Fear Street: Part Two-1978 (2021)


Directed by: Leigh Janiak

Written by: Zak Olkewicz & Leigh Janiak

Story by: Zak Olkewicz, Phil Graziadei &Leigh Janiak


Sadie Sink .... Ziggy Berman
Emily Rudd .... Cindy Berman
Ryan Simpkins .... Alice
McCabe Slye .... Tommy Slater
Sam Brooks .... Arnie
Ted Sutherland .... Young Nick Goode

Special Appearances:

Gillian Jacobs .... C. Berman / Adult Ziggy
Ashley Zukerman .... Sheriff Nick Goode

Release Date: Netflix: July 9, 2021




It's summertime at Shadyside and the kids have gone to summer camp at Camp Nightwing but however one of the kids there named Ziggy Berman (Sadie Sink) is being put upon by the bullies being accused on being possessed by a witch centuries ago.
Ziggy's older sister Cindy (Emily Rudd) and her boyfriend Tommy Slater (McCabe Slye), along with a couple of other campers Alice (Ryan Simpkins) and Arnie (Sam Brooks), discovers a diary that has satanic rituals as well as a map leading to a coven in which they go inside the area finding creepy situations as Tommy himself gets possessed and goes on a killing spree doing away the campers with an axe.


A nice start to the film with intense situations on a group of friends struggling against a woman whom is possessed and had to lock her in a bathroom but at the same time things seemed rather confusing. Yet things seem to come together when they look at some diary on what happened in 1978.
When the story starts to roll in the past things looked a little too cheesy and over the top with a girl named Ziggy Berman being pitted by a bunch of bullies led by Sheila as they tie her up and make out they plan to sacrifice her accusing her of being possessed by a witch centuries ago as this really looked uninspired and corny. While watching the story roll along I was hoping that it will get better.
What is even more cheesy is when there's a disturbed nurse at the camp trying to attack and kill Tommy as this looked too planned out and not as shocking as it was supposed to have been.
Tommy and Ziggy's sister Cindy find a diary that has a map as well as having satanic rituals written in the book as I thought that this will get better since on their mission they will find out where this area is on the map.
When the two of them go to a cabin to get their friends Alice and Arnie they discover that they're doing premarital sex as of course we need to have this in a slasher flick. Although it was well focused it looked cheesy like the rest of the story so far.
But it does get better as when they discover a coven the story gets real adventureous and exciting with Arnie goofing around and trying to scare his girlfriend as this time it looked believeable as two teenagers scaring the crap out of each other for fun.
While the group of kids enter the coven things become even more suspenseful with the surroundings as this looked impressive to watch as well as leaving a chill down your spine with what was discovered.
Suddenly Tommy is possessed and goes on a killing spree as there's great fast paced slashings with great dark camera shots on him holding an axe as well as other situations going on as it pays a tribute to the retro slasher flicks that we all enjoyed watching as this will please fans of that type of genre big time.
The two survivors that try to escape are on a field and are cornered by three killers in which one of them wears a mask which also pays homage to other types of horror flicks and a sad moment with these victims by what happens here.
Bottom line is that the story was at first confusing and cheesy but it picks up as well as mentioned paying a tribute to cult classic horror flicks in which the novels by R.L. Stine seems to do just that. Not as good as the first flick but it's not so bad just needed a bit of a push.

The acting is a bit over the top with some of the cast but some of it not too bad. Sadie Sink (Ziggy Berman) knew her part fairly okay as a put upon teen. She reacts well to situations as well as showing off some spunk and energy into whatever she had to do. Plus does well by having an attitude. She drew in her characteristics pretty good.
Emily Rudd (Cindy Berman) who played the older sister really packed a punch with her role in it as she does well by acting mature and serious whenever needed to be as well as having the right motive for all of this as she looked right for this role.
Ryan Simpkins (Alice) was one of the cast members that stood out the most in her role with her loose attitude along with doing well by acting sarcastic and somewhat rebellious too in which she really studied her role pretty good. She definetely came across as a teenager that liked to have a good time.
McCabe Slye (Tommy Slater) was probably the best out of them all in which he showed a nice calmness to his behavior as well as showing off as someone whom is smart too. Then he offers a great versatality when he becomes possessed in which he showed great menacing expressions along with doing great by acting wild whenever he tries to kill someone. He packed a punch big time.
Sam Brooks (Arnie) offered a nice supporting role by portraying a witty teen in which he does well liking to tease others and moments like that. He for sure made his role believeable. His appeal to the camera is fairly okay too. He was a ball of energy indeed as well as offering a fair charm to his part in the story.

A butt shot is revealed from a male teen fornicating.
Breast shot is revealed while in bed.
Butt shot is revealed from a male teen while getting out of bed.

Face is sliced.
A couple decapitations.
Violent bloodsheds.
Someone's leg is mangled with their bone sticking out.

The music put together by Marco Beltrami and Brandon Roberts had a perfect retro feel from the horror films we all remember in which they showed a nice focus on the dark slashing moments with the piano sounds or even other orchestral music too. Alot of strong chanting and vocalising sounds too quarter way through the story.

The film had an awesome soundtrack by 70s artists but the one that stood out the most in a scene was "Cherry Bomb" by the Runways with two horny teens getting it on while listening to it. Plus it was played during the closing credits which seemed necessary with wild singing and guitar playing on it. A great choice.

Gary: What is going on?
Ziggy Berman: My sister's in the toilet.
Gary: What?