A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge


Directed by: Jack Sholder

Written by: David Chaskin


Mark Patton .... Jesse Walsh
Kim Myers .... Lisa Webber
Robert Rusler .... Ron Grady
Clu Gulager .... Ken Walsh
Hope Lange .... Cheryl Walsh
Marshall Bell .... Coach Schneider
Sydney Walsh .... Kerry
Christie Clark .... Angela Walsh
Robert Englund ... Freddy Krueger

Release Date: Theatrical: November 1, 1985




Five years later after that horrible incident at the Thompson's house, a new family known as the Walsh's moves in. A troubled son living in the house named Jesse Walsh (Mark Patton) is being tormented in his dreams by Freddy (Robert Englund). He always wakes up screaming and his family just thinks it's another nightmare.
However he finds alot of terrifying events at the house, it is becoming way too hot, Jesse's highschool friend Ron (Robert Russler) tells him about the mother and daughter who lived there before and the going's on that happened at the time.
While Jesse is cleaning his room with his girlfriend Lisa (Kim Myers) they find Nancy Thompson's diary and they both reads. While reading it, they discover the deadly secrets in their neighborhood on Elm Street which creeps out Jesse even more as he remembered what Jesse had told him about the former residents living there.
Freddy tells Jesse that he has plans for him to do his evil deeds and Jesse tries to avoid everyone before they end up being victims.


