Although Sherry may not be a household name she yet has the looks and talent to be a promising actress in low budget films. She still had a fairly descent amount of credits to be considered an actress as she had alot going for her in the film and TV industry.
Plus, she has a great attitude as told on set.

Well in the beginning Sherry was born and raised in Nebraska and the second of 8 kids (Big family).
Sherry lived all over the US as a Navy brat and finally settled in Iowa at the age of 13 where she grew up around horses on 20 acres.

She worked as a model at the age of 16 and then started acting in her 20's and has been involved in the entertaiment field since 1985.
She first had a bit part in the motion picture 'Sid & Nancy' but her scene was cut out.

During the late 80's there were a ton of horror films being made so she saw a trade paper by the name of “Drama Logue” that had audition and casting notices for an indepdendent teen slasher film titled 'Slaughterhouse'. Sherry submitted for the film and was called in to audition from her head shot. The director Rick Roessler loved her audition as she was up against many women and won the lead role as Liz Borden.
She worked very hard on set and was a real trooper with everyone.
In fact, this film was the breakthrough of being noticed by many cult horror fans.
She was the innocent teenage victim to pitted against two redneck slaughterhouse killers Lester Bacon (Played by dinner theatre stage actor Don Barrett) and his retarded son Buddy (Played by Joe Barton). She was the daughter of the head county sherrif (Played by William Houck) who shut down their slaughterhouse and Lester wanted Buddy to hack him away with his homemade meatcleaver. So after they find out who she is things don't look good for her after her other friends were killed for trespassing on their property during a stormy night when the power went out of thier little pig out party in the county area so they decided to kill some time daring one another to go to the Bacon slaughterhouse and boy they did kill time as well as getting killed.
Although the film wasn't a top cult classic slasher flick like 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre', 'Halloween', 'Friday the 13th' or 'A Nightmare On Elm Street' it nonetheless had gorehounds loving it , becoming a top 38 out of 40 during it's small theatrical run and remembering who Sherry was.
The film was of course an experiment for indie filmmakers and they did a superb job of what they had on their shoestring budget with all sorts of neat gore effects.

She received alot of work after the film and worked at FOX TV, CBS, and Universal Studios in production.

Horror films became more noticed going direct-to-video more and more when the 80's were nearing their end and in 1990 Sherry won a good supporting role by playing the role of Bonnie in the film 'Demon Wind'.
She plays a friend of the lead actors as one of them named Cory (Played by Eric Larson) tries to find out who he really is after his father took his own life by slitting his wrists when him and his friends are on their way to a broken down farm that his grandparents owned which was torn apart by a demonic evil force which is in the middle of nowhere many years ago.
But Sherry's character herself finds herself in tied up by the evil forces and becomes the first victim after they do some research at the broken down farm.
The film played on cable TV for a long time before going direct-to-video and the box title was an attention grabber assuring horror fans that it was a true horror film.

A year later, she had another supporting role but a smaller one as a combat trainer named Kimberly in a typical bad direct-to-video action-thriller titled 'Born Killer' and was again a victim to two escaped killers.

Also, Sherry was a guest in a short-lived crime-action TV series shot in Hong Kong titled 'Yellowthread Street' as the role of Annie which she said she cherished doing the most and was in the area doing another project.

Sherry then changed her last name to Leigh and worked steadily as a full fledged stuntwoman for TV and film as well as at live stunt shows such as 'Viking America' in Wakayama, Japan, Water World and 'Terminator 2' and 'T3D' all at Universal Studios, Hollywood.

She still does the odd acting gig like in the TV commercials of Ab Slide and, a small guest role in the daytime soap 'General Hospital', a good friend of Gene Simmons so she appeared in a Kiss "Caroling" music video and small roles in the indei flicks 'The R.M.', 'L.V.J.' and 'Jolene'. Sherry proves to have done it all and a busy woman she is.

There's exciting news follks as in 2016 she had the leading female role as a bounty hunter Cheryl in a flick titled 'Happy Hunting' about an alcoholic drifter must battle withdrawal and psychotic rednecks after he becomes the target of a deranged sporting event. The film rode film festivals and was categorised as a horror flick but it's a psychological thriller with the odd horror elements.

She is also a full time realtor and lives in Arizona nowadays. Plus she weightlifts, rides motorcycles and horses as well as playing sports.

But in my heart and lots of fans too she will always be remembered in 'Slaughterhouse' and 'Demon Wind'. Long live Bendorf!!!!!

