Brahms: The Boy II (2020)


Directed by: William Brent Bell

Written by: Stacey Menear


Katie Holmes .... Liza
Christopher Convery .... Jude
Owain Yeoman .... Sean
Ralph Ineson .... Joseph

Release Dates: Theatrical: February 21, 2020




A boy named Jude (Christopher Convery) witnesses his mother Liza (Katie Holmes) attacked by two thugs in their home late at night and becomes mute after this disturbing situation.
The family moves into the Heelshire Mansion that's been abandoned for a long time as well as digging up a doll there in which the name of this object is Brahms as this boy gets attached to this doll. However he doesn't know the history of this deadly device as the terror starts to happen again.


The beginning of the story did look intense with some thugs attacking the parent Liza and her son Sean witnessing all of this in which it was strongly done in and wondering if this woman will survive being attacked by these goons. There's even situations later on in the story that these people are back to strangle her and she realises it's a nightmare but is it? These moments are a total brainteaser making you watch for more.
When the family discovers the surroundings of their new home things look bone chilling when a good creepy shot on a dolls hand is revealed while it was buried which is of course the doll from the first flick as it leaves a nice start off to the horror story.
After this doll is cleaned up and repolished it sits in a living room and if you look closely you can see it moving and Liza feels a little nervous wondering as if she was seeing this which is for sure bone chilling along with other moments which plays tricks on us watching wondering if we see other parts of this object moving or not in which this was well done in.
Sean of course became mute after the terror happened in the story as mentioned so he writes on what he has to say on what this doll wants to do which is going outside into the woods in which they spot a mysterious elderly man Joseph and his barking dog telling them they are on private property as this was impressive making you wonder as to what else is going to happen in the story.
Sean tells his parents that the doll doesn't like the dog as this makes you cringe thinking that this animal will be killed which caught my attention big time and thinking this way too.
Then some relatives come over to visit when Sean told them the doll didn't want any visitors adding more suspense to the story wondering if these folks will have something done to them.
One of the kids from these relatives bully poor Sean because of his belief that the doll talks to him as we all know what will happen to this little brat making you watch as to what will come out of this and boy it doesn't look pretty at all.
Then trouble is about to start with Liza disciplining Sean thinking he's lying about the doll doing all of this as well with other situations when Sean tells them they're breaking the rules or making his doll mad as this will give you the creeps as to what is about to happen next. There's even a sitation when she stares closely at the doll which the situations were very still and then I jumped out of my seat big time which I won't give away but it will please anyone who likes to be scared.
Liza goes to Joseph to ask about if he knows anything about the doll and the people that resided there beforehand which was a terrific add on to the scene of the story and necessary for this sequel.
When the real terror happens it's at high paced as well as discovering on what this doll does and other creepy moments too along with some intensity on being pitted against someone else which kept me glued wondering if someone is going to get killed or not.
Then when things seem like the nightmare is over we all get the impression that it's not over yet when we keep on watching as to what's going to happen next which of course happens in many horror flicks leaving a door open for a sequel.
Bottom line is that this was a well done sequel making everything mysterious like in the first one along with you watching carefully on this doll wondering as to what will happen next. It keeps you in suspense and terror when the little boy warns his family on getting this object mad in which gives you a sinking feeling that something bad is going to happen and other events too. I hope a part 3 will happen as we having something going here and better than watching a remake or a stale horror film that doesn't carry it's weight much.

The acting is very well performed in which Katie Holmes (Liza) steals the show with her performance in which she does a good job being well alerted and getting to the point of things. She was a powerful force of nature as well as doing a great job with her assertiveness along with her strict and aggressive behavior. She brought this to life big time.
Christopher Convery (Jude) shows off a nice innocent type of behavior as well as acting mellow. Seemed to do well by acting mute and trying his best to show off some energy within the suspense that surrounds him. had the right looks and appeal to this role which shines off nicely.
Owain Yeoman (Sean) shows off his mr nice guy charm and wit in which he was believeably likeable within everything that he did here. I really enjoyed his personality that came onto the screen and had the right nice guy looks which was a bonus. ALso shows off a tojn of spunk and suspenseful energy when the terror starts. He was a true character actor.
Ralph Ineson (Joseph) drew across nicely in his supporting role as somewhat myusterious but friendly attitude. Knew on how to react well when someone confronts him. Certainly did a nice job by going menacing, crazy and nasty a quarter way through as well as having the good elderly redneck look to his part.

A dog is gutted in the woods
Bully falls back and impaled by a broken crocet

John MacCuspie this time composed this piece in which he seemed to do not too bad as we have hissing and windy sounds along with banging noises for the suspenseful situations making it sound very adventureous. Other times we hear echoey light piano music as I have mentioned in my other reviews I'm not wild over as it's way too overrated and used too much.