Annihilation (2018)


Written & Directed by: Alex Garland


Natalie Portman .... Lena 
Jennifer Jason Leigh .... Dr Ventress
Gina Rodriguez .... Anya Thorensen
Tessa Thompson .... Josie Radek 
Tuva Novotny .... Cass Sheppard 
Oscar Isaac .... Kane

Release Date:
Theatrical: February 23, 2018




A biologist signs up for a dangerous, secret expedition into a mysterious zone where the laws of nature don't apply.


This was a confusing story to follow but will do my best here to review this piece. At first the story seems awfully dull when I spotted the lead character Lena having discussions with others as wondered as to when the exciting parts start to unravel but then his husband seems to be poisoned on what he drank and is rushed into an ambulance in which things looked convincingly intense with all that was going on here.
Then she is in a discussion with Dr Ventress and others in some sort of a room which makes things quite confusing as the story shows past stuff like some romance between Lena and her husband and then going outside exploring the shimmer leading to a jjungle so I had a hard time understanding on what's what here.
But the effects look cool when Lena and the troops go to the jungle entering the shimmer which makes you wonder as to what was on the other side of stuff in while the jungle looked very lush green which was 3D sort of catchy.
Then later on the gang enters a swampy area where there's a metal shack when one of them seems to be dragged in which made me jump a bit as this was a surprising moment to see this happen.
The action happens a great deal when they are pitted against a big crocodile when these women fire away at the bloodthirsty beast. The CGI effects on this looked okay but could've used a better touch to this.
Then after this incident happens I noticed a nice flowing discussion between Lena and Cass when they're in a canoe going through the areas which looked settling to watch.
More things that were hard to follow happened as well as boring situations and so fourth but there was a neat mysterious moment when they spot a table with a camera warning them to watch to see what happens which in the footage is Lena's husband cutting open someones stomach to see on what's inside which is quite intense to watch and can be a horror pleaser too.
Nice still moment when the women are walking through some weeds at night and beast comes out of nowhere and grabs one of them and then runs away which looked fun to watch. 
Then there's other strange situations like a weeded up property with weeded up objects that looked like people as well as later on one of the troops tying up and gagging her other teammates and getting aggressive. Then suddenly a mpnster shows up snarling and sniffing at these people which looked truly creepy to watch as well as it's strange type of growling. This made me watch in suspense as if this thing will do a deadly deed. 
But the most effective moment is when Lena finds Dr Ventress and finds out shes been infected with her final words to her which was effective as well as the good special effects that happens to her along with who Lena herself is pitted against offering some nice sci fi elements to this scene.
Bottom ine is that although it was a well done flick I couldn't understand it fully and barely passes as a horror. It was more a sci-fi/fantasy and almost had doubts on reviewing it but there are a few horrific scene's so it just passes as that type of genre too. I couldn't get into it fully though and it was a little too long which had too many flashback sequences that I couldn't understand at all.

Everyone does a good job as Natalie Portman (Lena) seemed to do fair job as someone whom acts intense and upset as well as being a basket case later on. Plus seems to focus well on what she was discussing in the middle of the plotlines. She shows alot of good intense energy within everything that she did here and deserves good credit. 
Jennifer Jason Leigh (Dr Ventress) stood out the most in her role with her powerful no nonsense type of behavior making it look very believeable. I have never seen her perform like this and she did it with terrific style. She had the right looks and motive for this role. 
Gina Rodriguez (Anya Thorensen) really knew a thing or two about acting obnoxious and arrogant as she comes across as someone untrustworthy. She was great by going to the extreme with her violent attitude too acting out of control. She was a good character actress. 
Tuva Novotny (Cass Sheppard) was quite sharp in her role as she shows off a good wise type in the story and seemed to stand out strongly by what she's talking about in each scene that she was involved with. Seemed to show some dynamic energy throughout her performance and had the healthy fit looks too which was another good pointer too. 
Oscar Isaac (Kane) seemed to have a well remembered supporting role as he shows off a nice happy type of romantic and charming behavior during the flashback sequences as well as changing that when he was serious on other situations. Also reacts well to stuff especially when he is in pain.

A stomach is cut open.
Jaw is chewed off by a monster.

Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury does the composing for the film in which there's stale accoustic guitar playing for the beginning of the film which didn't tickle my fancy but then there's fantasy airy synthesizer music which suits on what goes on for each piece of the story as this was a real improvement big time.