Nathan Witte - Linguistically Speaking with 'Gutterballs' Gonzo Lead by Brian Kirst

Nathan Witte is a Canadian entertainer with a determined mission - to entertain the pants off of you! With his heroic role in the splatter-ific 'Gutterballs' and his upcoming comedy project, 'FineLine' , he just might succeed in his outrageous goal. 'Gutterballs' features a determined and athletic performance from Nathan and one of the coolest outfitted killers in existence. (A savage bowling bag for a head, anyone?) So, be sure to roll out a strike by diving into the good times with Witte just below!

  Brian: Who were your first performing influences - Robert Englund getting all bloodily sarcastic with a group of frightened teens? Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor making it funny and living the truth in 'Stir Crazy' - The honored legacy of sports figures turned actors like Rosey Grier and Shaquille O' Neal?

Nathan: My first acting influence would have to be Will Smith. Watching him as I grew up in his hit television show 'Fresh Prince in Bel Air' . When I was young and I didn't know I wanted to be an actor and didn't really fathom what it took to be one. Now my influences are Denzel Washington, Jim Carrey, and of course Jamie Foxx. He is a multi talented actor and I appreciate him as an entertainer and an artist.

Brian: How did you initially hook up with Ryan Nicholson for 'Gutterball'?

Nathan: Well the first time I met Ryan was at the audition way out in Langley in April of '07. When I arrived it felt like I was entering a horror movie of my own. Getting lost in the industrial back roads and once I finally realized that I was in the right area I went up to a door which was well protected by pit bulls. Heading in the opposite direction I found Ryan and Michelle safely waiting for me to arrive.

Brian: What was the most exciting aspect of being involved with 'Gutterballs'?

Nathan: Getting paid to do what I love. Acting with new people and new crew is always exciting and that's one of many reasons why I enjoy what I do. But I was mainly excited for filming a feature length film where I play a principle character for the first time.

Brian: Even when you weren't on call did you find yourself hanging out on the 'GB' set, checking out the effects and just absorbing the process?

Nathan: Well I only made it a couple times to set when I wasn't needed for filming. It was long nights, 11pm to 8 in the morning. So when you had the chance to sleep you jumped on that opportunity. I came for the food as well. It would help build camaraderie with the fellow actors to be there and help keep them awake. What I do remember was the night I came and they were shooting the bathroom death scene with "Sam". It was just as hard to watch live as it is on screen. Lots of Blood.

Brian: As you noted, that the hours on 'GB' were long and hard. What was the most difficult aspect of filming for you?

Nathan: Running on only a few hours everyday. Being an upcoming actor you have a regular day job. So I would go and shoot the film, get home for 9 am and head to work for 12pm-8pm. Then sleep for an hour or so and head to set for 10-11 pm. I'm telling you it can get really exhausting. Even eating heavy pasta at 5 in the morning was an adjustment difficult but worth coping with.

Brian: Did you have a favorite, balls-out bloody special effect from 'GB'?

Nathan: What a question. There were a good 13 kills I believe and all so much fun. My favorite, well it would have to be the end scene where I find all the dead bodies. Because that's where there was the most blood and guts sprayed. Also it being the pivotal moment in the film the stakes are driven a lot higher so there's a certain adrenaline you must bring to set and I enjoyed the challenge of that.

Brian: If you could create a film for yourself to star in, what would be your character and the plotline?

Nathan: I don't know why I have chosen this but I would want to be a serial killer in a high suspense thriller, where the killer plays multiple personalities. I think it would be fun to explore the possibilities of having different characters in one individual and having the film keep people on the edge of their seat until the end when the truth is revealed.

Brian: Lastly, any words of wisdom (IE: Never defend your drag queen friend when a crazed killer is on the loose) and/or future projects that you'd like to tell us about? And - thanks for doing this! It's been wilder than bowling a spare!!!

Nathan: Well, if there is a killer in the building get out, cuz everyone is suspect. - As for future projects, I have recently finished filming a sketch comedy show, which should be released either this summer or this fall. Today actually is the first time I see the final product, wish me luck! The show is titled 'FineLine' so keep an eye out. - Thanks again! Keep your head up!