Slaughterhouse. 1987 Well, in 1994 I found the box cover at a grubby old video rental store but didn't want to watch it yet as I was just adjusting to gory slasher films like 'Friday the 13th' and 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' and it wasn't a good time to watch horror films period due to some personal issues I was having. I was thinking to myself though it must be a bad film due to it's title and it said contains material too intense for it's theatrical release and thought to myself it doesn't have a catchy enough title to stay in theatre's for long.
Over a year later when I was feeling a bit better about things I found this to rent at a store called Hollywood Videos so I rented it hoping to watch a fun party flick although I read in my movie guide it was rated a turkey and featuring stupid everyday teenagers. I had to tell you I hated it with a passion at first as I found it overly gory and disturbing with sick jokes.
But before I watched it the film says it co-stars Sherry Bendorf and I thought to myself it must be a beautiful teenager girl running around freaking out but probably someone talented at that.
Well Sherry proved herself worthy as an actress and does great as a typical teenager in a Jamie Lee Curtis type fashion. She was very talented and had the looks too so it was a bonus. I felt sorry for the poor gal being restrained to a butcher table with two redneck psychopaths and having dead bodies on hooks in front of her which were her brother, the deputy sherrif, his wife, a businessman and her friends.
She said that the dead bodies were the real actor with make up on and it psyched her out as they looked so real it caused real tears for her plus she lost a best friend a few years before shooting the film and seeing her friends on the hooks helped her with her character.
Also she found the scene a little difficult when Joe Barton's character Buddy was restraining her on the butcher table as he kept sweating etc. so it got a little uncomfortable. However, she found both Barton and Don Barton professional and fun to work with as they were both very down to earth people and had a blast working with writer/director Rick Roessler as Rick himself said that Sherry was very energetic and ready for anything even when the shooting was overlong and tiring.
This film will have a place in fans hearts who enjoy Bendorf's work. I bought the DVD of this film 11 years later and enjoyed it better as people said for what they had it was a good film.
I can sit through any gory film now and although it was overly gory during it's limited theatrical release (Which the rating almost received an X beforehand and then changed to an R Rating), there are lots of films out there today that has alot more gore in them. Especially remakes like 'The Hills Have Eyes' and 'Black Christmas'. This film is a fun party flick indeed and a spoof on many slasher films like 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' plus there was alot of Freddy Krueger type jokes which were common for alot of horror films during this genre as dark comedy were being used in lots of horror films.

Demon Wind. 1990 I eagerly wanted to rent this one after finding out that Sherry had more films to her credit on the I loved the cover of it but I couldn't find it at my local video store.
However, I was visiting my sister in Alberta which is in a small county in the middle of nowhere with a small video rental store as I saw some horror films that were hard to find and this was one of them!!!! I was so excited to watch it. It was an average b-film sure but an exciting one as I loved the cheesy effects used in it.
I was happy to see Sherry in it and her name was in the opening credits too. Of course she tags along with her friends in a strange abandoned area where they find a torn up farmland that was devoured by evil demonic forces.
When they go in one of the busted up houses Sherry's character spots a writing on the wall and reads it out loud which causes the evil to awaken and they are all trapped there by a mysterious fog. Her character freaks out about all of this and suddenly a child demon grabs her. She screams and then turns into a doll. Then the doll devours. She is seen in a couple of other scenes such as a hallucination sequence and then a giant demon eating her alive. Sherry said that the scene took way too long as when the actor playing the demon was biting her neck it tickled hysterically and when they shot the scene he couldnt bite her neck cause she was laughing instead of screaming so at the end of the day, she had a huge hicky on her neck that hurt like crazy.
Her last scene was in the torn up house scene as if it was all a dream but then she turns into a drooling demon with the other people.
Francine Lapensee was one of the lead actresses in the film and became Sherry's best friend in real life as well as in the film while they got cast in the film.
The flick is easily considered an 'Evil Dead' ripoff but a very exciting, dark and adventerous one. It ran on cable TV for a long time before the film went straight to video. This one is by all means my favourite Bendorf flick and her role suits the film.

Born Killer. 1991 Oh god how awful this film was and I couldn't explain how terrible the story is as well as the acting in it.
Sherry had a smaller supporting role in the film as a combat trainer. Her name wasn't used in the opening credits but is friends with one of the lead characters and her best friend Francine reunites with her again as another combat training friend in the film. This was not by any means a horror film. Just a goofy bad action/thriller with redneck policemen, bimbo dipstick deputy's and two serial killers whom escape and go on a killing spree.
Sherry's character is seen in the beginning of this film as her and her girl friends are in a jeep speedin away from the men in their jeep. Later on they are combat training in a forest.
Suddenly Sherry's character is alone with another woman played by Victoria Nesbitt as the two vicious killers catch them and are shot down and killed. Then their dead bodies are tied to a tree (A horror element there).
Suddenly there are two male survivors left as they play a game in order to survive.
Sherry had a few good scenes in this one but all in all this one was the pits. Sherry said the work was alot of fun but very tiring.

Happy Hunting . 2016 Sherry wears her acting cap on since it's been a long time which is great. But this movie isn't very good and although it's categorised as horror and riding those types of film festivals it's strictly a psychological thriller. Had the odd horror elements but that was about it.
The story centers arounds an alcoholic drifter in a deserted type of town
in which he must battle withdrawal and psychotic rednecks after he becomes the target of a deranged sporting event. Other people with addictions are the target for their sick game but get killed off pretty fast.
Sherry plays one of the evil rednecks and the leading actress but only has about 4 scene's in it since it's mainly an all male cast but does a good job as usual in which at first seems to be deceivingly nice at a dinner table talking to this drifter but later on had a vicious type of attitude after this person is drugged and passes out.
Then she joins the cult of rednecks for their ceremony as this moment almost reminded me on a similar scene in the cult gorefest '2000 Maniacs' as well as a scene with someone in a lab storing dead body parts in which this made me wonder if the film will be a horror but not a chance with it being categorised in that genre at all.
Then her final scene is in a vehicle when she has a spiked bat ready to kill the lead character but gets pulled out of her vehicle and is killed off.
This one can easily be categorised as a ripoff to 'Surviving the Game'. The film is also very tiring and couldn't wait for it to end.