The film leaves off with an impressive start on a school bus driving by and dropping students off to their home with the head character Jesse Walsh looking like a basket case compared to the other students which shows off nicely that he is the main one in the story. Plus things start to become suspenseful when the bus is driving too fast as well as driving into a desert with good special effects on the ground tearing open and the bus on the ledge with Freddy Krueger approaching the rest of the few people in the bus including Jesse himself which leaves the film off to a nice start in which you have a sinking feeling that this guy is having a nightmare and then we spot a family preparing breakfast with a loud scream by Jesse waking up as this is for sure impressive and adding some dark humor to the story too when the family said he's awake since it started to be common to add comedy into horror when this one was released.
We have some neat typical teenage stuff during a gymnasium moment in school with Jesse and his friend Ron Grady playing baseball in school horsing around as well as having one of those unplesant gym teachers Coach Schneider making things difficult. Nice dialogues and good camera shots between Jesse and Ron having detentions doing pushups for misbehaving which works in well to the story.
Of course there's some good one liners between the two of them in the change room when Ron tells Jesse about the new house him and his family lives in and what had happened there before which is pretty cool as well as Jesse not believing him. Plus nice timing when they talk trash about their coach and he catches them in the act offering more witty scene's here.
We spot many great night shots on the front of the house as well as some effective shots on Jesse waking up and realising that his room is like an oven with his belongings melting around him adding a nice flavor to the story here. Also we have great shots on him looking outside a window thatr leads to a cellar with a shadow like Freddy object working away as well as a perfect moment on him struggling to keep a cellar door closed while Freddy tries to open the door which seemed suspenseful to watch. There's even a great one liner with Freddy on his suggestion on using his body to kill people for him in which this adds a new twist for a sequel instead of repeating the same old situations from the first film since certain slasher flicks like Friday the 13th and Halloween does. In this one though Freddy is offering suggested possessions about to be planned here. This moment was well put in making you watch for more as to what will happen later on in the story.
Also we have a good moment when the pretty teenage girl Lisa Webber comes to visit Jesse and helps him out on cleaning up his room in which he finds Nancy Thompson's diary which seemed uplifting at first when they read through it with good happiness between the two of them until they skim through the pages realising her history notes on her dreams and on Freddy Krueger in which discusses on who he's killed. This looked incredibly effective to watch and nicely written in too. A pleaser to the fans for sure.
Also we spot another situation where Jesse is supposedly dreaming again and we spot him going down to the cellar to check what's in the furnace taking out the bladed glove since we all remember in the first flick when Nancy's mother tells her who Krueger is. Then a good surprising moment with this furnace lighting up and Freddy himself is there telling him to try it on which is another perfect hint on his deadly plan for Jesse. Again more well put in dialogues put in here.
A nice spooky camera shot quickly entering the room of Jesse's baby sister Angela and a great creepy Freddy voice telling her to wake up in which there adds some perfect ghostly mysterious moments here.
We also see a moment when Jesse opens a bedroom door and spot a little girl doing the Freddy chant with a jumprope in which this is a traditional Elm Street moment for all the films to have as this scene looked perfectly spooky and darkly lit.
What's impressive is when we see Jesse going to a rough bar and being caught by Coach Schneider wearing perverted leather then punishing him by making him run some laps at the school gymnasium and then telling him to hit the showers. Then afterwards we spot Schneider being tied up by a ghostly force to a shower area and being whacked by a towel in which this was the first humoress start to a Freddy killing before there were more humoress killings in the other sequels but this was the very first start to it all. It looked well done with the effects spotting all of this.
There's a real disturbing moment when we spot two love birds sleeping and one of them dies as well as another flying high in the air attacking others and exoploding which isn't a good scene to watch for any bird lovers but uit fits well into the story when we do spot this knowing on who's behind this gruesome madness.
Things get really juicy and effective when Jesse gets stern and tense talking to his family and demanding some answers from them as to why they never told him about what had happened to the people that lived there before and why it took 5 years to sell the house which drew in wonderfully here spotting a good dysfunctional moment here along with Angela getting creeped out by what is said by Jesse. What works in wonderfully here that looked suspensefully is when a toaster is lit on fire and dicoveruing that it wasn't plugged in. All of these situations showed perfect horror timings.
What works in nicely is when we spot Jesse and Lisa going to the abandoned boiler room since we all wondered where it was after watching the first film in which it looks all rusty and old. Basically a place you would not want to go to alone it was that creepy looking. The settings on all of this looked marvellous. Also there's a great creepy moment when Jesse stares at a metal box and slowly walks to it about to open it slowly which gives you the chills wondering what might be inside of it.
Things looks good and fun when we spot a calm situation on Lisa's pool party with the parents barbequeing and there's mellow jazz music playing as well as a nice and warm situation with Lisa talking to Jesse when he is scared about stuff and she tries to assure him that nothing will happen to him which seemed quite realistic and soothing spotting this. Also nice shots on them making out which is what we need in a teenage slasher film.
Plus we have some good uplifting humor when the parents go to bed the teens act wild by playing their style of music and going crazy as well as jumping in the pool which truly makes you want to jump in and join the fun. This definetely shows a true 80's teen party flick.
Also we spot a nice effects shot when Jesse continues to make out with Lisa that we spot a big Krueger tongue sticking out of his mouth as we kinda suspect that something is going to happen after spotting them continuing to make out.
There's a perfect intense and shocking moment when Jesse warns Ron about Freddy about to take over his body with perfect shocking horror effects with Krueger slowly cutting through his body as well as a great suspenseful moment when Ron tries to escape his room but his door is locked which seems to be a common situation in a slasher flick. It works though as well as shocking results and more perfect psyched out effects afterwards.
Also things seem more intense when he is telling Lisa that Freddy's gonna take over again as well as her trying to encourage him to fight the fear after reading what Nancy said in her diary in the end which looked good as this is a nice psychological feel on having a hard time beating your fears to kill off evil spirits.
Perfect settings on a swimming pool getting too hot as well as wieners ona barbeque exploding and going on fire which shows a nice sign on Freddy about to make his entrance as well as intensive moments when he does enter slaughtering some of the teens as well as great close up shots on them looking in fear as this seems to show a nice sign of what he's done to the kids in his lifetime which looked marvellous along with a great shot on Krueger raising his arms in the air acting mighty and a good flame in the air from the barbeque in which the filmmakers did a superb job on all of this.
The best moment is when Lisa goes to the boiler room and we spot strange deformed animals that look beastly like as well as her final confrontation on Krueger wanting Jesse back as this all looked powerfully put in and well focused too.
Then we have the ending thinking it's all over.... no it's not. Sadly we don't get to find out these character's in the other sequels as to what had happened to them.
Bottom line is that it's an exciting sequel but sadly nowhere near as scary or effective either but still enjoyable and very fun to watch. It's nice to see a new family move into the house that is now over ruled by Krueger.
It's one of those top 80's horror films that flows in the same vein for the fans like Return of the Living Dead, Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives and Trick Or Treat

