Creepshow (1982)

Directed by: George A. Romero

Written by: Stephen King


Joe King .... Billy
Tom Atkins .... Stan
.... Billy's Mother
Carrie Nye .... Sylvia Grantham
Viveca Lindfors .... Bedelia Grantham
Ed Harris .... Hank Blaine
Warner Shook .... Richard Grantham
Elizabeth Regan .... Cass Blaine
Jon Lormer .... Nathan Grantham
Stephen King .... Jordy Verrill
Leslie Nielsen .... Richard Vickers
Ted Danson .... Harry Wentworth
Hal Holbrook .... Professor Henry Northrup
Adrienne Barbeau .... Wilma Billie Northrup
Fritz Weaver .... Professor Dexter Stanley
Robert Harper .... Charlie Gereson
Don Keefer .... Mike
E.G. Marshall .... Upson Pratt

Special Appearances:

Tom Savini .... Garbage Man
John Colicos .... Doctor

Release Date: Theatrical: November 12, 1982








A child named Billy (Joe King) collects Creepshow comic books but his father Stan (Tom Atkins) disapproves of them and throws them away as well as being abusive towards this troubled child and then the story gets going when the comic is revealed in the trash can turning the pages in the wind.

The comic opens up by a gust of wind as the first chapter in the comic is titled Father's Day of a family who plans to murder their father for driving them insane of him demnding his Father's Day cake of a demented old man returning from the grave to get the father's day cake his murdering daughter never gave him as he persistently says "I want my cake!!! Where's my cake???" as when he was alive was always harrassing them about it which drove one of his duaghter's to kill him and to have all his money but once he returned from the grave he kills his family for taking advantage of his money.

The second is called The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill about a flakey farmer named Jordy (Stephen King) that discovers a meteor turning everything into plant life.

The third chapter is called Something to Tide You Over which is a vengeful husband named Richard Vickers (Leslie Nielsen) who buries his wife Becky and her lover Harry Wentworth (Ted Danson) up to their necks on the beach while the tide is coming in causing them to drown while Richard has a camera filming them while it happens.
However Harry and Becky return from the dead to kidnap Richard and bury him to his neck at the beach.

The fourth chapter is called The Crate of a creature that resides in a crate under the steps of a college and one of the people that works there named Henry Northup (Hal Holbrook) wants to trap his harrassing wife Wilma (Adrienne Barbeau) in the college so the creature will eat her and can be out of Hanery's life for good.

The fifth and final chapter is called They're Creeping Up On You of an ultra rich businessman named Upson Pratt (E.G. Marshall) who gets his comeuppance from cockroaches which is a good chapter of somone's imagination of being afraid of cockroaches.


An impressive beginning on the wraparound story in which the camera focuses on a home at night with a thunderstorm along with a shot on a window revealing a jack o lantern which is a nice impressive start for a horror flick as well as a cheesy moment on a nasty father Stan is verbally attacking his son Billy about reading a horror comic and explaining what he's reading which describes on what we are about to watch as this was a nice written in segment to the story and impressive to have all of this in a horror anthology.
Plus we have a good moment with young Billy up in his room with lightning striking near his window and we spot a grim reaper sort of figure staring at his wondow which looked cheesily impressive to watch and then it turns into a comic book animation as this looked great to watch as well. All of this was impressive and effective for anyone to be entertained for what will unravel in these chapters:

The first chapter is my favourite and a must for any horror fan in which we at first spot different pictures happening like in a comic book when we spot different scenario's in the Father's Day chapter which looked impressive such as Nathan Grantham as the father acting crazy and obsessive slamming down his cane constantly acting verbally abusive and wanting his cake as well as one of his daughter's acting hysterical making the cake along with a tale told by the eldest sibling Sylvia Grantham telling the story as to what had happened to their father as this looked greatly effective.
Also a great misty dark shot on the graveyard as this is a for sure pleaser to horror fans along with Aunt Bedelia going to the tombstone kneeling down with flowers along with a great jumping scene on a corpse hand rising from the ground and then the corpse rising out which also looked terrifically done with a creepy and gravelly voice. Another great moment into the story and very inflential too. However there's a scene with this zombie strangling her which doesn't look convincing enough at all. Oh well.
There's some nicely focused moments on the other supporting character Hank Blaine going to the tombstone and the thing nearly falling on him with him panicking as this is a perfect and carefully focused moment wondering if he will get out of the way. A perfect psychological feel to all of this and very suspenseful to watch too.
Perfect dark moments on Sylvia cautiously looking around a kitchen area with a good shot on a blue light shining on her as this adds some nice near suspense and having a feeling that someone will leap out and boy does this look greatly done when this happens and perfect creepy shots on all of this too.

