did well at video rental stores during that period of time. Leif played an insurance investigator Peter Ranskett examining several recent cases of suicide discovers a demon influencing the deaths, but only he can see it.
He was also touring with The Melvins and recording vocals for their cover of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" on The Crybaby (2000). In 1998, a greatest hits compilation, The Leif Garrett Collection, was released. Garrett, however, has stated: "My former record label was bought out. The label was started by me … meaning my music started it, funded it. And then it was bought out by some company that released the Greatest Hits Collection. Not only have I not seen any royalties from that, but they wanted me to promote it — the compensation being a couple of CDs."

When the 90's were nearing it's end he formed his own band Godspeed as it was the kind of music that he wanted to perform which wasn't bubblegum, pop or disco.
They recorded a three-song EP on Garrett's own label, Tongue and Groove Records, and debuted on 'The Rosie O'Donnell Show', but broke up after only a few performances.

Leif pursued a bit of stage acting as he did the title role of 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat' nd, in late 2000, appearing in the National Theatre of the Deaf's production of 'A Child's Christmas In Wales'. He also appeared in summer stock at The Barn Theatre's production of 'Old Timer' in 2001. In the same year, he voiced himself in the animated television series 'Family Guy' episode "The Thin White Line".

Leif still does the odd gigs but mainly appearing in reality celebrity shows like 'Fear Factor', 'Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew' and 'World's Dumbest'
He still also does the odd music gig too around his area of Los Angeles as he recently did shows at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go. He had also toured South Korea in May 2010, with shows in Seoul and Busan. This marked the 30th anniversary of Garrett's first performance in Korea in June 1980. He embarked on another tour of the country in 2013.
In the early 2010s, Garrett began collaborating with punk rock artist and songwriter Craig Else. Garrett has released two singles on the Internet, sharing Else's credits, "Everything" (released in 2010) and "Help You, Make You" (released in 2012). The two have also recorded a cover of Neil Young's "Old Man".

I thought I'd mention this guy since I have seen his handful of horror projects and should point him out that he has done horror as well apart from his other genre's and singing career.

Black Noon 1971. Leif's first appearance in a TV Movie for CBS as he has a bit part in it as one of the local kids mixed up with a satanic cult. Yes folks this is a horror flick as well as a western on a preacher and his sick wife that was stranded in a desert and some locals pick them up and bring them to their town which is mysteriously run by devil worshippers.
Leif is seen watching this Reverend John Keyes (Roy Thinnes) preaching while he's watching but after a blink of an eye shows others watching.
Then he's briefly seen with a bunch of other kids as they all wear masks doing a ceremony while the preachers wife Lorna (Lynn Loring) spots them doing this and then suddenly they've all vanished and she loses her mind.
He's seen once again in a cathedral laughing with the rest of the people towards the Reverend when he's preaching once again and then he's not seen until another rief moment wearing a mask once again with the other children when the story unravels.
Leif was just getting his start and most people begin with bit parts especially in horror flicks. He has no lines and it's hard to tell as to whether or not he did a good job.
The camera shots were sloppy and made on a low budget. It did repeat on television in the early 80's but other than that this mediocre flick was easily forgotten.

Walking Tall 1973. A fact based crime-drama which was quite a violent, intense and many times hard to watch storyline in which surrounds a tough as nails lawman Buford Pusser (Joe Don Baker) whom goes to his new home travelling in a vehicle with his family as things look uplifting and then runs into an old school friend Lutie McVeigh (Ed Call) in which they go to a gambling bar owned by a bunch of evil rednecks and things go wrong as his friend gets killed and he is left for dead out on a road.
He becomes a lawman convinced to clean up the town from gamblers prostitution and moonshiners by using a big stick as a weapon but these nasty people stalk him and his family in which their lives are all at risk.
Leif plays his 8 year old son Mike as well as his sister Dawn Lynn playing his onscreen sibling as well which was a right choice. He appears in monay scene's even if he wasn't one of the main characters. Yet is noticeable at the same time acting curious about stuff and acting happy during the beginning of the story.
He also helps his onscreen father with target practice or acting emotionally devastated when his home is being shot out as well as to what happens to the family dog which is another scene that's hard to watch for animal lovers.
Does a good job sobbing when a tragic moments happens and has a well remembered scene visiting his Dad in a hospital and holding a shotgun.
Another well remembered moment is after a funeral ceremony Bufrod asks him to get him something so his role came in very useful and one of the movies that gave him alot of exposure.
Unfortunately his name wasn't seen in the opening credits but the film had a big cast in it and my guess was that he was just starting out in the industry during the release if it so he was a virtual unknown at the time.

