Atomic Shark (2016)


Directed by:  A.B. Stone 

Written by: Scott Foy, Griff Furst & Jack Snyder


Rachelle Brooke Smith .... Gina
Bobby Campo .... Kaplan
Isaiah LaBorde .... Troy
Adam Ambruso .... Reese 
Jeff Fahey .... Rottger 
Jessica Kemejuk .... Kylie 
 .... Fletcher 
Mariah Bonner .... Felice
Jake Chiasson .... Bucky 

Release Dates: Made-for-Cable: July 24, 2016




An atomic shark invades local beachgoers in San Diego causing the fish to be poisoned while they are also served at restuarants creating explosions as one of the head lifeguards Gina (Rachelle Brooke Smith) and her father Rottger (Jeff Fahey) commissions a band of unlikely heroes to assist her on a suicide mission to save the west coast from total destruction.


An impressive old fashioned opening credits to the flick as it seems to pay a tribute to the drive in horror types in which you get a feeling that you're in for a horror spoof without a doubt. Then there's the typical shark horror story moment with Rottger driving his boat while a woman is water skiing with good camera shots on all of this with a cheesy special effects shot on the atomic shark's glowing fin while charging towards her and she tries to call to him about this as well as her falling into the water which we expect this to happen. This scene seemed like a ripoff tribute to the Jaws legacy of course.
Then later on we see lifeguards being on patrol at a beach with campy one liners in which this seemed to be done in a Baywatch type of fashion as well as seeing someone calling for help in the water or spotting a fin in the ocean as well as them calling everyone to get out of the water in which we get the feeling that both of these situations are false alarms since it's way too soon for the real terror to happen just yet.
There's another situation with a child Bucky lying lifeless into the ocean and Rottger trying to rescue him only to reveal that it's a prank so we have the bimbo lifeguard Kylie to give him mouth to mouth which of course seemed to fit into a cheesy comedy horror flick such as this one. In horror stories like this one we need a pretty bimbo.
Some exciting situations with someone using a drone camcorder with someone goofing around near a dock in which there's good camera shots on the shark nearby as well as a neat cheesy effects shot on this fish jumping in the air and gulping this victim which looked exciting to watch as well as flames swarming around. Good low budget CGI touches to all of this. 
I found some fun touches on someone driving a boat using a parachute running around which showed some believeable moments on everyone having a good time but then that turns around to terror big time with nice effective moments on this shark attacking everything and just lunging out which looked well done as well as camera shots on the people on the parachute burning to death. Many horror fans wll find this amusing to watch such as myself. 
A fair moment with the arrogant lifeguard employer Reese telling Kaplan off and then firing him which grabs your attention as well as this ex employee acting full of life and telling others that he got canned which looked a bit silly to watch.
Then there's a moment that draws you in big time when the others spot rotting fish lying on the shore with flammable moments which is another nice horror touch to the story. 
Also a real teaser when you think there's a commercial break happening and it's all a part of the story in which there's some chuckles here as we suddenly have Gina and Kaplan in a restaurant and realise they're extra's on set when someone is shooting a commercial with this actor eating fish and reacting not too well over it which we know on what happened to this since we see the washed up one's along with gruesome results and a cheesy explosion happening. This looked cheesily suspenseful and entertaining to watch.
Another effective moment is when Reese gets mocking towards Gina with his nasty attitude and she loses it by trying to kick his ass as this moment is a nice feeling to watch.
Also more silly moments with the bimbo Kylie not keeping watch on what's going on in the water as well as later on her trying to warn someone that there's a shark in the water with this person thinking she's trying to flirt with him as I found this moment to be utterly stupid and ridiculous.
Yet things start to turn around a bit when this shark attacks going on land which was a real horror attraction and gave this scene two thumbs up.
Then we have the others lead by Gina, Kaplan and Rottger finding a way to try and snuff this shark as things start to turn a bit slow but there's some gruesome moments along the way which looked mildly shocking to watch all of this unravel. Plus we have a moment that's suspenseful when one of the people on board Felice is trying to attack and kill Gina by blaming her on someone's death with moments failing when she tries to light a piece of dynamite to cause an explosion adding dry comedy to the story. Then later on a good moment when Felice herself tries to get her to help her in a situation as you wonder if she will snap once again as well as a good jumping moment that involves a shark attack which looked well done.
A well drawn in moment with a nice camera focusing in on Gina after a tragic incident which was nicely put into the story.
Also good cheesy camera shots on Gina going into the water charging at the shark with a planned weapon as well as a goof up by Kaplan in his boat for the plan to snuff this large fish as you wonder to yourself if she will be killed.
Bottom line is that this flick was a half cooked effort in which couldve been better some effective scene's involving the shark but at the same time not even close to being original like they tried to make it out to be. We've seen a great white kill people many times before but having something toxic about it in this one but that's not an excuse either. Skip this and watch the Sharknadoflicks instead.

The acting stands out in a decent form in which we have a fair presence by Rachelle Brooke Smith (Gina) proving to be tough when needed to be as well as being sharp and to the point with stuff. Offers some nice aggressions here and there for when the suspense piles up and shows off some nice energy into everything she did in this one. Had the right looks for the heroic type of lead role too. 
Bobby Campo (Kaplan) seemed to draw in well as a typical goof who likes to enjoy life. He brings out a good hyperactive attitude to all that's happening. Shows off a ball of energy and spunk into all that he does here. Also comes across as a bit of an idiot with a good heart. 
Adam Ambruso (Reese) sure drew in perfectly as an aggressive and arrogant employer lifeguard in which he does well by getting in your face with his nasty sarcasm and demanding attitude. He for sure leaves an impression that you'd want to smack this guy. Plus had the right macho looks and appeal to this role which was another bonus for the part. 
Jeff Fahey (Rottger) was the best out of the cast probably cause he was older than most of the cast involved. Draws in a good seriousness to his role as well he shows a good no bullshit type of attitude. Was great with his speaking into all that he does here. I was fond on what he did throughout his performance. Plus had the right middle aged looks. 
Jessica Kemejuk
 (Kylie) knew her stuff fairly well as a typical bimbo lifeguard in which she knew on how to be flakey with her job and can offer the odd chuckles. Yet some of her performance was a bit stale and annoying but again I think this was the intention on what she had to do here. She had the cute girl looks and knew on how to get on your nerves. 
 (Fletcher) seemed to come stand out the most in his supporting role as a party animal type of guy who is someone a little untrustworthy by what he does here. He was a natural ham and brings his character to life a great deal by everything that he did here. I really enjoyed his role. 
Mariah Bonner (Felice) was another effective one with a supporting role. She didn't have as much scene's but yet was extremely powerful quarter way through when she suddenly snaps and attacks someone with high might in which she really knew on how to act insane with all that she did here. She was a wild force of nature. Yet when she sobs later on it wasn't all too convincing.

Half of a body is revealed while picked up out of the water 
Someone's stomach is about to explode 
Bodies are chewed up but this was fast looking 
Other bodies are burned

Alot of the typical suspenseful TV movie composing with pipes clanging or other metal objects as well as drum rolls and intense trombpone playing as we've heard this many times before but yet some of the suspenseful music stops when there's situations on terror about to happen backfiring adding nice timing to the dark comedy that's used in this flick as it offered some chuckles.