Amityville: A New Generation (1993)


Directed by: John Murlowski

Written by: Christopher DeFaria & Antonio Toro


Ross Partridge .... Keyes Terry
Julia Nickson-Soul .... Suki
Lala Stoatman .... Llanie
David Naughton .... Dick Cutler
Barbara Howard .... Janet Cutler
Jack Orend .... Franklin
Richard Roundtree .... Pauli
Teri O'Quinn .... Detective Clark
Robert Rusler .... Ray
Lin Shaye .... Nurse Turner

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: September 29, 1993




A photographer Keyes Terry (Ross Partridge) is given a mirror by a crazy homeless man but however he doesn't seem to want it so instead his friend Suki (Julia Nickson-Soul) decides to keep it.
What none of them realise is it's a mirror from the house in Amityville where a man has killed his family.
One person named Ray (Robert Rusler) sees an image of himself getting cut to death by glass and later on he crashes into a window with shards of glass cutting his throat.
Then Suki and another man named Dick Cutler (David Naughton) have a steamy affair with one another and then later on Suki sees an image of in the mirror hanging herself and does so later on.
Keyes has nightmares of the man who killed his family and then finds out that he's the brother of this killer. Eventually he slowly gets possessed by the mirror and turns into this person.


There's interesting flashback moments of the family who original lived there supposedly the DeFeo's but it's a totally different setting regardless as there's a nice shot on the father sharpening a knife at a dinner table.
There's many good shots on a mirror with a red glow to it which is a part of the house in Amityville in which really grabs your attention.
A great shot on the character Suki stabbing her arm with a small broken glass and crying.
A nice discussion with Suki acting lustful towards Dick Cutler in her room with all the demonic art paintings. They also perform a good lusty dance as well as a make out moment which seems fun to watch.
Keyes Terry and Detective Clark have a good discussion together at a graveyard discussing his family life and what had happened in that house on Amityville.
There's a good shot on Keyes walking towards a window with the sunlight reflecting in as if it were the window of the Amityville house.
A good discussion between Keyes and Nurse Turner in a hospital office as it came together well and very uplifting too.
There is a real creepy and intense moment with Keyes suddenly acting wild and insane at the asylum and pinning a woman to the ground and banging her head constantly which looked disturbing and just screaming frantically. A great close up camera shot on him screaming by waking up from a nightmare.
There's a good dark moment with Dick going down to the cellar and Suki hauntingly walks towards him acting sleazy and evil. There's a great creeped out moment on him trying to keep his distance from her.
A nice close up shot on the character Franklin lying in a hospital bed and then his eyes open, then suddenly laughing like a maniac which really brings some horror to the story.
A good shot on Pauli carving a knife showing the flashbacks on the dad in the reflection doing the same thing. It's impressive to see Keyes slowly walking up with the rifle and things being shot wiuth perfect camera takes on this.
A good reflection on the mirror with Franklin showing an evil smile on his face chanting evilly and Keyes shouting while holding the rifle ready to shoot.
Bottom line is that this is an okay type of film but it does look phony but most of the Amityville sequels were so what else can I say?
There are lots of neat cheesy insane moments in the film with flashback hallucinations and a good effect on the mirror in it which kind of spices the film up. It's also interesting about the son of the possessed killer at the Amityville house although they never used the last name of the DeFeo's.
If you're in the mood for a Z-grader then you may get a kick out of this.

The acting is quite good for a low budget direct-to-video film.
It features many horror icons like David Naughton (Dick Cutler) who does quite well by playing a womaniser still showing his craft as a character actor. He does well by acting lustful along with
acting devastated after seeing a dead body hung. He also shows a great creeped out look to his expressions during a freaky situation.
Terry O'Quinn
(Detective Clark) seems to prove his charm as a sane detective as sometimes it's hard to see him acting that way once you've watched him in The Stepfather. He is quite impressive.
Lead actor Ross Partridge (Keyes Terry) showed some energy when needed although he wasn't one of the best actors in this film as the son of the possessed killer at the Amityville house.
He was great by losing it after seeing his information on a tombstone that he didn't like. He also does great by acting wild and violent with his screaming attitude in one spot in which he does well by acting disturbing when he does this. Plus he does a great job holding a knife to his chin panting heavily.
Richard Roundtree
(Pauli) showed a good outgoing role in his part as the oldest roomate of the bunch.
Lin Shaye
(Nurse Turner) was quite memorable in her supporting role as a flirtatious nurse in which she does well with her bubbly attitude in one scene of the film.
Supporting actor Robert Rusler (Ray) has a good temperamental attitude as the disturbed one in the flick.
He does well entering the suite intoxicated and tearing up some artwork acting aggressive as well by freaking out after spotting his reflection in the mirror.

We have a brief breast shot performed by Lala Sloatman while performing a sex scene
There is also a brief breast shot on Julia Nickson-Soul having a sex scene too.

A guy's face is cut with glass
Someone's head is burned.
A man's chest is stabbed by a sharp looking object in a room of an asylum.

The music was composed by Daniel Licht and did a good job with it as there's the odd nice dark synthesizer and piano pounding.
We have a great song during the closing credits with some thumping and bass guitar playing along with sounding of chanting performed by Will as the track was called "Furnace Rekindle".
He also composed music for the previous Amityville sequel as well as the first two Children of the Corn sequels and Hellraiser: Bloodline.