Devil Times Five 1974. Leif has an effective supporting role as a demented child David with the rest of some other sociopath kids are being transported in a van that ends up in a terrible crash as they manage to escape and take refuge in a snowy mountain resort with a group of audlts that are staying there for a winter vacation.
He shows off perfect aggressiveness whenever he is crossed and showing a great ton of energy when he attacks and kills someone along with the rest of the children involved. Plus a good slow motion shot on them slowly torturing and killing one of the people there which looked effective.
He also seemed to do a well job by acting disturbed. He is seen throughout most of the film and was one of the most effective character's too.
He has many scene's with one of the main actor's Sorrell Booke before his days as Boss Hogg in the 'Dukes of Hazzard' as one of the residents at the resort in which they seem to show an understanding with one another along with this adult teaching him to chop wood which seemed to be a bad idea for a disturbed child to learn this technique. Plus a memorable moment on them playing chess together when Garrett's character loses it.
His sister Dawn Lynn once again works with him in this one as the youngest one of the sociopaths in which she has a memorable scene dumping piranha's in a bathtub towards another victim.

This slasher film seems to stand out not too badly along with a bad ending but again lots of these kinds have them.

Macon County Line 1974. A very lame fact based crime flick as the story is incredibly slow to watch in which there's two drifters running away from trouble and travelling as well as picking up a beautiful woman in the fall season taking place in 1954.
Leif plays a young lad from a cadet school Luke Morgan whom is the son of Deputy Reed Morgan (Max Baer Jr.) who picks him up and discusses him not hanging out with black people but he doesn't agree to it all which is an attention grabber.
Meanwhile their mother gets killed by two maniacs and Leif really shows terrific devastating reactions and chase the drifters whom are nearby. Things roll a bit when this happens but it gets slow once again.
Leif kills these drifters near the end of the movie and I was thankful it came to an end as I was bored with it.
Yet there's shocking moments when these killers are pulled over and shoots a deputy demanding them to get out of the car in which this definetely takes you by surprise but nothing to make this movie entertaining by any means.
Leif's hair was shorter in this one as well as dyed as he looked very different in this one. This is normal for most character actors to change their appearance.

Strange Homecoming 1974. A simple plotted TV Movie in which we have a thief Jack Halsey (Robert Culp) whom he murdered someone for their jewerly and then flies to town to see his brother Bill Hasey (Glen Campbell) who works as a full time sheriff and hasn't seen his brother in 20 years.
Leif plays his son Bobby as his first appearance starts from the opening credits of the show when a plane lands and is with his family excited to see his uncle.

He breezes through other scene's such as a scene where he watches both the characters Jack and Bill trying to do a mountain motorbike contest in which later on Jack gives him the bike after he wins the contest.
Also another memorable scene is with Jack teaching him on how to be an aggressive football player and gets aggressive which looked intimidating as you wonder if this man will be violent with him or not.
He for sure has a decent supporting role in the flick in which his personality reminds me of his role in the 'Walking Tall' trilogy.
He had a happy go lucky type of personality in which he often portrayed these types of roles during this time period.
The story is very suspenseful with the lead character Jack on his flashback memories when a present events unravels on him as this makes you wonder if he will snap or not as well as near the end of his fate by what happens here between him and his brother.

The Last Survivors 1975. Apparently this is based on an actual incident of a drama TV movie on a shipwreck. The beginning did look suspenseful with a shipwreck in a thunderstorm at night as well as some survivors on an overcrowded lifeboat as Leif is one of them and the only child on it who plays the part of Billy Wright and the captain dies in which he let's one of the survivors Alexander William Holmes (Martin Sheen) take over and he makes Billy responsible as his assistant.
In the story the boat accidentally turns over and there is a shark coming their way as well as psychological moments when Alexander has to make a choice in killing some people to keep the boat from simking due to many survivors on it which doesn't look pretty and quite disturbing. Billy was nearly one of these people.
Then when rescued Alexander is in hearings about his trial as Billy is one of the people being a witness.
Leif plays an innocent one and has an okay supporting role in which he plays an effective part as well as doing an okay job in his performance but the story is quite a bore mainly only taking place with the lifeboat in the water and the court case becomes quite a drag.

Part 2: Walking Tall 1975. Joe Don Baker doesn't reprise his role as the lawman but instead Bo Svenson does in which he was originally asked to portray Buford Pusser in the original but wasn't available. He does the job just as well regardless.
Leif of course returns as well as his sister Dawn Lynn and this time his name was in the opening credits yet he has less scene's in this one.
In the beginning of the film Buford is in the hospital recovering and Leif as well as Dawn in which they of course portray siblings like they did in the first flick come to visit him.
Then along in the story Buford carries on stopping crimes after he recovers as he even hunts down some moonshiners by tearing their place apart with a bulldozer.
Another criminal tries to chase him off on the road with his cadillac which looked impressive but afterwards goes down and tears his car apart to look for moonshine as this is a nice vengeful moment.
Leif returns halfway through the film as he has fun family time with his onscreen father and have some cookies cringing up that they tasted the way his Mom made them which is a real attention grabber since the tragedy of what happened to her near the end of the first flick.
Then after some more scene's of some crime fighting or tracking down some moonshiners Leif is only seen one last time eating at the dinner table.
Something happens to Pusser's deputy as he was driving his car and it was sabotaged causing a tragic moment but Pusser drives this criminal off the road seeking revenge which looked impressive.
The film isn't as good as the first one and a little less violent but still lots of crime fighting and shooting in it regardless. Oh well sequels are normally never the same.

