Courtney Lercara is hanging by a hook by Greg Tiderington

For all you that enjoyed low budget obscure horror films you may all recognise Courtney Lercara as she was first spotted in Rick Roessler's gory cult teenage slasher horror flick 'Slaughterhouse' as the night owl partying teenager trespasser Michele whom was the second one to be hacked away by a meatcleaver and cornered in a broken down bus by Buddy along with her boyfriend Kevin played by Joel Hoffman before the opening credits of the film. The rest of her scene's she was dead hanging by a hook with Hoffman.
Due to her remembered death scene she got more work in direct-to-video horror flicks most notably as the lead role Leeza Russo in 'Killing Spree' as a cheating wife that makes her husband go crazy and kills anyone who she has an affair with in weird ways as the flick was shot in Florida.
She chugged along with a couple of other horror flicks like in the 1992 canniballistic gory flick 'Feast' (Featuring porn legend Ron Jeremy) and the horror anthology 'Things' in which she was seen in the wraparound segment of the film.
She left acting during the mid 90's as she got struck with breast cancer and dropped off the acting field to pursue a new career as well as start a family of her own and is now runs a Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness at


At what age did you see yourself as an entertainer?

As young as I can remember, I wanted to move to Los Angeles and start acting.

Did you see yourself acting in horror films?

No! Never! I wanted to do Disney Films- Family Films.

What was your first horror film?

I think 'Slaughterhouse' was my first. Then the others came quickly after.

How did you find out about it?

There was an add in the Dramalogue about the audition.

What did Rick Roessler ask you to do to try out for the part of Michele?

I tried out for the lead actually. Sherry got that part. Rick had us onstage acting out scenes and pairing us up with other actors. Joel and I worked well together and got the part of Michele and her boyfriend.

Did you try out for any other parts in the film?

Yes- for the lead.

The beginning of the film was impressive when you all hung out at the dock - near the slaughterhouse. What time was it when you all did that scene?

It was late... and we had a blast. It was really fun.

Did you have any issues on set when you were running around with Joel Hoffman goofing around?

No- Joel is a great actor. We really clicked together.

Did it feel creepy for you when you were doing this as on the final cut of the film watching it the scene's did look freaky thinking these two are in for it this time with Buddy?

It was fun. The special effect guys were great and tried out different things to make the deaths look as good as possible. The whole experience was fantastic!

How did you feel working with Joel Hoffman who played your boyfriend Kevin and did you feel that you two had great chemistry working together?

Joel and I worked really well together. As the director and producer watched us in the daily's- they were really happy with how we worked together!

Did it trip you out when Joe Barton as Buddy came swinging with his meat cleaver towards Hoffman's character?

No- it was fun to watch. I was so impressed with all the special effects. This was not a big budget movie and I think they did well with what they had to work with.

What was racing through your head when you were cornered in the broken down bus and Buddy was coming after you with the swinging meatcleaver?

Just .... scream and get away!! :-)

What was Joe really like with you on set of the film?

Fun- a great guy. Everyone was really great to work with!

Was it ever painful for you for the rest of the shoot hanging on that meathook and did you have to stop breathing when they were shooting?

Nothing hurt- and yes- we needed to be as still as possible. At one point they forgot to put the crate back under my feet after a take....I was like .... Hello- guys..over here. I need the crate!

Although your role was quite small what moment did you like that best throughout the whole shoot?

I was bummed when I saw that I was killed before the movie even really started. I liked the whole experience of the film. I really enjoyed working with everyone.

Who did you like working with the best?

Sherry and I became really good friends and still keep in touch. But- I enjoyed working with everyone.

What was your reaction like when you saw the movie in theatre's?

It was awesome!! I was grossed out by the pigs being slaughtered- that was really disgusting on the big screen. I loved going to the opening. Getting out of a limo- being all dressed up. It was fun! My dream had come true!

Now you had a handful of other horror films and bigger roles too. Was this due to your work in 'Slaughterhouse'?

Yes- after I did 'Slaughterhouse', the other films basically came to me.

What was it like as the role Leeza Russo in 'Killing Spree'?

I don't remember much about the film except that it was fun to fly out to Jupiter, FL to film it.

What is the film about?

My character is having affairs with everyone and her husband goes crazy and kills everyone in very weird ways.

What do you do in that film?

I scream a lot and flirt with a lot of guys.

Tell us the whole details on your experience throughout the whole film?

It was many years ago and I don't remember much in detail about the film. Justthat it was fun filming and that I enjoyed working with the other actors and the crew.

What was difficult to do in the film?

I didn't want to do the shower scene. That was difficult.

What kind of a release did this film get?

Just to video.

Did you ever get feedback from fans with your work in it?


Have you been interviewed in magazines or shows like Fangoria due to your work in the film?

I was in a couple of horror magazines.

You also worked in a horror comedy called 'Feast'. Who do you play throughout the film?

I don't remember much about this film... I need to go back and look at the video.

How big was your role in it?

I don't remember much as it was many years ago and not such a big deal as 'Slaughterhouse' was.

What was the working environment like working on set for this project?

Everyone was nice and easy to work with.

Was there a scene that disturbed you throughout your shoot in it since it's about cannibalism?

I don't even remember. You know more about the film than I do.... I am curious and will have to find the video to view it again

How long did it take to shoot your scene's?

A couple of days.

Did this film go direct-to-video, theatrical or film festivals?

Direct to video - I am sure. Although- I don't recall ever seeing it in a video store.

You were also in horror anthology called 'Things' in the chapter Thing in a Jar. Was there anything you'd like to tell us about this flick?

I think I play the wife of a guy..and I remember a blond girl that gets killed. I don't remember much else.

What kind of a release did this one have?

Direct to video

Do you have any other horror gigs lined up?

No- I got breast cancer at 33 and again at 35 and that was real life horror.

What are you doing today you'd like to share with us?

I have 4 kids (3 of whom are adopted and they range in age from 2 years to 14 years old. I own and run a Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness website I participate in 60 mile Breast Cancer 3-Day walks around the country raising awareness and money for breast cancer. I am a 2-Time Breast Cancer Survivor and I get to speak at events and conferences about Breast Cancer Awareness. I am also the FORCE Outreach Coordinator for Oregon (along with my sister). FORCE stands for Facing Our Risk Of Cancer Empowered. It is an organization for women who are at high risk for breast cancer because of family history.

Now here's some fun stuff: What are your favourite horror films?

I loved the 'Nightmare On Elm Street Films' and the 'Halloween' films.

What show throughout your acting career do you cherish the most?

None stand out.

If there was a project you did that you'd like to change which one would that be?

None- I had fun doing them all

If you were a scream queen for a day whether she was alive or dead who would she be?

Jamie Lee Curtis in 'Halloween'- she is tough

What are your ambitions in life?

To be a good mother and to Make A Difference.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Having a good family life and good health!