The acting is enjoyable to watch as we have fresh young talent by many actors.
I would have to say that lead actor Mark Patton (Jesse Walsh) really stole the film with his performance as the troubled teen moving into the house and performs over the top with his frightened and troubled looks and his intense voice. He does a terrific job screaming intensely in fact he sounded like a screaming girl which is tough for a teenage guy to do. He also shows great troubled expressions and acting like a believeable basket case. He also shows some nice forceful and straining moments doing push ups and really getting into this. Does a great job panicking intensely while trying to get away from his nightmare villain which shows off perfectly. He also does a great job with his intensive anger towards his family after finding out about his house which he really gets into all of this along with acting stand offish and troubled in other areas. Shows off great blocking energy while doing a make out scene and getting into what he's doing big time. Plus he's great with his choked out words almost losing control which seemed believeable big time as if he's really like that while doing this scene. He does a great job acting as if in pain screaming out when his body is about to being taken over acting like he is sick in which he studied doing this reaction perfectly well here.
Kim Myers (Lisa Webber) is wonderful as the caring girlfriend bringing her role to life and it's no doubt she carried on with her career. She does a nice job with her soft speaking and warm attitude. Also she does well with her friendly like attitude as well as really getting into reading a diary in which she shows a good serious attitude during this moment which seemed very impressive to watch. She even does well with her discussion on what Freddy did to the kids at the boiler room in which she shows a perfect calm seriouness to this as well. She even speaks nicely when trying to comfort someone in which she seems believeable by doing so here. She really knew on how to act powerful and anxious on telling her co-star to fight the evil off packing a strong punch with this scene. She also shows a nice sobbing and meotional attitude which shines off nicely. Plus she does a great job getting aggressive during the final battle as this looked greatly acted out too.
Robert Rusler (Ron Grady) certainly shows alot of great spunk and wit into his role as a popular type of jock who likes to clown around and had the right athletic looks and appeal to pull this one off. He really does a great job acting outgoing with whatever he does here. He also knew on how to hype up his energy when he is about to be a victrim screaming and shouting in fear which looked very impressive as he studied this moment perfectly well here.
Supporting character actor Clu Gulager
(Ken Walsh) does well at playing the typical parent at a family house as his presence doesn't seem like any character I've seen him perform in. He does a good job with his seriousness but yet someone who seems like a dorky type of father with an old fashioned type of behavior that's really outdated. He also does a good job with his firm bheavior by having a chastisting and end of discussion personality when it comes to showing some discipline in which he was also very believeable by doing this. He shows a great seriouenss and disappointment as well when he gets stern on a certain situation bringing this all out as well as feeling stuck in situations too. Basically he seemed to live his role as the assertive family man and deserves a good pat on the back by doing this.
Hope Lange (Cheryl Walsh) is believeable as the nice, worried and caring mother. She shows a perfect calmness to her behavior and shows off by being very mellow and warm like too. Also she has a good wholesomeness to her appeal in the film too. You could tell that she studied this role pretty well by what she did here and is a worthy character actress in her supporting role.
We have a great performance by Marshall Bell (Coach Schneider) as a sleazy and nasty coach as he shows great brutal behavior to his role and you know he'll get what's coming to him. Shows a perfect gruffness to his speaking while coaching a baseball game in which he comes off very powerful while doing this. He also shows a believeable sarcastic type of personality too as this looked pretty strong. He is great by acting manipulative and forceful as well as knowing on how to act shocked and intense with his struggling attitude while he becomes a victim. Tow thumbs up for him. His brawny and sleazy looks were a perfect plus.
Sydney Walsh (Kerry) breezes on halfway through the film but yet she does her part very memorably in which she showed the most spunk in her role as an outgoing teen in which she believeably acts full of life in whatever she does here. I loved her flirtatious charm in what she does trying to act cheerful and found her to be a great key to the story here. She also does a great job with her speaking and had the right looks to portray this type of role. Nice characteritic's she had in her supporting role.
Robert Englund
(Freddy Krueger) has more to do in this film as the killer and delivers his evil speech across very clearly.
He also does well with his creepy approach and hissing sounds too. Plus shows great crazed expressions on his face along with acting violent in his blocking during the real terrors in his performance here. Plus was believeable by acting overpowering and ruthless. He even does a nice job by acting weak and lacking energy on the end of his performance which he was supposed to be this way and studied this part nicely. Two thumbs up.

