Dog Soldiers (2002)

Written, Edited & Directed by: Neil Marshall


Sean Pertwee .... Sgt. Harry G. Wells
Kevin McKidd .... Pvt. Cooper
Emma Cleasby .... Megan
Liam Cunningham .... Capt. Ryan
Thomas Lockyer .... Cpl. Bruce Campbell
Darren Morfitt .... Spoon Witherspoon
Chris Robson .... Pvt. Joe Kirkley
Leslie Simpson .... Pvt. Terry Millburn

Release Dates: Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Films: March 22, 2002 (Belgium); Dead by Dawn Edinburgh Horror Film Festival: March 31, 2002; Fantastic Film Festival: April 12, 2002 (Netherlands); Cinemuerte Film Festival: July 13, 2002 (Canada); Cinemuerte Film Festival: July 20, 2002 (USA); Rosebud Film and Video Festival: July 24, 2002 (Germany); Stuttgart Fantasy Filmfest: August 1, 2002 (Germany); Espoo Film Festival: August 20, 2002 (Finland); Lund Fantastisk Film Festival: September 21, 2002 (Sweden); Leeds International Film Festival: Ocotber 3, 2002 (UK); Sitges Film Festival: October 4, 2002; Austin Film Festival: October 10, 2002; Limited Theatrical: October 11, 2002 (Denmark); New Orleans Film Festival: October 15, 2002; Tokyo International Fantastic Film Festival: October 29, 2002; Limited Theatrical: November, 2002 (Finland); Semana de Cine Fantástico y de Terror de San Sebastián: November 8, 2002 (Spain); Limited Theatrical: January 3, 2003 (Norway); Fantasporto Film Festival: February 22, 2003 (Portugal); Haapsalu Horror and Fantasy Film Festival: March 25, 2007 (Estonia); Little Rock Film Festival: May 18, 2007

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A band of soldiers led by Sgt. Harry Wells (Sean Pertwee) is dispatched to war games in the woods but then they discover a dead cow that was thrown in front of them during a bonfire they have which led to a rival team that was slaughtered in camp as they discover that they are not alone and in great danger.
Something deadly in the darkness is watching them that is not at all human as it got to one the survivors from the camp named Captain Ryan (Liam Cunningham) as he tries to warn them that these things can't be stopped.
Soon they are terrorised by these gigantic beasts claimed to be werewolves although some of the team members don't believe in such as thing.
They are all holed up in an abandoned farmhouse as they battle for their lives against these ferocious beasts but Wells is badly injured and is starting to change and the same with Ryan as their fears starts to become worst than they thought as they may not survive before dawn.


