Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice (1992)


Directed by: David Price

Written by: A L Katz & Gilbert Adler


Terence Knox .... John Garrett
Paul Scherrer .... Danny Garrett
Ryan Bollman .... Micah
Ned Romero .... Frank Redbear
Christie Clark .... Lacey Hellerstat
Rosalind Allen .... Angela Casual
Ed Grady .... Dr. Richard Appleby
Wallace Merck .... Sherriff Blaine
John Bennes .... Rev Hollings

Release Dates: Direct-to-Video: October 10, 1992 (Japan); October 21, 1992 (Germany); 1993 (Finland); Quick Theatrical: January 29, 1993 (USA); Fantasporto Film Festival: February, 1993



Isaac was killed and the children keep on killing while a tabloid reporter John Garrett (Terence Knox) and his son Danny (Paul Scherrer) goes to the town of Gatlin to investigate to investigate the mass murders of the adults there. John and Danny don't see eye to eye which makes things difficult for the two.
A local in Gatlin named Micah (Ryan Bollman) gets posessed in the cornfield and takes over the children's cult while Micah and his children commit murders in the town of Hemmingford with voodoo type magic and all of this involves Danny as well and John must put a stop to this evil influence.
Danny falls in love with a local there named Lacey Hellerstat (Christie Clark) which draws the two of them closer to the cornfield.
John goes to the aid of a man named Frank Redbear (Ned Romero) to get to the bottom of things and to save their own necks from the cult children.


We have an impressive start with the people investigating a sitatuation and finds some dead bodies which looked cool for a horror film like you'd expect in a beginning of a sequel. The film seemed to have a nice start here but then there was some corny and cheesy moments with kids lined up near a school bus as well as news reporters questioning them and their answers being they saw the corn after asking about the deaths. Plus a corny moment with the old lady Mrs. Burke griping about the children and what will happen if they come into their town adding more cheesiness to the story but yet seemed necessary for a sequel after what happened the last time.
However things seem more natural when we spot a dysfunctional discussion between a tabloid reporter John with his son Danny while driving along the road next to a cornfield and his son acting arrogant about everything as it shows a good realistic moment with his son not liking his father at all. Pretty well focused into what they were talking about.

