Wanna listen to our past shows? Well they're right here starting from November of 2006. We have improved alot over the months in our shows and plan to still do so
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Check out our bio's and see what we do. It takes alot of good people to make the show so here you go folks.
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Come and listen to our 10 minute radio plays as there's a different story on each one. It's like Tales from the Crypt but in radio format.
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You can now watch us as well as listen to our talk show as we review movies, magazines and sometimes talk to other people involved with horror.
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Racks and Razors Video Show .... A New One Each Month
This was our original advertisement for the college radio station that fell through: Finally our show is back plus it will be airing at 90.1 FM CJSF in Burnaby at the SFU. Any of you who can't get the station you can listen to it at their site at www.cjsf.ca 
We are working towards getting a regular time slot on the SFU radio at CJSF. Hopefully in a few weeks it will happen! The shows will run weekly for a half hour each but you can listen to an hours sample of what we will be airing right here!

The series is produced by Irma Arkus as you can listen to her radio series Hi-Sci-Fi every Friday at 5pm PST



Both Greg Tiderington and Jeff Croft hosts
News by Irma Arkus in which she discusses a new horror film shot in Bollywood, India that stars Jennifer Lynch as well as a Japanese horror flick and much more including a Resident Evil animated sequel..
Greg and Jeff review a new movie titled 30 Days of Night and a retro one which is David DeCoteau's 1987 cheesy monster flick Creepozoids.
There's book reviews by Krystalline Wolsey and  Vernon on a graphic novel called Silent Hill 3: Bloody Tales


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Thank you so much for enjoying our series. We decided to finish the shows since they were a ton of work but were proud of them. Do contact us to give us feedback and what your favourite show is and we may post your feedback here!!!!