An impressive beginning with a couple camping out in the deep dark woods making out in their tent and then fast action shot on one of them being dragged out and the other attacked without revealing on what or who did this which was perfectly clever and mysterious to watch for what will unravel later on in the story.
Also we spot a perfect dark confrontation between Pvt Cooper being manipulated by the nasty Capt. Ryan to shoot a dog which makes you watch carefully on whether or not he will actually do this. Plus great still and dark close up shots between the two of them with this discussion as the filmmakers did a good job drawing this scene in nicely.
Well focused moments on Sgt. Harry G. Wells commanding his troops and being scrict about it by going into the wooded area as well as more perfect still moments on them at a bonfire and a story about to be told as well as a perfect surprising moment on a dead cow falling on top of their bonfire in which this makes you wonder how this all happened. It catches you when you least expect it which was cleverly done too.
Plus we spot many surprising moments with quick werewolf attacks when you least expect it as well as what happens to our heroic Harry in which this looks gruesomely painful while still being alive experiencing his incident which isn't for everyone's tastes to watch who can't stand gruesome pain let alone pain at all.
A great suspenseful vehicle speeding with the soldiers inside as well as them struggling against a huge werewolf hand trying to get at them as well as spor=tting dark figures of the huge werewolves beforehand ready to attack in the deep dark woods which looked impressive to watch and in a great horror fashion.
Perfect silent moments when they discover a home and all is silent as well as them looking around which adds nicely to the creepy feel of everything.
Perfect moment when Harry demands Pvt. Cooper to punch him out so he can't feel the pain while they help him with surgery as this was a total attention grabber and offering some interesting humor into the story too.
Also we have many great struggling moments with the team against the werewolves as there's great looking huge werewolves as the action and terror really combines in perfectly here.
Plus a perfect moment with one of the soldiers going out of the home to call to the other werewolves as a trap in which we hear howling sounds as this was a perfect touch to a werewolf story as well as perfect dark shots on the werewolves swarming around cautiously.
Also a perfect moment when the team demands Ryan to reveal scars on him which draws you in wondering if he will turn into a werewolf due to this and the tnesion between him and the others which looked powerful to watch.
We also have a great moment with one of the soldiers face to face with a werewolf and him mocking this beast which was amusing to watch.
Also we spot a perfect moment with Ryan suddenlyalmost losing control and then slipping underneath a counter which leaves a clue that he will change and lash out which was perfectly shot and nicely put into the story.
A perfect discussion with Harry telling Cooper some upsetting news which looked good and dramatic to watch all of this unravel but it looked good and powerfully done too.
Then we have a moment when we think it's the end but suddenly it isn't as it packs a good punch. You'll see what I mean when you spot this moment unravel.
LBottom line is there are some slow moments with the discussions here and there in the film which kinda doubts you if it will be a great story but it gets going really good while we continue to watch. ots of great fact and dynamic action in this one with truly frightening looking giant werewolfs in the deep dark tall woods. The film almost looked good enough to be considered mainstream with the performances and effects too. I would recommend people to watch this if they like creepy looking werewolf movies like The Howling as the werewolves couldn't look any better.

The acting is very well done by a local talented British cast. Sean Pertwee (Sgt. Harry G. Wells) really stole the film with his outrageous performance as the head captain of his troops. He was rough and tough with solid energy all the way through his performance. Does well commanding the others and showing a good and gruff behavior. Also reacts well to nearly being slaughtered to death as well as getting hyped up and demanding when he wants to be knocked out due to the intense pain. Plus shows a nice firm behavior too when getting into a serious discussion on stuff. Yes he adds a perfect versatality to everything and a worthy character actor.
Kevin McKidd
(Pvt Cooper) showed alot of dynamic energy and knew how to act loud and aggressive too whenever he needed to behave like this. He brought his character to life greatly as well as coming across as genuinely smart and knowing on what to do in a situation. Plus was a perfect type of heroic soldier as well. He does well with his speaking too which stands out nicely. Also knew on how to behave intensely when struggling against the terrors.
Emma Cleasby (Megan) seemed sharp in her presence of the flick as she stands out quite powerful by how she speaks as well as having a nice no nonsense behavior too. Plus draws in a perfect seriousness later on in her performance when she reveals a dark secret by acting cold about it in which she does good and dramatically.
Liam Cunningham
(Capt. Ryan) was another great one having a coldlike and evil stern attitude slowly becoming a werewolf and knew his part inside out.
He was extremely impressive during the beginning of his performance getting good and firm towards someone else as well as acting manipulative as he studied this scene superbly. Plus does a great job acting injured and choking out his words to someboday else. Does well acting aggressive in other spots. Was great neaqrly lunging out and acting wild which he drew this to a perfect punch.
Darren Morfitt (Spoon Witherspoon) had an effective supporting role adding alot of nice spunk into what he did in the film. He seemed to be a nautral ham by what he does and was a total ball of energy and charisma. Especially when he uses himself for bait to call out to the werewolves as he got into this terrifically. Also does well when he's attacked by one and mocks this onscreen beast making it look good and natural.

Intestines are revealed on the ground in a forest
A guys intestines are pulled out
Werewolves arms are chopped off
People are eaten up with lots of gore there.
Plenty of blood.

TWe have some silent adventurous classical music composed by Mark Thomas as well as a perfect brief ghostly sound when the gang discovers a house in the deep dark woods as this offered perfect timing. Plus some great unique classical and suspenseful deep sounds for when everyone tries to survive in the house from the werewolf attacks as it was superbly done. There's also some sad music too for when there's upsetting moments on what happens to one of the main heroes in the film which works in pretty good but at the same time we've heard music like this before.