We also have a perfect moment with two people in a news van stopping at a cornfield along with a neat cheesy effect shot with demonic looking storm clouds hovering over and a force watching them and about to attack. Perfect moments when they try to start up the vehicle and it doesn't work adding some nice suspense here since it's a common tradition in a horror flick leaving them trapped with this terror and boy do things look energised when the horror happens to them.
More decent discussions between john and Danny at a bed and breakfast lodge as it still looked hard to watch by the nasty words coming from Danny's mouth pulling guilt trips on his Dad since we know certain people with parents they don't get along with.
A nice moment when Danny is waiting at a bus stop and a girl named Lacey on her scooter and then talking to him acting flirtatious and telling him another bus won't be for a couple days which was anice attention grabber since Gatlin is known for it's bad reputation. Perfect scene written in.
A perfect dark moment with one of the main character's Micah walking in the conrfield calling for someone which looked perfectly spooky as well as the children in the pit of the field hearing him along with one of the cult leader's having a heated argument with one of the other's discussing that Isaac is dead which definetely proves that this film is a sequel to the Stephen King flick. Also a perfect special effects moment on power waves attacking Micah as this looked enjoyable keeping up with the kind of story the original was revealing demonic type of forces. Also a great strong moment when he comes onto to cornfield area with the other kids and acting powerfully evil and talking about his preaching to the others poisoning their minds. Great touches within this indeed.
We have a nice effective discussion between Danny talking to Micah about his issues with his father as well as a girl that he likes which offers some nice wicked charm to the story as well as Micah discussing about the troubles with adulthood which draws in well to the story since the first one reveals kids taking over the town and killing adults.
We spot another corny moment with Mrs. Burke griping on Micah and his cult of children stalking her home as this didn't look convincing and pretty corny to watch as well. However, in another scene she goes underneath her house to try and get her cat with nice creepy shots on the children surrounding the home and one of them picking up her cat while one of them releases a lever with the house slowly coming down on her which looked creepy to watch and done in a right style too.
We spot another corny moment with a preacher poisoning people's minds about sinning in a church which seems to fit in for a sequel as you wonder if this idiot is the next person to be sacrificed by the children and good shots on him preaching looking crazy and all. Also a perfectly intense moment with someone having their nose about to bleed and a good shot on Micah using a wooden voodoo cutting it while this happens. Certainly not for everyone's taste to watch this moment happening.
Another intense moment when Micah and his gang uses a toy car circling around and elderly woman in a wheelchair and then take control of her wheelchiar while someone next door is playing bingo as well as a disturbing moment on what happens to her adding stale black comedy used in this lelemt which doesn't work in at all.
However, the story works in okay while both Danny and Lacey are having a romantic discussion while walking through a wooded area as well as her talking to him about her parents passing and not cause of what happened in Gatlin as well as their discussions on what happened which looked impressive.
A perfect peer pressuring moment when both John and frank are forced to be tied up while a grass cutting vehicle is on it's way towards them as things look suspenseful when they try to struggle in order to get loose and to save themselves.
Another great dark moment is when Dr. Richard Appleby is scared of what's going to happen to him for what he said and then perfect moments on the children torturing him to death with stabbing needles in him as this looked painful to watch along with a good shot on a child holding a dool and putting it to his cheek after he dies which is a memorable moment here.
Also some good moments with the adults having a discussion in a hall as well as good shots on the children staring at the window towards them which adds a nice touch to a near terror that they plan to do and boy does it look intense when we spot on what's going to happen here.
Also things look good and dark when the sacrifice is about to happen in the cornfield with Micah shouting out to the children and commanding Danny to do the sacrifice which involves both Lacey and Angela tied up as this was supposed to make you wonder if he will give in to the sacrifice but it doesn't look overall convincing enough.
There's a good moment with the grass cutter about to do Micah in which looked pretty intense as well as a nice special effects shot on his face looking demonic.
Bottom line is that this one was made on a lower budget compared tot he first one and alot cheesier too. Can be considered a disappointing sequel although the original one wasn't that much better to begin with and a bit more comedic too. Followed by many other direct-to-video sequels.

The acting is average but some did fine like Terence Knox (John Garrett) as he presented himself nicely as a frusterated type on what he does with his career as well as doing well by getting stern with his onscreen son along with telling him off which looked quite believeable. Seemed to do pretty good with his behavior in the story as well as trying to come across as someone decent too. Also does well with his charming attitude and knew on how to act convincingly romantic in other spots of the film. Yes he was for sure a good character actor.
Paul Scherrer (Danny Garrett) knew his stuff pretty good as a disrespectful son with his troubled and sarcastic behavior. Was believeably hardheaded too along with acting believeably and slightly obnoxious too. Shows off some nice energy with his attitude and anger too. Also does well acting in love along with showing a good hearted personality within this too. Plus does a nice job when having discussions with some of the other actors in the film and knew on how to come across as a tpyical teenager.
Ryan Bollman
(Micah) showed terrific energy into whateve he did here as he does well acting silent and expressionless like a troubled teenage kid in the beginning making his part seem truly mysterious by what he does here. Also does a great job acting cautious while calling for someone while walking through a cornfield at night as he really got into this a great deal along with having a perfect fear when a force attacks him getting into this terrifically too. Shows a great ruthless performance while preaching to the onscreen children showing terrific aggressions while doing this and taking it to the extreme. Also has a nice calm moment while speaking to someone in another part of the story in which he offers a nice tempting situation within this moment acting perfectly slick. Shows perfect sneering expressions in other moments like when he's carving a wooden vood oo in a cathedral or causing trouble for someone else acting like a convincing evil bully. However near the end of his performance acting wild and crazy preparing a sacrifice he's a bit over the top and gets carried away. He was a good key role in the story and came across the camera the best out of the whole cast.
Ned Romero
(Frank Redbear) Was good and clear with his speaking as a wise native indian and was believeably smart by his attitude towards others. He for sure seemed to know what he was doing in the story. He wasn't overly powerful in his performance but this didn't seem to matter by what he had to do with his role. He still showed off nicely onto the picture here. Also reacts well to being in pain or struggling in a situation offering some nice energy within this.
We have a nice supporting role by actress Christie Clark (Lacey Hellerstat) as she is convincingly beautiful in her performance. She also shows off a perfect charming type of appeal especially during the beginning of her performance when she rides along her electric scooter. Plus does a good job by acting romantic in a certain scene and reaqlly getting into her conversation perfectly too. Does a good job acting anxious and scared during a sarcifice involving her and pleading well. She made her role believeable.
Rosalind Allen
(Angela Casual) brought her part to life as someone owning a bed and breakfast home showing a good healthy next door type of attitude. She is good by acting sympathetic in which this comes across quite well. Also was good by getting into a conversation like the rest of the cast that was mentioned here. Plus does well acting anxious when the terror happens to her.
Ed Grady
(Dr. Richard Appleby) played a perfect nervous medic with a nice scared and disturbed behavior especially when he fears that he is heard about some secret he almost reveals about the children. He studied this part pretty nicely into whatever he had to do especially when he is attacked and stabbed by a bunch of needles and reacting in pain pretty well to this.
Wallace Merck (Sherriff Blaine) played a perfect evil one in the film with his masculine features and aggressive look along with his expressions too. He showed off a perfect aggression and dominating type of attitude within whatever he did here. Certainly came across someone who you wouldn't want to deal with or living in your local area.
John Bennes
(Rev Hollings) seemed a bit over the top but yet powerful as an aggressive and abusive brainwashing type of local preacher into the story as he shows perfect lung power while doing this in his church. He had a nice overlooking John Carradine type of feature which was perfect for his role and this was all that mattered. Shows great angered and serious expressions too.

