Body Bags (1993)


Directed by: John Carpenter & Tobe Hooper

Written by: Billy Brown & Dan Angel


John Carpenter .... The Coroner
Robert Carradine .... Bill
Alex Datcher .... Anne
Stacy Keach .... Richard Coberts
David Warner .... Dr. Lock
Sheena Easton .... Megan
Dan Blom .... Dennis
Deborah Harry .... Nurse
Mark Hamill .... Brent Matthews
Twiggy .... Cathy Matthews

Special Appearances:

David Naughton .... Pete
Peter Jason .... Gent
Molly Cheek .... Divorcee
Wes Craven .... Pasty Faced Man
George 'Buck' Flower .... Stranger
Sam Raimi .... Dead Bill
iKim Alexis .... Woman with Beautiful Hair
Eddie Velez .... Baseball Player
Bebe Drake .... Nurse
Charles Napier .... Baseball Team Manager
John Agar .... Dr. Lang
Roger Corman .... Dr. Bregman
Tom Arnold .... Morgue Worker #1
Tobe Hooper .... Morgue Worker #2

Release Date: Made for Cable: August 8, 1993



A dead Coroner (John Carpenter) who checks out the corpses at the morgue and each dead body he reveals that was caused by murder he tells a story about it.

The first chapter is called The Gas Station as a college student named Anne (Alex Datcher) is working her first time at a gas station at night before her exams and encounters some unusual people.
One of them asks to borrow a key to use the washroom and later on checks up there as a customer said he was sleeping in there but she finds nothing and sees a demonic artwork drawn in there and finds the guy dead as a killer with a machette is on the lose there slaying people.

The next chapter is called Hair of an older man named Richard Coberts (Stacy Keach) who is obsessed on losing his hair and finds some way of growing more to get his young girlfriend Megan (Sheena Easton) to find him more attractive and goes to this doctor named Dr. Lock (David Warner) and a sleazy nurse (Deborah Harry) who does hair implantation to get him to grow more hair as they put a bandage around his head with some stuff to get his hair to grow long and told him it will be fully grown the next day.
His hair does grow the next day and attracts others but his hair keeps growing and has a life of it's own as he feels drained out of energy as he notices his hair pieces is moving and crawling out of him too plus he finds out a secret about Dr. Lock and the nurse.

The third chapter is called Eye of a professional baseball player named Brent Matthews (Mark Hamill) returning home from playing a game and suddenly he crashes into a tree and a windshield glass stabs him in one of his eyes and ends up in a hospital and the doctors tell him he will only have one eye and obsesses on his baseball games so they get an eye ball from a corpse from a killer that had a death sentence and store it on his eye socket but suddenly he sees hallucinations of corpses and dead victims and slowly turns into the killer.


This is the best horror anthology I've ever seen as it delivers alot of frights! There are nice shots on the mortuary during the wraparound scene with the Coroner talking about what these corpses died from showing good dark humor to that scene.

My favourite chapter was the Gas Station nothing could be creepier than watching that chapter as the film is off to a great start. There's a witty discussion between Bill the employee and the new employee Anne on the first day of training which looks like a believeably friendly working environment. Everything is way too still and quite dark which gives you the chills big time with a helpless woman working a graveyard shift. Also a mysterious killer watching her but you don't know who the killer could be since there's some strange customers which keeps you glued to the set big time. There's a nice shot on Anne working on her studies in the gas station booth while there's a blurry background on a pasty faced man walking by outside watching her and then he knocks which makes you jump.
We also have a nice shot on Anne smiling in awestruck out the window to a handsome customer driving away.
Then we see a nice shot on Anne standing outside and a stranger walking up behind her and scaring her when he asks the key to the washroom and she shows a nice stare at him and being unsure.
There's a nice presence on the revealed killer when he is walking towards the booth outside when he is putting his bloody machette in his belt and holding a sledge hammer to attack.
Overall the filming around the gas station looked pitch dark and still which was perfect for this chapter.

However, I found Hair to be a little silly as the chapter doesn't seem to fit in at all.
There are nice discussions between the lead character Richard Coberts and Megan about their disputes on his obsession and her getting fed up with it all. They also have nice lustful moments too afterwards.
A nurse in one scene of the story seems okay acting lustfully and feeling Richard all over. However it's very comedic but again this is a comedic chapter in this anthology.
Yet it looks very torturing when this person tries to cut his hair but it keeps growing and then finds out what is going to happen to him in the end which makes you cringe big time.

