Dream Stalker (1991)


Written & Directed by: Christopher Mills


Valerie Williams .... Brittney
.... Ricky
.... Sherry
.... Greg
.... Rita
.... Dr. Frisk
.... Ted
.... Brad

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: 1991




Brittney (Valerie Williams) keeps getting nightmares that her boyfriend Ricky (Mark Dias) is trying to run her over with his dirtbike.
After he is killed from an accident the nightmares keep getting worst as well as him coming back from the dead to kill others around her as it seems a gift he gave her when he is alive is the cause for him to keep back and haunting her.


The movie was made on those home video cameras but yet while watching this no budgeter I seemed to be entertained by what I was watching as there's many romantic scene's between the two lead characters Brittney and Ricky as it flows well along with him giving her a toybox jester in which later on will come into the horror of the story.
Then a real effective suspenseful moment starts to happen later on in which Ricky is dirtbike racing with nice shots on all of this as well as smoke happening and then Brittney crossing by and then something happens which looked terrifying.
Then before the opening credits Brittney gets the devastating news from her friend Sherry about her boyfriend as this needed to be whipped into shape a little bit better.
Yet there's a real effective nightmare sequence when she visits his tombstone and he drives towards her in his dirtbike and then is dragged in the dirt. Although this film didn't have a budget for dazzling effects it was well done for what they had to do to entertain us horror fans.
Then Brittney goes into a dream therapy clinic as the moments here were supposed to look intense but yet it seemed mildly silly and over the top. I just couldn't take this scene seriously at all and of course it almost borrowed from a Wes Craven classic that we all remember from.
Later on Brittney is sleeping and we have a ghostly presence by Ricky coming into her room but of course due to a no budget didn't have that horror type of effect like it was itended to so they tried to make it work for the way is was as well as him wearing his helmet to surprise us later on for what he looks like which doesn't look pretty at all. Also he seems to try to molest her in some sort of way while she's sleeping but this moment looked incredibly rough to watch.
The fun gets going when there's a costume party making you want to join in as well as one of the guests going to the graveyard with some mist which always works well in a horror flick and then has an encounter with Ricky as all of this looked very well done.
After all of this Brittney goes to a place in the great outdoors to get things off her mind and encounters some tough chicks partying there as the setting looked a bit amateurish to watch but makes up for that when she is pitted against some of them and a cat fight breaks out which offered some decent timing.
Two guys pursue to rape her in the story as this did show off some true tension but when it got going it laxked inspiration mainly due to a poor performance. It did make me think that Ricky will come after them and this so happens when these two guys go out on a boat in the lake which is the most memorable scene to anyone who saw this as the sky gets dark and misty in which Ricky terrorises them which looked well done and offering great horror timing.
A decent suspenseful moment when someone is in an outhouse and a pitchfork cuts through the walls to try and kill this person which was an okay slashing moment but of course we saw this in Friday the 13th Part V - A New Beginning. Yet I got a kick out of this version a bit better.
When this suddenly happens both Brittney and her new love Greg gets into a lustful romantic scene with close up shots on all of this that was a total drag which is often common in a horror flick.
During the final terrors that involves Ricky doing his deadly deeds it doesn't come off too powerfully but can be campy horror fun as well as her running away in the misty woods which looked well done as well as the near ending on what to put an end to this maniac as this looked fun and exciting to watch.
Bottom line is that the flick is amateurish and slightly pointless. In other words pretty bad but in an entertaining way. Call me kookie but I kinda dug it as it was campy fun all the way through (Well almost all the way through). Definetely pays a tribute to A Nightmare On Elm Street but this was an obscure one and hard to find since it was barely released in rental stores at the time when video rentals were big. If you're in the mood for a no budgeter and watch it for the laughs then check it out.

It's terrible and amateurish by all mean and only certain one's stand out reviewing so let me dig up some cast members ... Valerie Williams (Brittney) only had the beautiful looks that did the talking since we need a pretty actress to play the lead in a slasher flick. When she gets emotional or freaking out she seriously needed acting lessons big time. It was pretty humiliating.
(Ricky) in the beginning seemed to show off an okay romantic personality and I do mean okay. When he is back fromt he dead however he is way too over the top when he tries to act creepy or obnoxious. He doesn't cut it out at all whatsoever. He can't seem to pull off a horror character whatsoever.
(Sherry) seemed to be clear with her speaking and what she does but however when she acts devastated or scared it shows that she has weak effort into behaving this way. She was not a character actress by any means.
(Greg) is probably the best out of the cast in which he seemed to know his stuff okay as the boy next door type along with showing a concinvingly nice guy type of appeal. He knew on how to act charming too. Plus showed some okay struggling atttitude as well near the end of his performance.

Valerie Williams is out of a bubblebath and a quick breast shot before she covers herself in a towel.
Another breast shot of her in a lustful scene.
exposes his butt while fornicating.

Side of the killers face the flesh is completely torn off.
Persons face is torn off while falling onto a car window.
Sharp object is stabbed through someone's leg.
A person in an outhouse is stabbed by a pitchfork.
Metal object is stabbed through someone's forehead.
Head is bloodied after a meatcleaver is stabbed.

With an amateurishly done film you can't expect much but Stevie Hawkins does his best and seems to do an okay job with his music on this but sometimes it's overly played to the point that it's incredibly annoying as there's icy chiming sounds which suits a story on a nightmarish horror and then there's echoey southern guitar playing for the great outdoors which suits it a little bit nicely. Plus for some romantic lustful scene's has some smooth saxophone and mellow synthesizer playing which sounds pretty decent too.