God's Gun 1976. Leif travels to Italy to be in this spaghetti western as the story is a bit rough with alot of gun fighting as well as bad guy's trying to rape some of the women at the lounge there but some of it is interesting and the story does come out of it eventually.
Leif has a co-starring role as Johnny a young lad who is the son of the lounge owner Jenny (Sybil Danning) who helps out a tough preacher Father John (Lee Van Cleef) out with his cathedral but then this minister is murdered and making this boy mute due to the shock on what he witnessed and runs away with two horses while the villains take over the small town.
He tries to go for help and there's even a disturbing scene when a Spanish man hits him and he falls to the groung as well as encountering Father John's twin brother Lewis who goes back to the town with him to save the day.
There's also a twisted secret that the head villain Sam Clayton (Jack Palance) is his father but was kept a secret so young Johnny won't follow his footsteps but he tries to convinces Johnny to run away with him else he will kill his mother and then Lewis goes after him which is fun to watch and what he does to put a stop to all of this.
Some of the voices are overdubbed with certain actors which looked wooden since we've seen american actors doing this with foreign films but Leif's voice was still kept in this one and seemed to do okay within his performance. Not the greatest film by any means but not too shabby either.

Flood! 1976. A well done adventureous and suspenseful TV Movie about a group of local townspeople recovering from a heavy rainfall and a dam above their local area is short from running over but the mayor John Cutler (Richard Basehart) refuses to open it's gates due to the fish in the lake but the water will be invading the town as Leif himself has a small supporting but effective role in it as he plays a young teenage basketball player named Johnny Lowman and his coach is one of the lead characters Paul Burke (Martin Milner) in which Leif's first appearance in the film is when him and his friends are in the town toying around with a basketball and his coach tells him to warn the locals of a disaster about to happen and does so but no one believes him.
Then afterwards isn't seen in it for a while and there's good suspenseful and psychological situations when there's disputes with the city being ignorant about the whole thing as well as someone turning on the town alarm which was effective as well as a nice special effects shot on the dam breaking open and the town being flooded as well as people being victims of it.
What made me cringe was a heavily pregnant woman trapped in the water of her home being torn apart as this makes youy wonder if someone will find her in time before going into labour.
Leif appears much later on struggling in the water and trying not to drown as well as a woman mistakening him for her son and jumping in. Then later on he shows up telling the others in a hospital that she drowned.
As young as he was he did a good job in it and was only seen in a few scene's of the film and it was considered to be the biggest budgeted TV movie during that time period and had quite a good story to it.

Kid Vengeance 1977. Leif plays the title role in this spaghetti western-thriller but I was convinced this movie was shot a few years before it's actual release since he looked a bit younger in this one. He teams up again with Lee Van Cleef from their work in 'God's Gun'
The first bit looked entertaining and well done such as his character Tom Thurston going on a rabbit hunt with his father Mathew (David Loden) with a bow and arrow and training his son how to hunt as well as a disturbing moment on them catching a rabbit as well as some nice key words with Tom questioning the difference between killing and hunting knowing on what's right or wrong about it which is a good moment for the story that we are about to see later on.
Then we have disturbing moments with a gang of outlaws lead by the nasty McClain (Lee Van Cleef) when they terrorise his family including killing their cow and things like that as well as a rape scene with Tom hiding away and watching this. Then killing his parents as well as his older sister Lisa (Glynnis O'Connor) kidnapped.
A great moment on this kid seeking revenge by plunging a weapon down many times on one of the gang members. But then the story becomes terribly pointless as it doesn't pick up when he follows the gang and kills along the way.
There is a good moment with Tom befriending with Isaac (Jim Brown) whom had an encounter with these outlaws but then it lacks some more.
We do have a great vengeful scene near the end when Tom kills the gang leader a few times with a rifle and getting emotional.
The film is violent but not gruesome and Leif seemed to get into his role quite well portraying an innocent kid till the tragedy happens as he shows great vengeful anger and offers some good energy which is better than the story itself.

The Final Chapter: Walking Tall 1977. This was the last of the legacy and it gets really tiresome and the story is a little too long but has some interesting moments.
The beginning of course shows are leading hero Buford Pusser (Bo Svenson) at his late wife's tombstone and then flashback segments on what happened to her but these are newly filmed one's reavealing Svenson as Joe Don Baker was in the original.
Leif appears at the breakfast table as the son Mike having a discussion with his grandpa by making it's okay to call him by his first name since he's getting older and lighthearted situations occuring which can be memorable.
The story goes into more moments on Pusser busting moonshiners as there's a moment when one of these criminals beats his son and then Pusser turns the tables on this brute.
Also situations when he goes to a whorehouse to use his stick on the people that killed an ex-prostitute as well as other violent moments such as that which was a pleaser to watch.
Leif appears later on in a segment after going on a boat and finding out that his Pa is no longer elected as sheriff.
Plus there's situations with movie producers discussing to Pusser on making the 1973 movie ab out what happened to him which was another nice memorable moment.
Leif appears again when his father brings home a corvette and wants to ride it with him as well as seeing a distant shot later on with him dirt bike riding but that's about it folks.
His sister Dawn Lynn who portrayed his little sis in the film had more screen time than he did.
Also there's a tragic ending on what happens to poor Pusser which truly makes you feel sad while watching this moment.

