Ghostkeepers (2012)

Directed by: Anthony D.P. Mann

Written by: Anthony D.P. Mann & Bill Bossert


Christian Pawlowski .... Barry Bird
Jennifer Verardi .... Raike
Jenny Costanzo .... Amber
Anthony D.P. Mann .... Victor Brimstone
Sherri Patterson .... Vera Sunset
Barry Yuen .... Hatcher

Release Dates: Direct-to-DVD: December, 2009; Blood in the Snow Film Festival: November 30, 2013




The cast of a horror movie reunites to celebrate their success and get more than they bargained for in Marlowe House. Can they survive a horrifying night of Ghosts, Demonic Possessions, Murder and REVENGE?


In the beginning we spot a moment with an agent Maury Wong talking on his cell phone while driving as this looked amateurish with the voice on the other end not sounding like it's coming from a phone at all which I had a bad feeling that I was in for a badly budgeted flick.
Then we have the two main characters Barry and Raike getting prepared for everything in the home as well as their discussions which looked totally unnatural and quite amateurishly done. I was starting to get a real sinking feeling with all of this coming together already but eventually things start to improve.
Things seemed to roll in well when the other guests start to enter the home and revealing their personalities towards one another which made the story flow pretty good here.
Things seem to spark up with Barry doing his podcast show interviewing everyone in which things were pretty energised on what everyone was talking about and the scene's looked highly entertaining. Plus some effective moments when Raike hears something and gets suspicious as well as a good green light shining on her when she checks out a mirror and a reflection on a ghostly child appears as this looked well done.
A nice written in moment with an innkeeper Hatcher discussing about what went on in the house and rumors on it being haunted but on how it was all done looked uninspired and too over the top. Quite amateurish as well.
Nice moments on a scene that had a grindhouse shot to it all with some of these characters wearing masks which involves Victor Brimstone strangling Vera Sunset as well as a suicidal attempt with Barry using a razor to his neck which boggles you as to wonder why this is happening when a story is being told but yet the moments could've looked a little stronger and more convincing too.
Nice moment with Raike going up to an attic with her iphone to check stuff out and spotting an object in a glass of a door as this looked mildly spooky as well as her slowly approaching the door and cautiously going in and spotting a lit up candle there with a good blue light shot on her looking nervous as well.
This gives you the chills in a mild fashion. Meanwhile a good moment with both Barry and Amber outside smoking a joint and having a light conversation as this seemed to fit in well for a horror flick while Raike slowly goes towards the candle and behind her the ghost of the child is staring at her leaving a nice haunting type of feeling to the story.
Then a discussion happens between Victor and Vera on certain situations with their serious moments but this scene looked as dull as watching a daytime TV soap opera.
Then another moment is when Amber tries talking to something in which is supposed to have us hinting that it's a ghost but this doesn't really leave an effective feel to anything at all.
Well concentrated moment with everyone doing a seance around a table with a candle as well as a good moment on some of them confessing their past and showing unpleasant flashback memories as it fits in nicely due to the lack of the budget of the film as well as some people getting emotional about it all as this looked well done too. Plus a good moment on AMber being briefly possessed speaking the child's voice as this was done in a decent style too.
Great drawn in conversation between Victor telling Vera something about his past later on which looked strongly done and very natural when we see all of this happening. It was very well dramatic too.
Powerful moment with Hatcher going into the home and what happens as this almost makes you jump with a strong force doing something to him.
Bottom line is that this was barely passable as a horror flick in which there really isn't anything horrifying except for a child of a ghost that's harmless along with what happens near the end. I almost had doubts on reviewing this but it can be in that genre regardless so here it is. Made on a weak budget with a half decent story. But it's pretty bland stuff regardless.

The acting is is passable shape for certain one's and not too good for others but I will dig some up.... Christian Pawlowski (Barry Bird) seemed to show some interesting excitement and pizzaz when hosting his podcast but at times when he has conversations is a little too over the top and unnatural. He was trying too hard by what he did here. In other spots he had some decent timing for what he had to do.
Jennifer Verardi (Raike) was too over the top within whatever she did and needed acting lessons especially within her discussions which looked way too acted out. She was too hyperactive withinwhatever she did. But however there were some good moments when she is cautious or almost frightened on things. Also a good moment during seance she is upset and emotional which looked not too badly done so there's some nice pointers there as well.
Jenny Costanzo (Amber) really brought in a ton of spunk into her role as well as having a good bubbly type of behavior too. Shows good energy and enthusiasm into her conversations or doing a seance within all that she did here. I found that she had one of the most effective roles into all that she did here.
Anthony D.P. Mann (Victor Brimstone) was the best out of the whole cast as he too showed some nice spunk into his role. He was believeably charming too by how he came across onto the camera. Also does well with his witty behavior as well as showing a nice seriosuness whenever he needed to behave this way. Plus was great crying on set when he discusses a touching situation.
Sherri Patterson (Vera Sunset) offered a somewhat cocky but at the same time a nice and outgoing behavior. Plus does a nice job getting into a discussion as she shows a good mellow type of behavior whenever she performed this way. She draws in okay with her supporting role. Also had the nice girl looks too.
Barry Yuen (Hatcher) however was way too over the top and corny in his role as an innkeeper. He didn't seem to get the knack in his part of the film as he was way too goffy whenever he performed his role. He had the right looks without looking too creepy as his role was more of a modern type of person. I just don't see him making a success.

Someone slashes their neck with a razor but it's not too gruesome.

There's the odd strong trombone playing for the near suspenseful moments as well as some thumping and crashing sounds blending in not too badly. Also some deep violin music too along with some hissing and whispering leaving it a decent haunting feel to it all. But at the same time the music sounded a little too overly dubbed but of course this flick was barely made on any budget whatsoever so it shows that off big time. Some nice weeping violin music which shines off nicely too.