In the second chapter The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill we spot a real comedic approach by the farmer Jordy as well as neat special effects shot on a comet crashing near his farmland adding neat comic book effects on this comet too making this entertaining and a drive in old fashioned look to everything.
Good shots on him cutting open the meteor with neat liquid effects on all of this. Plus later on we spot nice close up shots on green stuff growing on him as this leaves you a chill down your spine that something deadly is going to happen to him.
There's some corny imagination sequences that involves him with his doctor as we spot him preparing a meatcleaver and telling him this is gonna be a bit painful which adds black comedy and a psychological touch throughout all of this.
Also an interesting moment when he plans a bath with a ghostly presence of a character in his mirror warning him which looked perfectly effective and hauntlike adding formula of horror as well as the comedy that we spot in this film.
This chapter looked like a take on thos old 1950's films like The Blob but using a different type of formula. It's mildly entertaining.

The third chapter Something to Tide You Over seemed to work in fairly well as a revenge plot later on in the story which adds a perfect ghoulish twist to everything. A good serious moment between the two main character's Richard Wickers acting sarcastic towards Harry Wentworth as this leaves you an impression that this guy is up to no good at all.
Also a perfect peer pressuring moment with Richard forcing Harry to bury sand around his body up to his head in his private beach area while pointing a gun at him as you really wonder if he will give in to doing this as the tide is coming in. Definetely a perfect psychological moment surrounding this moment and not a pleasant thing to think about either. Also a perfect moment with Richard showing him his wife on a TV screen on her buried in the sand and the tide hitting her which is a hard moment to watch slowly watching her drown as well as perfect shots later on with the water hitting him and later on Richard going to his own home and watching him being tortured by this. A clever moment on King writing in this scene which is genuinely freaky to watch.
Lots of great still moments with Richard taking a shower and things are too silent and him being cautious. Plus good camera shots creeping in as well as ghoulish looking shadows walking into his home as this adds a perfect horror type moment that can look perfectly spooky and boy does the surprise look good by what we see here. Neat effects for sure.

The fourth chapter The Crate really got on my nerves as we spot a nagging housewife Wilma Billie Northrup just not knowing to shut up towards her husband Henry as we suddenly spot a surprising moment on him shooting her in the head and she falls towards a tree stump which looked perfectly shocking and then the people at the party in a trance looking at him in shock and then clapping as this definetely leaves you an impression that this is only an imagination sequence that he wished he killed her for sure.
We also have a good moment with two bumbling employees Charlie Gereson and Professor Dexter Stanley discussing on what's in the crate that's brought to the lab as there's perfect close up shots on them slowly opening it by taking off the nails as you watch carefully on what's going to happen here since the moments were perfectly still and creepy for sure when something happens and a nice special effects shot on the monster. However when this thing pulls in his first victim it's very slow by all that's happening here.
Nice moments on Dexter in shock explaining towards Henry on what had happened and then going to the corner where this beast is residing and trying to call it out along with gruesome and shocking results by what we spot on this thing attacking next.
Also a perfect evil moment on Henry trying to get his wife Wilma to come over as well as good close up shots on him mopping up the blood before she arrives which makes you wonder if he will get it done on time since there's a great focus on this.
The scene is terribly slow when he tries to drag her in the corner where the monster is and calling to it as it seems suspenseful at first but then it lags. Yet a good close up shot on her freaking out when the beast finally attacks with good comic book red light effects on this which can be remembered to anyone who saw this scene.

The final chapter They're Creeping Up On You really shows a perfect fear on insects such as cockroaches as well as showing a greedy type of person White answering his phone calls and getting negative responses from people on the other line as well as him trying to call the exterminator and not getting much luck out of their responses as this does leave an impression that we've had problems like this before.
Good shots on a cockroach skittering by and him trying to snuff it out as well as interesting shots on a mysterious resident trying to talk to him on the other side of the door while he's being distracted by trying to get rid of these nasty insects.
Also a perfect moment on what he finds in his food which looked unpleasant and another perfect situation here imagining if whatever you had needed to be wasted.
Perfect shots on a swarm of them trying to crawl up on his legs and so fourth which looked perfectly terrifying to watch all of this happening. Also a good moment when he traps himself in a room and we spot a nasty message on an answering machine with a phone underneath a blanket as the blanket moves which if course leaves an impression on what's underneath it.
The ending of this chapter taking place the next day involving this character looks totally disgusting and can please the gorehounds as this shows neat effects on this moment happening for sure.

