Ghoulies IV (1994)


Directed by: Jim Wynorski

Written by: Mark Sevi


Peter Liapis .... Jonathan Graves
Barbara Alyn Woods .... Kate
Stacie Randall .... Alexandra
Raquel Krelle .... Jeanie
Bobby Di Cicco .... Scotty

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: August 17, 1994




Small satanic creatures called forth from the netherworld, the Ghoulies were summoned by the young Jonathan Graves (Peter Liapis) during a black magic ritual and are now roaming the city of Los Angeles searching for a way home.
An escapee named Alexandra (Stacie Randall) goes on a killing spree and summons up her master the Demon who needs a sacrifice along with two of the Ghoulies who are not having success while a rule breaking cop named Joanthan Graves who is having trouble getting his life together tries to stop her but is wearing a necklace that seems to take control of him too.
But one of Graves' mistresses named Jeanie (Raquel Krelle) seems to be perfect for a sacrifice and Graves must rescue her before the necklace controls him to wreck havoc.


A cool beginning with Alexandra walking into the scene with her laser gun and does an impressive job by hiding behind a couple of people and shooting them as there's alot of sharp moments on how she easily outnumbered them and the bodies pile up. Then starts a pentagram by summoning up her god as this looked good and dark with neat lighting effects and hearing his demonic voice which was catchy.
Then things looked trashy with Jonathan Graves having a corny discussion with his sidekick Scotty in his vehicle before going into a corner store while we see a rough neck in the store as it gives away that this dude is about to rob the place.
We have some nice action sequences with Jonathan Graves and his gun fighting in a corner store. Nice shots on him shooting his gun as this looked intense and powerful.
There's nice and effective conversation between Jonathan and Kate disagreeing with stuff as things looked perfectly well focused as well as these moments being sharp in which there's other scene's on them behaving like this which shines off well.
We spot a good shot on Scotty driving in his car and Alexandra is in the backseat coming on strong with him which looks truly lustful and comedic.
A good shot on Jonathan washing his face and then looking up into his bathroom mirror wearing the necklace and showing a sneering expression on his face.
A nice camera shot looking up on a woman while talking onto a cell phone in a car as well as nice freaked out actions when the car is in control by driving fast. Things are impressive with a demonic voice talking to her on the radio in which it's disturbing when she can't control the vehicle and this car crashes through others on a highway. Makes things hard to watch for sure and the moments are perfectly intense.
We briefly see a corny discussion between someone mugging an innocent victim which could've looked a little better as it looked a little too slapstick. None if it looked like that there was any effort to make this piece seem entertaining. Also we have the two bumbling ghoulies trying to save her or getting invovled with other things as this looked rather bland and hoping things will get better.
There's a good gothic conversations between Alexandra and Demon in an alley way with a light shining on them. Plus good moments on her bringing a street person to use as a sacrifice and spotting this person suddenly growing devil horns while this is happening.
Perfect sharp discussions between Jeanie getting sarcastic towards Kate on their discussion on Jonathan as well as wondering if a fight will happen between the two of them. It draws you in quite well when you spot all of this happening.
There is an inside of a sanitarium with the inmates which really lacked but was interesting saying it's the Old Hockstatter Sanitarium paying a tribute to Wynorski's flicks like Sorority House Massacre 2 and so fourth. Plus we have thunder and lightning striking which adds to the cheesiness like we've seen in that flick too.
More cheesy moments with inmates coming out of the sanitarium cornering Kate as you wonder if she will be helpless and then springs into her defensive action which added some tongue in cheek with her battling in a fun way.
Nice effects when a demonic ceremony is gonna happen with Demon looking ghostly surrounding Jeannie tied up and stormy winds and other moments happening. A perfect moment with Jonathan acting possessed and about to attack Kate outside of the sanitarium. Also looked strong making you wonder if something is going to happen to him or not or will he be rescued from being possessed.
Bottom line is that this film brings back the real Ghoulies series except the creatures are different this time but there's flashbacks from the first film. We have neat fantasy moments in the film and some corny scripting too but nothing too terrible. Nice cheesy effects and goofy ghoulies but like the rest the plot is very average but fun.

The acting is actually fairly decent as we have a nice performance by lead actor Peter Liapis (Jonathan Graves) as a drunken but tough as nails cop who brings alot of pizzaz to his part. He reprises his role from the first flick but performs very different this time in which he shows alot of great pizzaz and always on the ball with his battles and other moments like that. Was good with his charming and witty attitude too and knew on how to portray the man of the law springing into action. Does well with his possessed expressions as well as doing a good job by acting evil quarter way through so he still has the knack for that too.
Barbara Allen Woods
(Kate) is also another one who stands out as a female cop with a good and straighforward strict attitude. She does well by acting stern during one point too during an argument. She had a perfect sharp attitude as well as a tough as nails personality too. Had the right appeal to play someone whom is wise and on the ball too. Shows a good no bullshit type of behavior to top it off as was good in her blocking when she needed to defend herself coming across as a good action figure.
Stacie Randell
(Alexandra) looked stunning in her role as an evil lustful one raising murders and hell. Shows a good powerful type of behavior and does a great job shooting her weapon and having great skill in whatever she does in this story. Also seemed to do a good job getting serious talking to her master too. When she shows her tempting behavior she seems to overdo it a bit but not too much. Another great performance by her when she is about to do a sacrifice.
Raquel Krelle
(Jeanie) also looked good in her performance as a kind of prostitute adding a nice touch to this horror film. Was convincing with her sarcasm as well as doing a good job acting uptight in other scene's. Plus does well with her high energy whenever she is talking. She reacts well being tied up during this moment showing alot of great energy.
Bobby Di Cicco (Scotty) seemed to do an okay job as a dimwitted sidekick cop. Does all his stuff in a convincing way as a typical idiot. He was good getting on your nerves when he doesn't get anything that is told to him as well as doing a nice job acting like a pussy too. He was a typical goofball which he can portray onto the screen.

There is a brief butt shot on Peter Liapis when he puts some pants on.

A guy is bloodied but not too gruesome.

We got some great and fun synthesizer music for the film sounding adventureous and cheesy too performed by Chuck Cirino whom has composed for many of Wynorski's future projects as well as numerous other cheesy horror flicks. Nice cheesy sounds for the slapstick moments as we've heard it in the past flicks and it does change greatly later on when the serious moments happen with the warlock sounding great and deep which sounds more unique compared to what we've heard so far. Also good sounds for the action as some of it almost sounds similar to what you'd hear in Miami Vice. There's odd tapping sounds and a good strong female and other chantings during a demonic ceremony quarter way through. Yup, this person was very versatile with his work and should be proud of himself.