The Eye
works quite well as we deliver some psychological elements to the story along with some unsolved moments too as
it seemed to still deliver some jumps with this one. Theres a good shot on the lead character Brent Matthews driving his car on a rainy night.
There's a good discussion between Brent and his wife Cathy when she tells him she's pregnant and showing him the gift of a crib as they seem like a believeable husband and wife when we spot this moment.
There's good hallucinations with Brent with a good shot on the backyard with a corpse rising as well as an arm in a garbage disposal.
There's good twisted nightmare sequences which was fun to watch.

Bottom line is this anthology has got nothing on Tales from the Crypt, Twilight Zone or even Creepshow. It looked strongly done but of course not all of the chapters were as good as other one's. But again, most aren't in a horror anthology which is a variety of different tastes in each of them.

The acting is quite good as we have a few familiar faces like scream king Robert Carradine (Bill) who is very good at being a deceivingly employee trainer at the station for the Gas Station chapter bringing wit and goofiness to his role. He shows a nice presence showing an evil but goofy expression on his face when he is about to attack near the end of his performance. However, his reaction to his gruesome broken nose when he is falling down looks a little fake.
Alex Datcher
(Anne) reacts well to it by being scared at first. She really pulls off her role well as the tense first time. employee there showing nice actions to her part. She reacts well to it by being scared on the first situation that happens. She looked great when she was going through stuff to find the key in another scene as the energy looked good with her panicking. She reacts well after seeing a grizzly artwork on one of the walls in the washroom and also looks believeable by acting cautious when she enters a repair garage in the gas station.She certainly screamed terrifically after what she spots during a horrifying moment. She knew how to react intense after crushing the killer with her words.
Now for the cameo celebrities for this one.
David Naughton
(Pete) shows it off well as a handsome guy next door type of customer who forgets his credit card and is a key member to this chapter which was cool.
Wes Craven
(Pasty Faced Man) presents himself greatly as a creepy type to the film which makes you wonder if he's going to be the killer. He does well with his words to her asking for something and acting very strange.
Peter Jason
(Gent) shows off his stuff as a bubbly customer who likes to have a great time with beautiful women as his comedic performance was worth watching.

In Hair Stacy Keach (Richard Coberts) is quite good as a guy obsessed at being bald and brings some humor to his part and constantly combing his hair to make it look like he is balding. He really reacts well after finding out that he has longer hair and shows a nice studly expression afterwards. He looked wonderful when he feels sick after finding out what the side effects of his long hair is doing to him as he looks believeable on how he is reacting to all of this. At the end we see a good expressionless look on his face.
David Warner
(Dr. Lock) comes across well as a businessman on hair growth but yet can seem devilish with his part which looked great and brings alot to a horror part for this one. He does well acting a little devilish in a scene later on in the storyline.
Deborah Harry
(Nurse) seems not too shabby as a lustful type but seems to get a little carried away for her part.
Dan Blom
(Dennis) is very strong with his lines as a hairdresser and shows a nice energetic performance.

In The Eye Mark Hamill (Brent Matthews) stole the show with his performance as a major league baseball player who loses his eye and is terrific at performing as a possessed killer with his extreme intensity proving he can play other character roles than Luke Skywalker. After an accident sequence he does his blocking well by covering his eye as you know something awful will be revealed and is good at reacting stunned by all of this. However when he acts devastated that he lost his eye is a little slow as it could've been a bit more convincing. He acts great running in the house and almost losing his sanity as he does this during other moments too. The setting with him acting lusty in bed looked nicely done and then even better when he goes crazy by biting his onscreen wife's shoulder. He shows a nice evil expression on his face towards her too on what his evil plan is.

There are topless corpses with boobs with breast implants during the wraparound sequence.
In The Eye Mark Hamill reveals his butt while acting lusty in bed

There are corpses during the narration sequence which look gruesome especially when one was being cut open and parts of their guts was revealed. Also he shows a bag of someone's insides.

In the Gas Station we show some cut open throats on two corpses
The killer is being crushed by a car and blood is splurting out of him
John Carpenters
character is the narrator that shows his insides towards the ending.

During the chapter of the Eye Mark Hamill's character gets stabbed in the eye by glass as well as showing and eye getting taken out of a corpse and other gruesome moments like that in the chapter.

The music was composed by John Carpenter who is a great composer as it is equal to his directing and he had a little help with Jim Lang who was famous for composing music for the animated TV series Hey Arnold! He sure made the film sound quite dark and creepy as well as gloomy too.

We also get a groovy rockin' songtrack from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young with their hit "Almost Cut My Hair" which was performed in the Hair chapter which stood out well.