Peter Lundy and the Medicine Hat Stallion 1977. Leif plays the title role in a family oriented western made-for-TV in which this was based on a popular novel. His role was a young teenage boy nearing 16 years of age of course known as Peter Lundy as he is featured in the opening credits riding his stallion travelling to another area of his country.
He gets a job as a pony express rider in the Nebraska Territory not long before the Civil War breaks out.

In the film he doesn't see eye to eye with his father whom at times is a little hard on him as well as showing him on how to communite with horses and adjusting to putting saddles on them along with him helping a worn out horse which looked heartwarming.
Plus nice interactions on the Peter character outsmarting another boy his age on events that are happening which the performances here looked pretty solid as I give Leif good credit by doing this.
Some suspenseful moments with him being pitted against a villain or being jumped by a native indian as the energy piles up big time as well as cute moments with a traveller coming to his family's home along with sheep and ducks walking along with him.
Quarter way through things looked tragic on what happens to his horse as he knew on how to cry on set looking believeably devastated.
Leif was okay in his role but of course he was quite young and still needed some characteristic improvements plus the story is a little too long and getting a bit tiresome.

Skateboard 1978. This vehicle was totally designed for Leif's teen idol status since it's kids enjoying skateboarding since it was the style back then and Leif certainly shows off his skills doing that.
The story is about a down and out Hollywood agent named Manny Bloom (Allen Garfield) whom is in trouble with a mafia for owing them money on a gamble that he lost and runs into some skateboarding kids so he decides to tour with them to get into a race so he tries to win his money to pay the mafia back.
Leif comes into this story quite nicely as one of the kids skateboarding as there's even a scene where he tries to skate over some barrells and falls then injures himself. Plus does well interating with his buddies while staying at the hotel while touring or discussing the problems with Manny being too hard on them.
It also focuses on the teams best skater Jason Maddox (Richard Van der Wyk) as he runs into problems with drinking and is being pressured that he quits in which Leif comes in to be trained and to save the day with the race.
A film shot at Universal Studio's in Hollywood as it's not the greatest film and made on a low budget as well as offering some cheesy and lame comedy during the first bit of the film but it also focuses well on friendship, teamwork and the struggles that they have to do.
Alot of neat skateboarding skill along with a nice opening on Leif and his onscreen friends skateboarding inside a pipe type of tunnel. Also had a soundtrack that I didn't care for with cheesy 70's pop artists.
Leif does well playing a typical 15 year old teenager and had the right motives too for this part. Most of the young actors in this flick remaied virtual unknowns but did a good job regardless.

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 1978. Leif only has a brief cameo in this one as it's a story starring the BeeGees and Peter Frampton with a bunch of Beatles songs making this flick a story as the movie was a flop I enjoyed it regardless as these characters struggle against getting a record deal signed along with struggling against a band of villains played by many famous rock artists such as Aerosmith and Alice Cooper.
Leif comes onto the near ending of the film with the 3rd reprise of the title song here along with a choir of other people as you get a brief close up shot on him singing along with the rest of the people around him.
The movie was full of fun touches if you're in the mood for a 70's musical flick with neat colourised 70's effects.

Longshot 1981. This was a fun type flick as Leif had the lead role as Paul Rogers in the story playing a young football player who wants to earn the big dollars that will be used to play soccer in Europe by winning the football world championships.
Those games were really big throughout the 70's and 80's as we also spot some pinball games at the area too since we all remember those good times putting a quarter in to play them.
Of course the character Paul is a delivery truck driver to earn a living by delivering eggs to residents while he waits for his big break and also gets into all sorts of trouble with his friend LeRoy Curtis (Ralph Seymour) driving around pissing off football jocks or with girls too. Some good corny slapsticks situations happening in various scene's with this all happening.
They also meet a 14 year old cheeky tomboy named Maxine Gripp (Linda Manz) to help them win foosball games so they can travel to Europe.
There's also a nice scene with Paul playing soccer and tackling against the other team which was well put into the story too.
Paul also falls in love with a European girl named Marie-Christine Bresson (Zöe Chauveau) as their romance looked nicely done with them walking alongside a pier with the sun setting or him sneaking into an amusement park and turning on a ferris wheel for them to go a ride in. This was well put in.
Plus we spot the ups and downs of Maxine and her problems with LeRoy. This was very well focused and definetely has a great 80's dramatic type of touch to the story.
Also close to the end of the story looked perfectly focused when Maxine plays foosball to win their game as this was a total attention grabber too.
Leif does a great job in his performance with the story although the story gets a bit tiresome and tiring at times as well as overlong but it does jump back to the entertaiment nevertheless and made on a bit of a low budget.
Plus there are 3 songtracks by Leif himself which focuses on his romance onscreen girlfriend as it of course sounded cheesy and bubblegum compared to the other 80's rock groups that plays in this movie. Plus we spot a performance by Oingo Boingo during a dance club scene which Leif dances the night away while they are performing which made me wonder if he'd go up there and sing a number with them but no such luck. His teen idol status was fizzling out during the release of this film.

