Fear Street: Part Three-1666 (2021)


Directed by: Leigh Janiak

Written by: Phil Graziadei, Leigh Janiak & Kate Trefry
R.L. Stine (Novels)


Kiana Madeira .... Sarah Fier / Deena
Ashley Zukerman .... Solomon Goode / Nick Goode
Gillian Jacobs .... Adult Ziggy / C. Berman
Olivia Scott Welch .... Hannah Miller / Samantha Fraser
Darrell Britt-Gibson .... Martin
Jeremy Ford .... Caleb / Peter
McCabe Slye .... Mad Thomas / Tommy Slater
Benjamin Flores Jr. .... Henry / Josh

Release Date: Netflix: July 16, 2021




The origins of Sarah Fier's curse are finally revealed as history comes full circle on a night that changes the lives of Shadysiders forever.


While the story takes place centuries ago we see a village full of people celebrating which was well done along with Sarah Fier and Henry helping a mother pig give birth to a bunch of piglets along with a creepy and mysterious moment on Sarah about to use a knife on the mother pig as this seemed a bit odd and intense to watch as to what she's doing.
Privately Sarah goes off with Hannah Miller as they have a lesbian romance in which this looked interesting to watch because back in the days this story took place people were burned at the stake if you were gay or a lesbian. Then while this moment happens Mad THomas catches them in the act as I got a feeling that something bad is going to happen and of course he goes wild in the village calling out in which this looked incredibly bizarre.
The next day things get strange as their own water is ruined in which they find a dead dog in the well which was truly gross while seeing this moment unravel plus Sarah spots the mother pig as to what she did to her young as this isn't a pleasant moment to spot.
Sarah goes to her chapel in which she sees as to what happens to the people there which isn't a pretty site and a nice moment in a horror story along with the preacher trying to kill her as this was done in a nice twisted fashion.
When dusk broke the locals had a meeting at the chapel claiming that someone is practising witchcraft in which one of the people that attended the meeting whom is Caleb claims that Sarah and Hannah were the one's as this looked powerfully done and then the suspense piles up when the two girls were caught peeking in the window and tries to get away with the people in the village trying to chase after them with torches as this was nicely set out. I cringed to wonder if they will get away.
Then when Sarah tries to get away she flees to a home and finds a passageway to a tunnel in which the adventure looks great when she goes to other areas while the locals tries to find her in the tunnel passsageways which looked well done and making you wonder if she will manage to get away or not.
The sacrifice begins in which the moments looked disturbing and Sarah says that she will have vengeance in which this was a nice moment for a horror story since it always works.
Then we go back to the 20th century as Deena realises as the reason why Shadyside is cursed in which we spot stuff from the previous sequel like one of the possessed teen that was tied in the bathroom and so fourth explaining as to why this is happening.
What's really clever is that they go to the area that took place in 1666 to put a stop to the curse as of course times have changed like their local mall being built but kept the tree inside the place as that was where the sacrifice happened and so fourth.
Then they conjure up the dead people that were responsible for the sacrifice and the terror begins big time but at the same time as to how they brought them there seemed a bit corny.
Bottom line is that the story seemed entertaining in some spots and slow in others as well as it being a little too long and tiresome. I enjoyed it quarter way through when it took place in 1994 and they go on a mission to the mall to put an end to the evil forces that surrounded Shadyside since it was common in the novels.

The acting is fairly well performed but only certain ones stand out so let's take a look here .... Kiana Madeira (Sarah Fier / Deena) seemed to pull it off well by playing two different characters as the one from the past does a nice job by speaking an accent that was common for that century. She was also very strong minded in her part and shows off alot of great energy and enthusiasm into everything that she does in the story.
Olivia Scott Welch (Hannah Miller / Samantha Fraser) does well with her innocent behavior as well as her mellow attitude. Does a good job with her speaking as well as her romantic behavior. Plus does a nice job when she is chained up having her emotional attitude.
Darrell Britt-Gibson (Martin) added a ton of pizzaz into his role as he was on the ball within whatever he did showing a great amount of energy. He seemed to react well to whatever happens in the story and really worked hard on his characteristics.
Jeremy Ford (Caleb / Peter) seemed to do the job playing somewhat a cocky and arrogant teen in which he came across nicely onto the camera within his performance. Does a nice job acting like a bully along with the right looks and motive.
McCabe Slye (Mad Thomas / Tommy Slater) brought on the hype big time with his larger than life performance just going nuts as well as just someone who seems unsafe to be around. Was perfectly loud within his speaking along with the right strange looks which was a plus to his character.

Eyes are plucked out.
Pig eats her young.
Hand is chopped off.

The music was composed very nicely as we hear some violin playing which has that sound for the time it took place and was quite catchy. Also there's some hissing and tapping sounds for the terrors that comes with it. Plus some great high pitched screeching sounds too as this had a nice dark feel to it all. Also there's some vocal harmonising quarter way through which works in well for the scene's that needed to do so.