She-Vixen Supreme: Talking With Melantha Blackthorne A.K.A. Countess Bathoria by Owen Keehnen

Encountering Melantha Blacktorne a.k.a Countess Bathoria is an unforgettable experience. To those unfamiliar with her highness she is the much larger than life star of such films as ‘The Night They Returned’ (with Racks and Razors favorite Suzi Lorraine), ‘Sinners and Saints’ (which she co-wrote and directed as well), ‘Purple Glow’, ‘Random’, ‘She Demons of the Black Sun’, ‘Tender Flesh for the Zombie Goddess’, as well as several projects in post or pre production. She has played Necrotia, The Queen of Hell, Lucifer, A Monster, A Very Twisted Sister, and The Mother of All Zombies. Who says they don’t write strong female characters for films anymore! One thing is certain -- this delicious cinematic dominatrix will not be denied her star status. Now that she has made a name for herself, let her show you what she can do!


First off Melantha, can you tell me how your alter ego Countess Bathoria came to be?

Melantha: My taste for horror began at a very young age; I would write stories or making mini home movies…each with more blood or violence than the last. As I grew my taste for horror evolved into something of a fetish and I began exploring new and unique ways of expressing myself. In 1999 I created the web site dousing myself in a fantasy world of sex and death.

Owen: And what would you say are the primary similarities and differences between you and her?

Melantha: She resides in my darker side and usually comes out to play when I’m feeling arrogant, dominant or sexually deviant.

Owen: You cowrote, directed, produced and starred (as Necrotia, the Queen of Hell) in 'Sinners and Saints'.  What were the biggest lessons you learned about filmmaking in assuming those multiple roles?

Melantha: Working with such a small budget left us with no choice but to cast ourselves as the lead actors…we were the only ones that had the time and were willing to work for free. It was quite challenging trying to act and direct at the same time! I could not have done it without Jason…having a second set of eyes was an absolute must and a blessing! This holds true for the action he directed… I was his second set of eyes.

Also, casting many actors for one scene seemed to pose a problem…if one cancelled at the last minute our shoot for the day would have to be rescheduled due to continuity issues. It is exceptionally hard to find reliable performers that will work for next to nothing. I don’t blame them and am very thankful to those who did give it their all!

Owen: In 'Tender Flesh For the Zombie Goddess' you play a "raw girl meat-eating zombie".  So as a gal-gobbler what seems like the tastiest parts of your victims?

Melantha: I prefer the breast meat… a tempting treat for any Zombian. *ZOM-BI-AN n. A reanimated female corpse whose flesh eating orientation is to women.

Owen: Tell me a bit about your work in 'Purple Glow'?

Melantha: I just attended the premiere last night at the Fantasia Film Festival and am proud to say that it was well received! It’s always rewarding when people enjoy your work. Purple Glow is about a meteor that crashes on earth and is found by a group of young campers. Problems arise when a few of the females, myself included, touch the alien rock turning them into monsters that feed on sex and human flesh.

You will see a slightly different side of me in this film…. for the first part that is *winks*

Owen: You are reunited with your 'The Night They Returned' costar and twisted sister Suzi Lorraine in 'She Demons of the Black Sun'.  What about your chemistry makes you two such great costars?

Melantha: I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to see Suzi the day she was on the set of ‘She Demons’. We do have a great deal of chemistry! We share a lot of the same interests and both love to laugh! It’s like anything…with some people you click and others you don’t.

Owen: You have played Lucifer, The Queen of Hell, A Monster, and A Zombie Goddess.  Are you more attracted to those "larger than life roles" or due to your personality are people more likely to consider you for those roles?

Melantha: I believe I’m a little type cast due to the fact that most producers/directors find me through my website. Of course I enjoy playing these “larger than life roles” they are so much fun and I am able to be creative with my acting choices!!!! Perhaps now that ‘Purple Glow’ is released and once ‘The Order Of One’ makes it’s premiere people will realize that I am more versatile than they once thought.

Owen: What is the toughest thing have ever had to do in a movie?

Melantha: I once doubled an actress for a stunt that was a little scary and dangerous. I had to fall down a flight of concrete stairs wearing very little padding. Female actresses are usually scantily clad leaving little room to hide padding under their clothing. Not my favorite thing to do on a movie set!

Owen: So what other projects do you have lined up for the future?

Melantha: I am currently working on a Braemar Entertainment and Robomonkey co production entitled ‘The Order Of One’. I am acting as the director of photography as well as playing the role of a hippie assassin named Dynamite.

SV Bell and Zachary Park are in pre production with ‘Rise Of The Ghosts’…a prison horror movie. I am looking forward to playing along side Suzi Lorraine again…it will be our first reunion since ‘The Night They Returned’. I adore her and know it will be a blast on set!!!

Also, Jason and I (Robomonkey Productions) are planning to shoot our second contribution to the indie horror scene this fall entitled ‘Countess Bathoria’s Graveyard Picture Show’. This film will have six twisted tales of the undead from some of underground horrors most notorious directors. Each unique vision of horror in this anthology-style film will revolve around one fateful accident in the same small town.

Owen: Do you have a sort of ultimate career goal or path you want to take?

Melantha: It has been my preference to keep active in every aspect of the genre. I tend to bore easily having only one creative outlet. I want to explore as much as I can…and hope that taking on directing and producing won’t deter others from hiring me as an actress.

Owen: What scares you in real life?

Melantha: Anthony Hopkins…he chased me with an axe once.