The Outsiders 1983. This was the flick that gave him the most publicity as he worked with top celebrities in and based on a popular novel by S.E. Hinton.
However, his role was quite small in it but it was an effective one that started the story out in which he played a popular rich drunk Bob Sheldon in which the story is set in 1965 which revolves around a bunch of tough and poor outcasts called the Greasers whom are enemies with the popular rich gang the Socs as Leif is a part of this crowd as this role fits him well for his clean cut looks.
His first scene takes place at a drive in when his girlfriend Cherry Valance (Diane Lane) walks out on him and sits in a small public seating where the Greasers are residing and then later on both him and his friend Randy Anderson (Darren Dalton) are about to stir up trouble with Ponyboy Curtis (C. Thomas Howell), Johnny Curtis (Ralph Macchio) and Two-Bit Matthews (Emilio Estevez) after the drive in when they insist Cherry to return with them to their vehicle. A good scene with Two-Bit swinging a switchblade at Randy when he is about to get in his face.
Ponyboy then returns home late and his oldest brother Darrel (Patrick Swayze) gets violent with him and he runs away with his friend Johnny near a playground and then the Socs cause trouble for them in which this was Leif's most famous part in it mocking the Greasers and then Ponyboy mocking back then spitting in his face as then the Soc's try to drown him in a fountain and then Johnny kills Leif's character as this is what heats up both of these gang members so his role really came in handy.

Realising what they have done they go to the aid of Dallas Winston (Matt Dillon) as he puts them on a freight train as the two of them travel to a run down cathedral to reside there for a while.
Then later on in the story there's some nice heroic moments when they try to rescue some kids when this church is on fire and Johnny is badly burned and in a hospital and later on a tragic moment happens to him.
Then there's the battle between the Greasers and the Soc's and what makes the film really good is when a thunderstorm occurs and it rains when they get into the rumble.

Yes Leif had a real effective role in it and was mostly remembered for this one. It was for sure a feather in his cap. His name was even in the opening credits and to top it off found it to be his best performance ever even if he was only seen in 3 small scene's.
The film had a great 60's rock n roll soundtrack as well along with this having a nice solid storyline. Years later the film spawned a brief TV series.

Thunder Alley 1985. This one is probably the most favourite of mine that he was in as he's the singer of a rock n roll band playing the role of Skip but the story focuses on a farmboy guitarist Richie (Roger Wilson) whom is asked to join the band as their other guitarist was too intoxicated in which Leif's character Skip has an arrogant and cocky attitude towards him and some of the others which is interesting to see.
We hear Leif belting out some songs as he seemed okay while doing this but I always found him to be a better actor than a singer plus this isn't bubblegum or pop that he's singing it's modern rock which is in his favor of course. Also we see a groupie coming up and taking off her top which is a nice plus to the story of a rock band.
Then of course his character refuses to do a country song at a rodeo bar and so Richie steps in to sing and blows him off the stage and we see more of him performing songs when they are touring around.
One of the bandmembers Donnie (Scott McGinnis) gets mixed up with drugs which shows while he performs songs as this seemed realistic on how drugs control a band members life.
Then something tragic happens to Donnie as Richie quits the band as well as a moment when Skip is recovering from being hurt by him as this was a well remembered scene along with a moment on Richie himself getting violent towards a groupie demanding her as to how she found cocaine and then getting obnoxious to a big time bar owner Fatman (Randy Polk) by wrecking his vehicle which worked in well.
A perfect moment is when Richie returns to do a solo dedicated to Donnie which looked great as well as Skip dumping beer on the sleazeball Fatman after the bands manager Weasel (Clancy Brown) throws him to the ground.
Then Skip goes on stage to perform with Richie so it's nice to see Leif doing more songs before the film's end which the last song before the closing credits was one of the best one's.
Many great scene's on a struggling rock band leading to violence or mayhem as well as disputes. It's defientely not a bubblegum story by any means which works well for Leif to being taken seriously as an actor and a singer and does fine in his performance.
A nice vehicle for him although many critics put this one down and was an obscure drama even if the makers tries to make it look as mainstream as possible.
It's for sure worth watching for anyone who loves 80's movies and the music during that time period. Not sure if a soundtrack album came out though.
Cast also stars Jill Schoelen whom was an up and coming mainstream actress as she plays Wilson's romance in it.

Shaker Run 1985. Leif travelled to New Zealand to be in this one as he was one of the leads along with Cliff Robertson in which Robertson portrays a hard headed famous stunt driver Judd Pierson and Leif plays his mechanic in which he adds alot of good spunk and enthusiasm into his role as well as acting charming and outgoing too which shows off well. He was a ball of energy.
There's a nice camera shot on them driving by a cliff near a seaside as well this story centers around them hoping to have their big break as there's a neat effective moment on the car Shaker doing a stunt job and Leif's character Casey Lee presses some buttons to show off good effects which is an attraction as well as a supposed agent Dr. Christine Rubin (Lisa Harrow) who offers them alot of money to do a show for them but she stole a deadly formula when travelling with them which leads them to danger with the secret police force in New Zealand.