Mark Patton's pants are pulled down and his butt is revealed.
Marshall Bell gets stripped naked and his butt is revealed and Patton's butt is revealed again taking a shower during this same scenario

Freddy tears the flesh off his head and his brain is revealed. (Nasty!!!!)
A nasty coach is cut by blades in a shower room.
Jesse's flesh starts to tear open as Krueger starts to peel out of his body
Freddy's blades stabs through a teens chest
Freddy bites Lisa's leg.
A teens face is slashed at a pool party
Another teen is bloodily stabbed in the stomach
Freddy's flesh starts to melt

The music isn't so dark and creepy in this one but however Christopher Young has some intense violin playing and some low trumpet playing expecially in the opening of the film as it gives you an impression that this is definetely an Elm Street sequel. There's also very good and effective metal screeching and clanging sounds with the odd hitting sounds too which works in well for when the terror is about to happen as this keeps you on the edge of your seat while watching this with all these sounds.

We also have songtracks by 80's pop groups The Reds with "Terror in my Heart" when Mark Patton's character is cleaning up his room and then "Touch Me (All Night Long)" by WISH featuring Fonda Rae as this has a good beat to everything in a breakdancing form.
Also at the pool party there's an old jazz tune playing performed by
Bobby O. and Claudja Barry with their tune "Whisper to a Scream" which sounds good and mellow and then we have a closing credit song by Bing Crosby with "Did You Ever See A Dream Walking?" as there's nice soft singing to all of this making it sound very sleepy like.

Freddy Krueger: I need you, Jesse. We got special work to do here, you and me.
[Slams Jesse against the wall and gently tilts his head]
Freddy Krueger: You've got the body...
[takes off his hat and digs his fingers into his skull]
Freddy Krueger: I've got the brain.
[the skin is ripped open so badly Freddy's brain is exposed]
Jesse Walsh: AAAAAAAAH!
[Freddy laughs wildly]

[reading Nancy's old diary]
Lisa: Sometimes when I'm lying here in bed I can see Glen in his window across the way getting ready for bed. His body is slim and smooth, and I know I shouldn't watch him, but that part of me that wants him forces me to. That's when I weaken. That's when I want to go to him.
Jesse Walsh: Can I see that?

Freddy Krueger: Kill for me.

Freddy Krueger: Wake up, little girl.

Jesse Walsh: [Jessy is afraid and wants to sleep at Grady's house] Something is trying to get inside of me.
Ron Grady: Yeah it's female and it's waiting for you in the kabana, and you want to sleep with me.

Jesse Walsh: Oh, God. He's comin' back.

Freddy Krueger: [snickering from behind the desk after Jesse's transformation]
Lisa: Jesse?
Freddy Krueger: [Raking his claw on the top of the desk before standing up and nearing Lisa] He can't hear you, because I'm him.

Freddy Krueger: Help yourself, fucker.

Lisa: Jesse, help.
Freddy Krueger: There is no Jesse! I'm Jesse now!

Fred Krueger: You are all my children now!!!!.

Freddy Krueger (Cackles): Come to me Lisa!