More gore than in the first one (It seems that horror sequels have more gore in them to grab people's attention as ususally they are flops).
Someones throat is slit by a corn leaf and another is impaled in the neck by a flying corn stalk.
You'll gross out with this next gory scene. While Micah was in a church using a voodoo doll on a preacher blood was splurting out of his nose, eyes, mouth and ears. YUCK!!!!
A doctor was beaten by a baseball bat, stabbed repeatedly with needles and then stabbed in the back with a knife.
There's a cut off hand in the cornfield with the odd corpse revealed but it looks a little fake.
Someone is hit in the chest with an arrow and then Micah was grinded up in a corn machine with blood splurting out of it.
Enough gore for you?

The music composed by Daniel Licht is quite convincing with the chanting music and other dark sounds which almost meets up to the first film. But however there's the opening music which doesn't fit in at all and at times the chanting seems a little overly cheesy in certain spots. Yet there's some good screeching sounds and gloomy types of echoey rusty sounds too which seemed to sound fairly strong and almost sounds similar to the first sequel on A Nightmare On Elm Street. Some perfect light flute playing for the romantic scene's that's used in the film which makes everything sound good and pleasant. Of course we hear a bit of heavy drumbeats for the final sacrifice which seemed to be dead on as well.

Mrs. Burke: My husband walked into a corn field 15 years ago. He never came back.

Danny: Nice fucking driving.
John: Did your mother teach you to talk like that?
Danny: Only when your name came up.

Frank Redbear: It means life out of balance. My ancestors would have told you that man should be at one with the earth, the skies, and water. But the white man has never understood this. He only knows how to take. And after a while, there's nothing left to take. So, everything's out of balance. And we all fall down.
John Garrett: Wait a that's what happened here in Gatlin?
Frank Redbear: No... what happened in Gatlin was, those kids went ape-shit and killed everyone.

Micah: For everything, there is a season.

John Garrett: Micah...did you see what happened?
Micah: Some of it.
John Garrett: Like what?
Micah: My parents.
John Garrett: You saw what happened to them?
Micah: I saw the corn.
John Garrett: What, were they out in the cornfield?
Micah: Their blood was for the corn.

Dr. Richard Appleby: You actually see a connection between a nosebleed and a house falling?
John Garrett: Yeah...they're both dead. That seems to happen a lot around here, did you notice that?
Dr. Richard Appleby: I don't appreciate your humor.