Then we get into the end of the wrapraround segment spotting two garbagemen taking out the garbage and spotting the comic book as well as a cut out section of a voodoo doll in which later we spot the evil kid Billy using one on guess who??? A nice ending to the anthology involving this.

Bottom line is that this was very much in the tradition of Tales from the Crypt with the comic book and it was very influential to future horror anthlogies like Deadtime Stories and Nightmares. Some chapters were fun but some were a bit of a drag.

The acting is very good as we have many well known faces. Joe King (Billy) did well as a troubled kid in the wraparound story along with having a perfect bratty and vengeful attitude like talking to the ghoul outside of his window as he adds some good pizzaz into this. Plus does well with his cackly attitude in the end while poking a voodoo doll and really getting into this greatly.
Tom Atkins
(Stan) as the abusive parent was surprisingly uncredited in this flick which I could never understand why. He seemed to do an okay job with his stern behavior but yet wasn't intense enough like you'd think he would've been. It wasn't one of his best performances which was probably why he was uncredited as he wasn't proud of the outcome in this. He does seem to react to some deadly pains in the end of his performance though when a curse is set onto him.
(Billy's Mother) seemed to portray not too shabbily as the sympathetic mother in which she does well as one of those who tries to hold the family together but is a basketcase while doing so and shows some fair emotions while doing this which shows off nicely here.

In the chapter Father's Day which the acting was set out pretty nicely, lead actress Carrie Nye (Sylvia Grantham) does a great job with her wisdom and calmness while telling everyone on what went on with how her onscreen father was crazy and got killed. Was convincing to play the most level headed and mature one in the family and shines off well within all of this. Plus does a good job acting cautious and alerted when a power outage happens while she's looking around. However when she screams it needed to be more energised.
Warner Shook (Richard Grantham) does a good job playing a total dork in the flick as he shows off a good selfish type of behavior as well as acting perfectly childish too. Shows off okay energy within this but at times he's a bit too much while doing all of this.
Elizabeth Regan (Cass Blaine) had the beautiful looks and does a great job as one of those snobs and also does a sharp job by playing a total bitch in the flick as well as a convincing snob like the rest of her onscreen siblings but yet her performance shines off more so than the rest of them. She was great with her whiney attitude along with showing perfect selish behavior too.
Jon Lormer (Nathan Grantham) wasn't overly terrific but yet stood out well as a disturbed father and seemed to show good energy with his blocking by slamming down his cane and acting crazy and verbally abusive. He certainly was convincing by acting disturbed and annoying too with his gruff speaking and old man grumpy and insane behavior too.

In the chapter The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill Stephen King (Jordy Verrill) also proves himself worthy as an actor than a writer as he played a dweeby farmer which is the lead role in the second chapter as he for sure shows terrific energy as well as having a perfect goofiness into his spekaing along with showing perfect wide eyed expressions. He really knew how to draw his energy in nicely and perfmed a nice comedic role. Also does well acting paranoid while imagining things.

The best acting was in Something to Tide You Over as Leslie Nielsen (Richard Vickers) was perfect playing an evil one since he often does in horror films cause he's so good with his aggressions and coldness like he is here. Also was great with his nasty sarcasm too. Brings a nice full force to everything that he does here. Also was good acting leary and cautious later on during the silent moments inside his home. Also was great acting creeped out too offering a high paced energetic attitude.
We also have a disturbing performance by Ted Danson (Harry Wentworth) as he shows a perfect no nonsense type of personality along with doing a good job with his bluntness and angry attitude. Also does well with his nervous attitude in a scene where he is forced to bury himself in sand. Plus does well acting choked up with the tide hits him along with showing a great angry and vengeful attitude staring at a camera swearing revenge which he draws this in perfectly and is memorable by doing this.

The acting was still pretty good in The Crate but not as good as in the previous chapters. Hal Holbrook (Professor Henry Northrup) offers a good seriousness and calmness to his role as he also does well almost losing it and reacting well to gettign annoyed and disturbed by his onscreen wife. He for sure expresses a great troubled type of behavior. Also does a nice job losing it and calling to the creature just going nuts which looked well performed alltogether.
Scream queen Adrienne Barbeau
(Wilma Billie Northrup) was a little over the top in her role as she seems to get carried away with her nagging behavior. Yet she was convincing by being annoying that you'd want her to be killed. She for sure comes across as perfectly nutty regardless. She shows a nice shocked reaction while spotting the monster which was a classic expression.
Fritz Weaver (Professor Dexter Stanley) seemed to do a nice job as someone who's a bit timid and does well by being mysterious this way. Plus does a good job by acting nervous about what he explains on what's in the crate and concentrates well while trying to open the crate. Also does a good job with his stunned and anxious behavior later on acting perfectly paranoid.

