AALIYAH MADYUN Has Arrived by Owen Keehnen

Gorgeous Florida-based actress Aaliyah Madyun is relatively new on the movie scene, but familiarize yourself with this face and name because it’s doubtful she’ll remain unknown for long. The young model/actress has just returned from South Africa where she filmed ‘The Silent Fall’ for release in June 2006. She has also recently wrapped ‘Four Pairs’ with John Robert Brown. On the horror front Aaliyah is slated to make a big impression playing Sasha in the upcoming “chills during Mardi Gras in New Orleans” flick ‘Hoodoo for Voodoo’. She is also reportedly kicks some serious butt as Agent Smith in the Hocus Focus Production ‘Death Plots: My Stalker Death’. It’s been a busy year for her and 2006 looks to be just as hectic…but Aaliyah was still kind enough to take some time out for this exclusive www.racksandrazors.com interview.

Hi Aaliyah.  How were your holidays?

Holidays were spent with extended family and were wonderful!!

Let's start the www.racksandrazors.com  readers off with a visual.  Describe for me the room in which you're answering these questions.

I'm in an office room.  (No fun I know)

I want to hear all about your role as Sasha in the upcoming movie 'Hoodoo for Voodoo'.  Can you give me a little plot synopsis and let us know how Sasha fits into the goings on?

Hoodoo for Voodoo is a brilliant horror comedy written and directed by Steven Shea in which a group of kids "win" a trip to New Orleans!  They get mixed up in some voodoo magic and some live, some die, some get naked together!  Sasha was a sassy girl with attitude to boot.  She and Bones her "boyfriend" were always off "doing thangsss"

I know that the movie did some shooting in New Orleans prior to Katrina?  That must have made hearing the news especially tragic and surreal for you.  Do you have any idea if the shooting locales have been destroyed completely?

I do not know the outcome on our locations. It was heartbreaking to see all that were affected and who continue to be affected by the storm and we are months out from when it actually happened. When Katrina hit, I was in South Africa shooting a film called The Silent Fall, which is set for global release this summer. 

I also want to hear about your work as Agent Smith in 'Death Plots' (2005). 

Agent Smith was a badass role in which I absolutely LOVED to play.  Written and Directed by Jason Liquori, shooting that short was just too much fun.  I mean, I got to take down a guy that was twice my size! 

You’re so fresh on the horror scene with those two performances thusfar.  Do you plan to continue to focus in the fright flick field?

Absolutely!  I LOVE horror movies!

Do you have any other upcoming projects you would like to plug, brag about, or let the readers at www.racksandrazors.com  know about?

The Silent Fall - set to be released this summer - www.tonight.co.za/index.php? fSectionId =361&fArticleId=2858631
Hoodoo for Voodoo - coming 6/6/06

Do you have a star or role model who you look to for inspiration and if so how do they inspire you?

Oprah, Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Vanessa Williams -- All pretty self-explanatory

Looking back on when you were a little girl was there any incident or sort of behavior that you look back on now and say, "Yeah, that little girl was destined to grow up to be in horror movies"?

Watching Poltergeist over and over and over again.

So what does it for you Aaliyah - vampires, werewolves, creatures, aliens, psychos, ghosts, zombies, witches, voodoo, etc?


Not counting my own work, the last really good horror movie I saw was ___________.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

We're pulling the car into the Aaliyah Madyun Drive In.  What three fright flicks are going to be featured on the triple bill and what goodies are they going to be serving up at the concession stand?

The Exorcist


Friday the 13th

Popcorn and Booze 

What frightens you in real life?

The Dark! I know, I'm a wimp!