Micah: Do you really think it was all Isaac's doing, Jedediah? Do you?!? Who here thinks this? Were we not given signs? Was that not enough?
Jedediah: But they found them! And they found us! Jesus Christ, Micah, they were our parents.
Micah: They were adults! They were of that world and we have seen the way of that world, and it is evil.

Wayde McKenzie: Hey, ragman, how's it going? I love that piece you did on JFK and his secret marriage to Rock Hudson, that was some journalism.
John Garrett: Alright, alright. Anyways, what happened around here?
Wayde McKenzie: Well, a bunch of kids killed all the adults in town. Just your basic Sunday afternoon in the biblebelt.

Mary Simpson: There's something out there. Something that's evil. It's gotten ahold of our children.

Mary Simpson: There's something out there. Something that's evil. It's gotten a hold of our children.

Rev. Hollings: The bible tells us that one must become of a little child to find the path from sin. Yet there are some in our midst who feel that by taking on the poor, homeless victims of this tragedy, we are condemning ourselves to the same fate. Well, it is just as bad to find evil where it does not dwell... as to fail to see it where it does. It is our level of permissiveness that killed our neighbors. Heavy metal music blaring out its profane message to the waiting ears of our impressionable children. Movies are filled with violence! Blood and bodies, *naked* bodies, writhing together, glorifying fornication! We are undone by our grievous animal desires. That is why we must look into ourselves to see if there is evil. Because that is where the evil lurks. Evil! Evil that's just waiting to rise up and seize the day!

David Simpson: I think I'm coming down with a cold.

Lacey: You little bastard.
Micah: (To Danny) First, cut out her tongue. Then, when her pitiful protestations are silenced, carve out her heart!
Angela: For God's sake, Danny!

Mrs. West: She warned you! She warned all of you! You blind fools! You let the wolf in your door, that's what you did! You stupid idiots!

Mrs. Burke: What a world.

John Garrett: (Startled) Who are you and what are you doing in here?
Frank Redbear: Now isn't that just like a white man? Assumes he has the right to be here an no one else does.
John Garrett: Okay, let's try it another way. What do you know about all this?
Frank Redbear: I know you're John Garrett, reporter for the World Enquirer. You're thirty-five years old---in April---and you weigh a hundred and eighty-five pounds.
John Garrett: How in the hell do you know all that about me?
Frank Redbear: Even in a ghost town...don't leave your wallet in a car that's not locked.

Micah: With the harvest moon tomorrow night, our reign of peace shall dwell upon the land. And a sword of righteousness shall strike down the infidel.

Micah: Danny... you disappoint me. Now, you must be treated just like the others.
Danny: Micah, stop this now!
Micah: (slaps Danny in the face) Silence!

John Garrett: (Finds two co-workers murdered) All right, don't try and tell me that some God damn poisoned corn did this. Now you level with me...what in the fuck is going on here?
Frank Redbear: Einstein was right. We didn't evolve out of random chance. There is a higher power controlling all of this. My ancestors believed in a God of the earth, a God who seeks revenge for the wrongs done to the earth. This is what's happened.
John Garrett: Bullshit! That's your answer? That God did this? That God's pissed?
Frank Redbear: You've got a better one?

Frank Redbear: Sheriff, I think we've got a problem.
Sheriff Blaine: (Points shotgun at him) I think you may be right.

Frank Redbear: Now, you can see by this drawing that the children are particularly vulnerable. They feel the vibrations.
John Garrett: What's that supposed to mean?

Danny: The only reason I'm here is Mom didn't want me at her wedding.
John: Wrong! The way I heard it is, you and what's his name don't talk anymore.
Danny: Shithead!
John: His name is Sherman.
Danny: Right, shithead Sherman!
John: You know, you've got a real attitude problem.
Danny: Well I guess that's genetic, DAD!

Sheriff Blaine: I'll be heading the investigation into the Indian murder. And there's still some folks that think the only good Indian is a dead Indian.
John Garrett: Fuck you, pencil-dick.