Good comedic performances in They're Creeping Up On You as E.G. Marshall (Upson Pratt) was perfect with his grumbling speaking and comes across as a perfect Scrooge whom is irritated by cockroaches or anyone bothering him. Does well focusing on trying to snuff out these insects offering great energy within this. Also was perfect while acting frusterated or freaking out which he really brings all of this to a perfect hype here.

Nothing extremely gory but a twisted off head.
Gruesome zombie couple.
Bloody gunshot to the head.
Persons face is sliced.
Lots of blood on the floor by the creature in The Crate
There is a real gruesome scene at the end of They're Creeping Up On You as a bunch of cockroaches burst out of a dead man's body.

There is cheesy but neat creepy synthesizer music composed by Michelle Dibucci and by John Harrison which sounds high picthed and ghostly like as this sounds marvellously done for a horror anthology of this kind plus mixed in with deep echoey piano poundings too. There's alot of this happening in many of the chapters too inclduing the first one which suits the dark edged creepiness of a graveyard and a zombie crawling out of the grave. Showed great timing here. Also in the second one we have mostly different sounding music which was a little comedic and old fashioned since this chapter had that old feel to it all with strings plucking as well as hapr playing and other stuff like that. At times there's some mellow violin playing for the third chapter when we spot a private beach as this works in nicely too. There's the odd chanting here and there as it echoes off nicely especially for the closing credits with this ghostly music. Two thumbs up for these guys.

Nathan Grantham: I want my cake! Bedelia! Where's my Father's Day cake?

[enters a darkened kitchen]
Richard Grantham: Are we conserving energy?

Jordy Verrill: Meteor shit!

Jordy: That's a meteor. I'd be dipped in shit if that ain't a meteor!

Doctor: This is going to be extremely painful, Mr. Verrill!

Jordy: Oh, Jordy Verrill, you lunkhead!

Richard Vickers: Come on Harry, the maiden fair waits for her knight in shining corduroy.

Richard Vickers: [after swatting away a crab near Harry's head] Found a friend, Harry? I'm just wild about Harry, and Harry's wild about me!

Richard Vickers: I'll shoot you dead!
Harry: You can't shoot us dead, Richard...
Becky: ...Because we're already dead!
Harry: We dug a hole for you...
Becky: ...On the beach!

Harry: II'm gonna get you Richard. You hear me? I'm gonna get you!
[a wave washes over his head]
Richard Vickers: You've gotta hold your breath there, Harry. You've gotta hold your breath.

Richard Vickers: It's Showtime!

Richard Vickers: You better get out of here, Wentworth. You seem to be forgetting, I have the gun!

[after Harry buries him in sand]
Richard Vickers: Oh I can hold my breath for a long, long time!

Henry: I drove out there with the remains of three human beings... well, two human beings and Wilma.

Henry: Just tell him to call you Billie, you bitch!

Wilma Northrup: I am TELLIN' you, some of these, so called academic's make the shark in "Jaws" look like fuckin flipper!

Wilma Northrup: Get out of my way Henry, or I swear to god you will be wearing your balls for earrings!

Wilma Northrup: Just call me Billie, everyone does.

Wilma Northrup: You're hysterical Henry. It's just what I would have expected.
Henry Northrup: No, I don't think you'll expect this Wilma. No this is gonna be an entirely new experience.

Wilma Northrup: Oh Henry can't you do anything right?
Henry Northrup: What?
Wilma Northrup: What? That's what I figured, what? That's just what I would expect from you, I told you half an hour ago to get one of those kids in the monkey suits to bring the car around!
Henry Northrup: Oh I'm sorry.
Wilma Northrup: Oh Henry, you are such a little kid, I swear to god you are, I mean were would you be without me to take care of you!

Wilma Northrup: You know what Henry, you're a regular barn yard exhibit, your sheep's eyes, chicken guts, piggy friends and shit for brains!

White: What's the matter, Mr. Pratt? Bugs got your tongue?

Upson Pratt: What the fuck, another son of a bitchin blackout? Well if this was my power company it would never happen.

Upson Pratt: Go out and fuck somebody. But wear a damn rubber, everybody's got the damn herpes these days.

Upson Pratt: Norman Katsenmeyer's a dinosaur, he's too fucking blind to find his way into the nearest tar pit.