The Brotherhood VI: Initiation (2009)


Produced & Directed by: David DeCoteau

Written by:


.... Morris
.... Kevin
Bryan McMullin .... Shane
.... Tatianna
.... Garrett
.... Doug
Joshua Christian .... John Ralston
Burke Carter .... Boyd
Jeremy Ray Simpson .... Eddie

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: January 19, 2009





A maniac in a ski mask hacks away fraternity pledges and their leaders one by one in the deep dark woods and stacks them in his shack as there was a legend of him killing his family as well as fraternity members that resided there a few years before in which one of the pledges that the head members Shane (Bryan Mc Mullin) and Garrett (Dominick ) were searching for has disappeared there as Garrett himself has a deep dark secret.
Two of the frat pledge members named Morris (Tyson Breech) and Kevin
(Aaron Jaeger) notcies that everyone has been missing and are pitted against the killer themselves and try to find a way to get help before they are next.


In the beginning of the film there's of course the person coming to the cabin for a pledge as there's cheesy writing on what he's saying and trying to call the people from the sigma which looked a little too obvious but not terribly trashy either. Some good shots on a dark figure in the daylight of the woods storming through with his axe which didn't look too bad for a mysterious horror but yet this should've been shot at night to make it look more creepy. There's some good shots on this killer attacking this pledge victim with his axe but yet when he strikes the axe down it looks rather phony and non graphic with a cheesy special effects shot on blood spraying onto the camera that you could tell was computer animation. Actually whenever this killer attacks his victims with the axe it's the same old thing which often gets annoying while watching this.
Some interesting moments with the head frat leader Garrett commanding the pledges as well as him being arrogant and overpowering such as deminding the lead character Morris to do 10 push ups for speaking out of terms which makes you wonder whether or not he will actually do this. Definetely looked convincing on a dominating one towards another.
Things look more interesting when they are forced to stay stripped in their underwear which is of course the typical DeCoteau flick for this time period as well as them being sprayed by a hose or getting their butts whacked by a paddle which reminds me of a similar scene in DeCoteau's old school flick Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama. The paddle whacking looked a little too mellow and not brutal enough which was terribly lacking here.
Also the pledges are taking a shower the next day as the camera rolls up and down without revealing any nudity which was once again a total time waster and I was rolling my eyes when this moment was happening.
Some sloppy moments with the killer whacking someone else with an axe which doesn't show the gruesome results at all while dragging his victims into his shack as it seems the makers couldn't afford to raise funds for the make up gore effects. However there's good artsy moments with this maniac piling up the dead bodies and while watching this will please the slasher fans.
A nice add on into the story with the frat leaders Shane and Garrett telling the others about the history of the killer chopping up his family and anyone else at the campground area which seemed to pay a tribute to the cult flick Madman which was done in a cheesily but fun style here.
We also spot a fairly cheesy situation between Shane and Garrett once again when they discuss on what had happened before but it starts to grow more strong and effective especially when Garrett has a dark secret to tell on what he did. Good close up shots on the two of them as well as nice powerful reactions when the other one finds out on what happened. It for sure was a well focused moment during this time around.
Real mysterious moment when Kevin seems injured confessing that he killed the killer while Morris finds him and brings him to the cabin while trying to call for help as this draws your attention that something with Kevin doesn't seem right and making you wonder if he was behind the madness of the killings since this often happens in a mysterious slasher flick since we all know that things don't happen this easy at all. This situation was done pretty cheesy but yet makes you watch to see on what happens next.
A nice well focused and camera shots between the two of them and the final confrontation which looked good and still as well as fairly suspenseful to what is about to happen and making you cringe wondering if more madness is about to happen or the other one attacks his victim or not.
A perfect well focused and well shot moment between Kevin and the killer when he tries to reason with this maniac which makes you wonder if he will give in or not since this often happens near the end of a slasher flick and was done in fair taste here. Also a neat moment when the killer unmasks himself which also looked amusing to watch too.
The ending looked perfectly twisted with the police officer flashing his flashlight towards Kevin with a cheesy voice over on the police officer along with making things really confusing since we wonder on what really happened here but then the closing credits start to occur.
Bottom line is that this one is a ripoff to the Friday the 13th flicks but a fun one if you're in the mood for it. Not too dark for what you'd expect in a horror flick and some annoying blue light effects for the night shots. This one was one of my favourite out of the series but not the most original one by any means and needed effects since the CGI was necessary for alot of thye slayings. This looked totally amateurishly doen but again DeCoteau rushes his films since he likes to make a bunch in a year without focusing on stuff to make them look better.

The acting once again doesn't stand out too much but the main character's seemed to do the trick but not the supporting cast so I will give this a whirl to discuss which one's here. Lead actor (Morris) was one of the best cast members as he kind of comes off geeky with his speaking but yet is a wise one who seems to do well by standing his ground within whatever he does here. Has the right nice guy looks and shows off some good energy especially when trying to stress a situation or acting reasonable. He throws alot of good punches with the terror that surrounds him too. Yes a convincing character actor.
(Kevin) seemed a bit stiff with what he does and seemed to be a line reader without getting into characteristics. Also when he acts injured crying for help it was laughable but in a terrible way. He looked very lazy while doing all of this. However when he does his confrontation emotionless he seems to do the trick with coming across as mysterious and threatening too. So he did well with that scene but the rest needed serious work on his end.
Bryan McMullin (Shane) was another one who lacked characteristics and seemed quite bland with his role as the othe head frat leader in which he should've come across your attention a little better than the way he did. He does seem to do okay as another arrogant one but nothing too memorable. Does do a nice job when he finds out a dark secret and gets into his conversation a great deal.
(Tatianna) had the nice girl looks and her acting seemed rather average but was good at acting like a flirt or a tease in her part and seemed to be well noticed within what she does here but yet when she screams or reacts to being slayed she lacks a great deal here especially when she is slwoly dying. Seemed like a typical bimbo within her performance.
(Garrett) I would have to confess is the best out of the whole cast as the head frat leader in which he was convincing with is cocky and arrogant attitude and was perfect by acting manipulative within whatever he did and was perfectly aggressive when he was commanding others or treating them poorly. Also does well acting anxious when he made a confession on a dark secret as this brought out his emotions a great deal. Yes two thumbs up for him.

People have their crotches briefly revealed while taking a shower and someone crack on their butt.
People in their underwear are sprayed and can see their butt a bit.

Jerry Lambert was much better with the music in this one which really has a perfect slashing feel when we reveal the dark looking killer with real high pitched screeching and loud suspenseful sounds as you can tell he got it off of Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday since he was the music mixer for that one and got alot from it. It worked in well. There's also more type of trombone playing or other classical violin music especially for the mysterious moments along with nice sounding flute playing too. There's the odd piano tapping too which isn't too shabby either. Yes this was superbly put together. However we hear alot of loud heartbeats like in the previous film which got on my nerves and was overly done.

Andy: You guys can do whatever you want to me. I'm ready for anything.

Shane: We're gonna have fun with you.
Boyd: I really am a fun guy to have around.
Shane: When I say fun, I mean torture.