More than simply an actress in horror films Scarlet Salem is a die-hard horror fan with a solid knowledge of the genre. You've got to love a woman who has Friday the 13th marathons! Lately the 5'4" Minnesota native has been making quite a name for herself. In addition to hitting the horror festival circuit the model/actress has been a Scream Queen of the Month, a Tromette, and is developing a very impressive list of celluloid credits. Thusfar she's appeared in a slew of gruesome goodies such as the chapter horror films 'Tales of the Dead' as well as 'Resist Evil Trilogy', the tantalizingly titled 'Your Next 3: Pajama Party Massacre' with Joe Knetter and Elske McCain, 'Mutilated Movies', 'Clown Museum of the Damned', 'AfterBirth', and 'Homicide'. Best of all she's here for an exclusive interview.


  Scarlet, I hear you are a huge horror movie fan and specifically recall reading about your Friday the 13th movie marathons. So, of all the gruesome ends in the Friday the 13th films which one is your fave?

Haha, nice!! I would have to say my favorite ending would be in the first Jason when his mom, Betsy Palmer, gets her head hacked off! That effect was just so kick ass!! They're all equally awesome and gruesome!

Tell me about the movie you are filming 'Tales of the Dead'. Give us a teaser that will make us hungry to see it.

Well, I play a small part in the 4 part film. I'm in the story 'The Radio' which is kick ass! Let's just put it this way, I'm the one that makes this radio possessed and that's all I'm going to say, hehe!

So I also know you are playing a character named Deb Hill in it. Is that a sort of tribute to Debra Hill the late great producer of 'Halloween', 'The Fog', 'The Dead Zone', etc?

You know what, it could be! Honestly I didn't even know I had a name in it till recently. I originally was just a sacrifice in the film, but then the director decided to give me a name in it. Whatever works!! Now that you bring it up, that name is probably a tribute because the director is a huge horror movie fan!! Sweet!

Tell me about your character Jennifer and how she fits into the goings on in 'Your Next 3: Pajama Party Massacre'.

Jennifer is the more "grown up", kind of "up tight" of the two of us, I guess you could say. My friend Christine, played by Elske Mccaine, is more the partier/druggie in the film. Alls we ever wanted was to eat icecream, watch horror movies and tell scary stories. Besides all of that, we had an unexpected visitor!! Its great!! That was actually my second film ever, with Mutilated Movies, by Crepuscular Planet films, being my first! What an experience.

Do you have any other upcoming movie projects you would like to let the Racks and Razors readers know about?

I have a few! These are the confirmed ones. One called 'Homicide' an ode to the 80's slasher films by Trixie and Dixie Productions which will be filmed in June. Another film is by Roklaf Studios called 'Resist Evil Trilogy' and I'm in the 3rd part, which will be filmed in later May. One that I'm currently working on is by Merle Productions called 'Trinity'. Like I said these are the confirmed ones so far. Many more in the works as we speak so keep your eyes and ears peeled for more!!

I also have seen you have been making the rounds at some of the horror conventions. What has that sort of experience been like for you?

I freaking LOVE horror conventions!! I actually just got back from on in Denver which is also a Sci-fi convention. I made so many new fans and friends its ridiculous! It's just so cool being around people that are into the same things as you are! How rare is that!!! The more the better if you ask me!!

What have been the perks of being Scream Queen of the Month for March 2008?

My major perk for that is self gratification! I've always been into horror films and by being able to say I'm a scream queen is just the coolest thing ever! Not only that, I'm a Tromette for Troma too, which makes it that much better!!!

So as a little girl growing up in Minnesota is there some memory you look back upon and think, "Yep, that little girl was destined to grow up to be a Scream Queen"?

Honestly, when I was younger I was a bit shy. Yes, I was shy!!! The funny thing is you read all these interviews of actresses and such and almost everyone you read about was shy at one point in their lives if not still to this day! Getting back to the question, the only thing I can think of is my very first horror film, Childs Play, when I was around age 6 or so. Ever since that film, that's all I wanted to watch was horror! To me, horror films were a gift from God, hehe! So, to be a part of that is a dream to me!! I hope that answered it!!

Speaking of that. Are you planning a relocation anytime soon or is Minnesota actually a pretty good place for a scream queen to be located?

Well, for B and Independent films, MN is a great place for that!! I've noticed there's not much competition up here, at least for horror anyways, which makes it easy to get "gigs". Not only that, everyone works together here! I've worked with the same great people in a ton of projects already. We all just want to make art and have a great time, that's what counts the most sometimes. I'm venturing out to other states to do films as well. I want to get out there and try new states and stuff like that! I've already done a film in Iowa, 'Afterbirth' by LiveBoulevard Design. The 'Resist Evil Trilogy' is being filmed in Iowa as well. More upcoming projects of mine will also be out of state, Wisconsin and Nevada are a few.

Do you recall the first movie you saw that ever made you scream out loud?

Umm, no but I can guess. I think it was 'The Exorcist'. At the time to me, that movie was so scary, now I just go to bed with that film playing in the background, muhahahaha!!!

We're pulling into the Scarlet Salem Drive In. What three horror flicks are on the triple bill for tonight?

IT, The Evil Dead, and Day of the Dead!!

What goodies are they going to be serving up at the concession stand?

Buttery Popcorn, tons of different candy, icecream, you name it, it'll be there!!!

And what will not be tolerated from patrons?

No smoking of any kind!! I can't stand that!

What scares you in real life?

I refuse to be cheesy!!!!!! What literally scares me is centipedes!!!! Ewwwwwweeee!!! There was one in the sink in this bathroom at my day job and I almost had a heart attack!!!!!! Yucky!! Pretty much anything that has tons of little legs, crawls, and is a bug!

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