There's dazzling drving and stuntwork with the vehicle while dodging from the law which looked exciting to watch and done in good taste as well as certain scene's before the action happens with Leif having a good time at a bar and meeting some beautiful women which is the right vehicle for him since he often does a good job portraying a womaniser.
The music score sounded great as it is very 80's mainstream sounding adding alot of action in it along with a clever ending on how to outrun the police force as this was a cool ending.
This film was quite a decent car chase action flick which even offers some suggested mafia moments with the secret police making things not look so pretty. Leif gives the show an extra plus with his performance but sadly this film isn't too exposed and some critics put this one down as in my opinion was a well made flick. Sure it wasn't groundbreaking but I've seen terrible films and this wasn't one of them.

Delta Fever 1987. Leif co-stars in this one as Lance alongside with Tom Eplin who plays his best friend Nick in which they are both unemployed young adults hoping to make it big doing water skiing tournaments in which the story seems to be a bit slow here and there but it really gets to the punchline as friends struggle and surviving but alot of frustration between the two of them which almost caused them to jeapardise their teamwork and their friendship being at stake.
They also run into a nasty bully jock Bryce (William Bledsoe) whom is destined to win the competition as well as many scene's between Nick and his new girlfriend Jillian (Katherine Kelly Lang) with their love/hate moments.
Plus there's an effective supporting role by the late Denver Pyle which was a treat to see since I always remembered him as Uncle Jesse in 'The Dukes of Hazzard'. A tragic moment happens to him quarter way in the story which is sad to watch.
Many recognisable scene's between Garrett and Eplin such as being sarcastic towards the Bryce character at a seafood diner in which this makes you wonder if a brawl will break out.
Plus a suspenseful moment when a boat swerves over causing an almost deadly accident and it makes you cringe wondering if the driver will be okay.
Lots of fun touches when both Garrett and Eplin almost get into fights with the bullies as well as what they do to get even with him on his birthday which looked like a great vengeful moment.
It's a nice story on friendship, romance and survival but this flick was an obscure drama which I don't think made it to theatre's. It's a shame since this flick is not at all cheesy. This one would be a feather in Leif's cap and can be taken seriously as an actor in this one even if he was already a has been.

Cheerleader Camp 1988. This is Garrett's worst film to date and on a terrible budget in which I was kinda shocked that he would accept this kind of work in which is was badly made with the writing and acting alltogether. Yet many horror fans remember him in this slapstick slasher flick and at this time he was hurting for a paycheck since he was battling his personal demons along with losing alot of money after injuring his friend in a terrible car accident so I figured he had to take what he got his hands on since work was har to find for him during this time period.
He plays a captain of a cheerleading squad named Brent Hoover along with his sidekick Timmy Moser (Travis McKenna) at a remote summer camp to practise their tryouts as he has a troubled girlfriend Alison Wentworth (Betsy Russell) as she spots him flirting with one of the cheerleaders and experiences nightmares on him making out with them while we spot the other cheerleaders in the dream screaming "Doin it! Doin it! Harder! Harder!" as I had to admit that this scene was catchy. Then they end up being slaughtered one by one.

There's scene's that tried so hard to be funny but flops and it looked amateurish and silly as well as offering some skin with two lustful cheerleaders as one of the actresses moved onto pornography. Plus there's graphic violence involved which includes some clippers going through someone's head.
Garrett doesn't do any nudity but is topless in many scene's. He seems to do an okay job in it though offering a good charm to his role and is the male lead in it.

Betsy Russell worked in many cult teen type of flicks during this period that were much better like 'Tomboy' and 'Avenging Angel'. Then years later would play Jigsaw's wife in the 'Saw' sequels.
I believe this clunker earned a limited theatrical release but I wouldn't be surprised if it was pulled out after a week. It was well remembered in rental stores on video during it's time period though.

Party Line 1988. Yet another trashy b-film but not as bad but still a bad film in which people try to find dates and hook ups on a dating line phone and are killed off by wealthy two sibling maniacs and Leif plays one of them as a disturbed younger brother named Seth who slits people's throats with a razor as his first appearance is catching his sister Angelina (Greta Blackburn) in the act getting nearly lustful with a married man as she sets this guy up to get killed. Leif gets aggressive as his energy was a bit low. Im guessing his addictions were really kicking in which could be for that reason or he didn't care for doing the gig which was understandable and was desperate to get another paycheque.
We also have many other moments with his character listening in to other conversations and planning his next deadly deed. There's the amusing moment with a babysitter Jennifer (Patricia Patts) calling in for fun and bringing her friend to join in on the fun.
She seems to become a nice key role to the story as she tries to meet up with him only to realise that he hooked up with another caller as she helps an officer Dan (Richard Hatch) and Stacy (Shawn Weatherly) out on the case to find the killer when she tries to recognise his voice and sets him up only to get arrested.
There's many twisted moments involving Leif like when he puts on his dead mother's wedding dress on and Angelica slaps him and talks nasty towards him as he acts like a whiney blubbering little boy which for sure looked twisted but his energy was once again lacking.
However he does show a good intense performance when he strangles her to death which looked convincingly real.
When he acts disturbed again thinking that he kidnapped Stacy and trying to dress her up as his Mom he was once again lacking. Of course I remember Richard Hatch in the sci-fi TV series 'Battlestar Galactica' in which he was becoming a washed up performer himself when he was doing this gig.

