Demon Sex (2005)

Written, Camera & Directed by: Greg Dewolt


Brinke Stevens .... The Dragonlady
Vesper Almasy
Tuesday Coren
Toby Dammit .... DNA Labman

Release Dates: Direct-to-Video: 2005



A breakthrough discovery has some horrifying consequences when scientists uncover an ancient alien skull and begin work to incorporate the advanced DNA into that of humankind to facilitate the improvement of the race.
The aliens, however, who are by now a dying race, have big plans to use the new super-DNA to make their comeback. In order to get their hands on the goods, the alien demons transform themselves into beautiful women, who seduce the scientists in the hope of obtaining their secrets led by one named the Dragonlady (Brinke Stevens) whom is helping a pregnant one start a new alien race.
If sex doesn't do the trick, however, these "women" have no qualms about turning the laboratory into a bloodbath, should the need arise!


The makers of this film mainly worked on the soft core pornographic scene's with the cast members mainly showing close up shots on their naked bodies from up and down. We do show a good shot on an alien skull near a computer desk with shots ona DNA Labman trying to do experiments to find proof of alien life.
The film shows the odd interesting moment with the Dragonlady carressing a pregnant lady about planning a newborn alien along with others surrounding her which looked like a cult ceremony with a home videos camera doing the work on all of this.
We do spot an interesting shot on some guy tied up along with a woman acting creepy towards him holding a knife and talking to him strangely. The situations however looked a bit dark to give it a horror feel but at the same time amateurish.
We spot a trashy discussion between the Dragonlady towards a guy in a pool with her lashing out at him and acting vicious along with an overlong camera shot on her smearing blood on her breasts.
We spot a good moment with the Dragonlady taking out her hairpin and feeling it while the DNA Labman is talking to her and it leaves a good impression that she's about to act deadly towards him.
An awful moment on Stevens when she tries to act motherly to an alien baby which doesn't look believeable at all.
Bottom line: OMG one of the worst movies I've seen on the Tomb of Terrors Box Set and when I say worst I mean it. It is no different than watching a porn flick except the sex isn't real but the full nude bodies are. I was thinking to myself "This isn't a horror film just a story with very little plots and many long nude and sex scene's" Well yes 90 percent of that is true but it does get to the horror with the female demonic aliens doing sacrifices on male human beings.
Made on no budget at all or any boom mic used as I had to crank up my TV to hear the dialogues and other stuff. The music was louder than the story too. This film is for horror fans who love to just watch and get off by seeing women getting naked and getting it on.
The locations in the film were computerised as well as showing artwork which is how cheap their budget was not able to get a location for any ohf theese outdoor scene's.

Folks there's not much to review on it at all as most of it as mentioned before showing hardcore nudity and sex scene's and is basically a blue movie porn dud.

The acting is terrible and full of porn actresses as they show no talent but scream queen Brinke Stevens (The Dragonlady) tries to lighten it up with her slick and evil charm to her role as one of the evil aliens in the film but even she tends to lack. An awful performance on her during a scene when she tries to act motherly to an alien baby which doesn't look believeable at all.
Vesper Almasy
tried her best to seem like an evil mistress and sometimes can do the trick but it's nothing too much to brag about.
Burly actor Toby Dammit (DNA Labman) seemed to bring a charm to his part in the film but there were other times he lacked in many spots and not picking up alot of energy. Oh well at least he tried.
Olivia Saint tried too hard to act weird and creepy and is overly melodramatic.

Every actress performed nude in this film whether they're in a strip club from top to bottom or a shower scene to a nude swimming pool scene. Yes everything they show on it which is basically the main plot of this heap of junk.

Some fake bloody stabbings
A piece of flesh iis torn off someone's torso
A neck is cut off
A head is cut off
Some bloody markings over two female bodies

The music sounds terrible and suited for the nude and sex scene's like a toned out guitar playing or those cheap sounding synthesizer music but at times the synthesizer music sounded okay for the horror moments now and then which was all done by Frank Dill.