Clinger (2015)


Produced & Directed by: Michael Steves

Written by: Gabi Chennisi Duncombe, Bubba Fish & Michael Steves


Vincent Martella .... Robert Klingher
Jennifer Laporte .... Fern Peterson
Julia Aks .... Kelsey Peterson
Shonna Major .... Moe Watkins
Alicia Monet Caldwell .... Valerie Kingsley
Rebecca Gail .... Jenny Bernstein
Leah Henley .... Temperance Baker
Paulie Deo Jr. .... Dean
Jeffrey Bean .... Phil Peterson
Debbie Rochon .... Lynette Peterson
Taylor Clift .... Harlan

Special Appearances:

Lisa Wilcox .... Eugena Klingher
.... Arthur Klingher

Release Dates: Slamdance Film Festival: January 12, 2015; Imagine Film Festival: April 10, 2015 (Netherlands); Shriekfest: October 3, 2015




An overly obsessed boyfriend Robert Klingher (Vincent Martella) accidentally kills himself after showing Fern Peterson (Jennifer Laporte) his surprise and comes back as a ghost only to have his heart broken and plots to kill her so he can be together with her forever as she goes to the aid of her coach Valerie Kingsley (Alicia Monet Caldwell) who has contact with the dead to help her stay alive


There's a well focused situation with a dorky looking teen Robert Klingher on a bench at a track field playing his guitar and an athlete Fern Peterson eyeing him as well as closely focused moment on her running into a hurdle as this keeps you in suspense wondering if she will crash into it.
Also we have many funny moments when they decide to go out showing a weekly anniversary with him giving her gifts which makes you realise that he's desperate as well as different pictures on them together as this was nicely cut into the picture too.  
More funny moments with Fern asking for advice on breaking up with him and her sister Kelsey getting real with her and bossy to tell her to do it in which this offers more chuckles.
There's a perfect setting with Robert on his set to show her a nice surprise when she's about to break the bad news to him along with the shocking deadly moment that happens to him as this looked sharply done and should please fans of horror violence.
Then we have more laughs when he haunts her with his music when she tries to turn off her stereo
or him not realising he's dead and sits with her beside the dinner table but her family doesn't see him as well as looking at her strangely that she's talking to what seems like an imaginary friend.
Then we spot a situation on them making love as we see his head sewed on and you get the feeling that it will fall off which adds some nice dark comedy into this.
More well done funny moments when Robert talks to his ghostly friends at the graveyard as well as spotting the gruesome results on his friends as to how they all died.
Good effective situations when Fern talks to her coach Valerie Kingsley  on what to do since she's a paranormal investigator as well as offering her some pills to see other ghosts in which we spot Jenny's dead grandma which looked good and sharp offering more funny one liners.  
While we continue seeing the comedy into this flick you wonder as to when the horror will come into this but it does tease you since we have Fern talking to a hunky jock Harlan and a dark shot on Robert not looking happy which leaves a good horror clue.
Then there's a scene after Harlan takes a shower in the school change room and a pair of scissors tries to attack him in the crotch as this keeps you watching in suspense and thinking on how painful it would be if they manage to stab him.
Also we have a moment when there's strange sounds in Fern's vehicle saying they love her with a bunch of stuffed animals suddenly drowning her. This was funny and spooky blending into one.
We also have a moment when both Fern and Kelsey trying to escape from Robert's madness as well as creepy stuffed animals trying to break into a door and then attacking someone which is a must for horror fans to watch big time. Almost makes you think of Gremlins or creature flicks like that.
Then the excitement starts up big time when the ghosts plan to terrorise the people at the track race with good shots on all of this as well as people like Fern and Valerie by going into battle with thewm as there's good horror action that we see as well as hilarious moments with Kelsey trying to cover up at the track race on an act everyone is doing plus there's a gruesome moment happening and she is choked for words by making an excuse. Nice special effects with all of this happening using powerful forces and other things going on.
We do have a good happy ending with Fern confronting Robert on situations as this was well put into the story.
Bottom line is that this is similar to a Troma Team horror flick but less perverted or gross outs and believeably funny. In other words a better made film. It seems too silly and pointless at first but gets going and full of fun action. The film has a theatrical type of llow budget which is a goood thing. In other words well made

The acting is in fair shape as Vincent Martella (Robert Klingher) seemed to pull it off well as someone whom is desperate and obsessive as well as love sick in which he brings the humor up pretty well within all that he does here. He shows off a hyper behavior as welll as coming across as a dorky teen too. Has a good singing voice as well.
Jennifer Laporte (Fern Peterson) seemed to show off a good sharp behavior to her role as someone whom is outgoing and smart. Yet her looks seemed to plain. Yet she reacts to things naturally when she freaks out or getting aggressive while doing a battle just rolling in with the punches.
Julia Aks (Kelsey Peterson) shows it off hilariously as the cocky and bossy sister. Shows a perfect energetic behavior into her role as well as having a dominant behavior too. Does greatly by speaking her mind too as well as telling someone off just letting it all out.
Alicia Monet Caldwell (Valerie Kingsley) was the best out of the cast with her arrogant tough as nails attitude but showing a good hearted attitude and making her role likeable when you need help from her. She does a great job getting into a discussion on the side effects on the ghosts as well as talking about some of her dead relatives. Plus she really did it terrifically by acting heroic while going into battle.
Shonna Major (Moe Watkins) does it well by acting like a bimbo type of role and does well by acting like a pussy as well as being annoying. Draws it in greatly with her hyperactive behavior but at times gets a little carried away. She was overall silly which was the intention here.
Debbie Rochon (Lynette Peterson) seemed impressive taking on a role as. A family woman and different than her other roles and passes. She does it nicely as oone of those people with their heads in the clouds by how she behaves and seems to rooll in with the comedy in this one.
Taylor Clift (Harlan) seems to show off a good decent performance as a popular jock in which he shows off a good guy next door attitude as well as offering a good hyped behavior when he's attacked by scissors in a scene. Had the perfect looks for his role so he was a good choice.

A butt shot is revealed by Taylor Clift when taking a shower or running away from scissors attacking him.

A head is chopped off and blood spraying.
Someone's head falls off after it being sewed on while fornicatin. And bloodied bed sheets revealed due to this.
An axe is impaled in a ghosts head as well as a girl with no arms and legs but this looked phony.
Stuffed creatures eat someone alive with bitten of flesh and lots of violent bloodsheds.
A wrist is chopped off with blood spraying out.

The music sounded superb and strong with the classical scores as well as suiting many of the comedic scene's that we see in the film piece by piece with the violin and flute playing and having a nice change for when the horror and action comes into the picture as there's similar elements that sounds similar as to what we hear in Friday the 13th or A Nightmare on Elm Street. There's also neat guitar riffs here and there as well as strong synthesizer music during the terrors that happens at a night track race with some of the highschool girls. Yes there's some old school sounds here and there which sounds exciting to listen to while watching this. All of this was put together by Misha Segal.