This one was also made on a very low budget as although it had the odd horror elements with the killings this flick is a thriller. I remember a critic saying on a movie guide that you'll want to hang up on this one long before the closing credits which is very true as the story was slow all the way through as well as quite hokey and cheesy.

The Banker 1989. In the credits it shows Leif as one of the main cast members but his role is fairly small but it mainly revolved around four main characters throughout the whole story.
He reunited with two cast members from his previous films such as Teri Weigal from 'Cheerleader Camp' whom only appears in the beginning as a prositute about to being slayed as well as Richard Roundtree from 'Party Line' as he once again plays a police officer.

Celebrity actor Robert Forster plays a hard headed tough as nails detective Dan who tries to solve the missing cases of prostitutes turning up dead and their corpses mutilated and a bizarre South American symbol painted in blood is found at the scene.
He also is in the chase with a sleazy criminal Cowboy (Jeff Conaway) in which he does business with Garrett's character whom is Fowler as his first appearance is answering his call just revealing his mouth answering it to make things look mysterious at first.
Then in the middle of the story is when Garrett makes his appearance as an owner of a private gambling area run by an illegal party as he is the least threatening scumbag in the flick as the character Dan gets rough with him and demanding some answers from him. He seems to do well acting slick and smooth talking but could pick up the pace a bit here and there when he gets anxious.
Then most of the other scene's he's with Jeff Conaways character with some beautiful women hanging out and discussing business.

We discover the main maniac Spaulding Osbourne (Duncan Regehr) who kills prostitutes as he kidnaps Cowboy and later on plays a game of cat and mouse with him in the woods as Cowboy accidentally shoots, you guessed it, Garrett's character Folwer in which there's a memorable close up shot on him afterwards lying there dead.
This may dissapoint you fans of his but there's some interesting scene's the rest of the way when the main character's Dan and his ex wife Sharon whom is a reporter that speaks her mind big time while being broadcast live (You don't see this in real life folks which is out of the ordinary) on how to catch Spaulding but then he kidnaps Sharon nearly killing her as the action looked fairly energised.
This thriller was one of those so bad it's good and went direct-to-video in the USA but I believe it earned a threatrical or limited theatrical in Japan. A mediocre low budgeter.

The Spirit of 76 1990. This film is a real improvement compared to the last few mentioned here in which this was a spoof of the 70's decade in which future Americans decide to time travel to 1776 to ask the founding fathers for the solutions to their problems. A glitch in the time machine changes their destination to 1976. Still believing themselves to be in 1776, the time travellers attempt to study this "ideal" civilization. Their time machine breaks down as two hipster brothers Chris and Steve (Real life brothers Jeff and Steve McDonald from the punk rock band Redd Kross) tries to fix their machine and these time travellers end up in many sticky situations.
Leif plays the disco dancing fanatic Eddie Trojan falling for one of the future americans Chanel-6 and teaching her how to disco dance for a competition coming up as he had the knack to portray this role since this was the time period that he was a superstar and had the perfect groovy type of attitude. He was well remembered playing the Hustle in his groovy bedroom.

Also showed some decent comedic timing when he is about to do a kung fu act against some police officers and of course the song Kung Fu Fighting occurs.
He had the main supporting role in this one and showed off a ton of spunk.

Many critics put this movie down but I found it well done as it truly looked like you were watching a goofy 70's movie and it also featured another 70's icon David Cassidy playing another future american as there's an injoke revealing a 'Partridge Family' lunch box.
There's also many cameos by numerous celebrities popping up here and there including Tommy Chong, Julie Brown, Moon Unit Zappa, Rob Reiner, Carl Reiner, Iron Eyes Cody and Barbara Bain.
The movie earned a limited theatrical release in the U.S. only as it's a campy fun one with a disco soundtrack.

Dominion 1995. Leif has a smaller role in this one after a 5 year hiatus acting in front of the camera. His name was not featured in the opening credits. It's a direct-to-video low budgeter as at first it seemed rather pointless while watching it and hard to follow but the story builds up as this is an adventure thriller on a hunting expedition lead by Fitz (Tim Thomerson) as they enjoy their training but then they are all hunted by a maniac named Lynwood (Brion James) as there's a surprising moment when some of these hunters enjoying themselves but then it stops when one of them is shot to death and the other panic and hide for safety. Alot of fast action killing by this psychopath too.
Leif comes in a quarter way through the story as Bill in which I was wondering when I will see him in this one as one of the hunting expeders as he is told that someone is trying to kill them all and they discuss on what to do.
One of the hunters Harris (Brad Johnson) is blamed for the killings and knocks someone out in order to protect himself for being killed by a couple rednecks about to fire at him as this was almost a paying tribute to the classic 'Deliverance' but without a gay rape scene.
Garret's character as well as the other hunters come to the aid of the knocked out fellow asking if he is okay and then the rest of the times he is with the hunters to track Harris down.
Good suspenseful moments when Harris tries to get away including running towards a cliff and jumping to have trees catching his fall so he won't fall for his death and moments like that. Plus there's an ending that reveals a nightmarish scene of this maniac coming to get him as this has a nice horror element towards this scene even if it isn't that genre at all.
The film was well acted in which Thomerson seemed to be one of the best actors in this flick and James often played bad guy types of roles in which he does a great job and has the perfect mad dog type of looks for those types of roles as it's hard to see him playing other roles although he can do just as good of a job.

The Whispering 1995. He keeps getting lead roles so far but the more low budget and obscure that they become as so far this one was the lowest of them all and a direct-to-video release yet it was well done for what it was and I remember renting this one when it was new in video stores during new years eve so it was a real treat as he plays an insurance investigator Peter Ransket whom is an athiest goes out to examine a suicidal case when a man blows his head off with a shotgun.
He realises that he is dealing with a grim reaper which happens to be a woman and causing deaths in which he tries to put a stop to the evil madness on these so called suicides.
Leif is marvellous in his performance bringing his character as a detective to life a great deal. He offered alot of energy and becoming anxious as well as romantic along with being fun loving as well into this role.
There are times he's a bit cheesy in his performance like when he's being hypnotised but then he picks up the pace afterwards.
Many amusing moments with this reaper approaching someone especially when she's whispering in someone's ear and Leif's character spots this as well as trying to stop to what is going on only to being assaulted by a family memeber blaming him on a death. This scene will always stick out in my mind.
Due to the lack of it's budget it's still one worth checking out as I found this one quite an entertaining horror story even if other critics put this one down as it doesn't have to look top shelf to being enjoyable as long as it has a good story.

Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star 2003. This comedy seems to fool you in the beginning by making out that it's a documentary when celebrities are discussing a former child star but then it catches up with you when we see David Spade revealing that he was this washed up child star.
There's also a moment with him doing celebrity boxing and Emmanuel Lewis beats the crap out of him as this looked lame brained.
The story is about Dickie as a washed up child star trying to recreate his childhood that he's lost and trying to hire someone to be a foster family.
Leif plays himself in this and only has a few scene's in this one.
The first scene he meets up with Dickie on Hollywood Blvd and is talking to him about their poker game as well as some fans asking for his autograph and discussing their crush they had on him which is impressive and then later on Dickie's at the poker table with him along with other former child stars and discussing today's stars and so fourth.
He then appears in the closing credits with a choir of other celebrities from the past including doing a solo bit of the song "Child Stars on Your Television" which was a stupid comedic song not to be taken seriously whatsoever.
Leif still had the charm but the story was quite lame but there's an amusing part where Dickie puts some school bullies in their place as to what others can make fun of them which looked terribly clever to watch.
The film did earn a theatrical release so people could see Leif on the big screen one more time which is rare these days since any other of his projects don't make it that far anymore.  

Popstar 2005. Leif wears a bandana over his head in this one since that seems to be his trademark nowadays as well as teaming up with David Cassidy once more.
In this one he plays a janitor at a highschool which deals with a pop superstar JD McQueen (Aaron Carter) whom is pressured to go to a regular in order to graduate while having a busy career touring in which Cassidy plays his manager Grant as he advises him to stay touring else he will be out of luck with his stardom and fame (Since this is a mistake Cassidy himself made during the mid 70's).
He meets up with a geeky looking but pretty girl Jane (Alana Austin) whom he becomes romantically linked to as they go through happy and upsetting times as well as being blackmailed by a popular stuck up girl Whitney (Adrienne Palicki) to either take her to the prom or he will damage his image.
Leif has about 6 brief scene's in the film so it isn't a large role but stood out well nevertheless.
He helps JD on his first day at school on opening a locker which is his first scene in this story.
He shows sympathy for a nerdy kid who tries to ask Whitney to the prom only to be rejected nastily.
Then he has a discussion with JD in a couple of scene's as one of them really works when he gives advice to him on what to do after she is dumped on by Jane on writing his music dedicated to her and so fourth.
Plus in some other one's he appears near the end of the prom night when JD is performing as he has a discussion with Cassidy's character and then later on talks to Tracy Scoggins who has a part in the flick as well.
To top it all off when the closing credits start to roll he performs a song titled "Tear Up this Town" as there's clips of behind the scene's with him recording in a studio along with other happenings on cast members prepping for a shoot. The song sounds pop with a bit of rock sounding for that time era in which I am never wild over music in the millenium but I kinda dug the track.
The film was written and directed by Richard Gabai as he was famous for doing T&A trashy exploited flicks but now he moved on to doing shows for kids like this one as the story somwehat had a bubblegum type of romance but when it rolls there's many well done scene's with someone trying to do the right things in life.
This was a direct-to-DVD comedy romance in which young teens may enjoy watching.