Guilty Pleasures (1997)

Produced, Written & Directed by: Joseph F. Parda & Joe Zaso


Sasha Graham .... RoseMarie Curtis/Monica Larraby
Alexandra Paulhiac .... Silvia Resino
Eraldo Maglara .... Jerome Fenner
Joe Zaso .... Phillip Dargent
Liz Haverty .... Louise
Joseph Marzano .... Claude DeCarlo
Carl Marchese .... Bill Randazzo
Rick Poli .... Frank
Kevin Ratigan .... Joe Braygin
Ruby Honeycat .... Kim
Hank Poje .... Detective
Ellen Sauchelli .... Amy
Johanna Haggerty .... Amanda
Xavier Domingo .... Monica's Father

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: October 31, 1997








A two part horror anthology of two women named Silvia (Alexandra Paulhiac) and RoseMarie (Sasha Graham) each with a bit in common as they are both beautiful and live in the same building.
Not only that, they both are living a terrifying nightmare. Silvia has an abusive boyfriend, a prank caller and a hands on police detective.
Also a serial killer is on the loose killing nude models.
Can any of these people mentioned be the killer?

RoseMarie however, wants to break into the business of theatre acting along with an old friend named Monica who demands a re-union... Even if she has to kill to have it.
RoseMarie encounters some bloody murders as well as the spirit of her dead mother.
Is RoseMarie losing it?


In the chapter "Nocturnal Emissions" by Joseph A. Parda is very amateurish. The scene is extremely slow with the dispute between Monica Larraby and Jerome Fenner  in a restaurant and none of it looks believeable especially with his violent actions.
There is a good camera shot on Monica on the phone hearing a prank call which looked okay as it gave that Scream type of feel to it but in a no budget way.
Interesting dark shot with a car and a hole being dug up to bury a corpse.
The camera circles around Monica and Kim by having a conversation as it looks sloppy and annoying.
There's a scene when she is posing to get her pictures taken for a model shoot. The camera zooms back and fourth on both Kim and the photographer as it looks like someone is supposed to be videotaping them talking like what you'd see in Blair Witch Project but it isn't so another low pointer on this.
A fairly descent conversation with Monica about the murder that occurred with Phillip Dargent and his detective although the camera was jiggly. A lame camera shot with a special effects background on him and his detective chasing after a suspect as they don't look believeable with their running.
Phillip and Monica looked not too bad at times talking to one another alone in a restaurant as she almost does well at being hesitant at times. There were other times it looked too silly with Phillip acting a little excited about stuff.
There are some artsy camera shots between Monica and Phillip with their lustful scene's together.
A good shot on Phillip speaking and staring at himself in a mirror with a towel wrapped around him.

Joe Zaso did the second piece in this flick titled "Method to the Madness" as there are some good shots around Manhattan with the buildings and Broadway posters.
There is a cheesy discussion between RoseMarie and Louise as roomates in an apartment when she mocks her about wanting to be an actress which looks too over the top. 

There is a good shot on a photo and some scissors cutting it along with shots on some roses too.
There's a scene with Claude DeCarlo trying to hypnotise RoseMarie but it looks very fake. However there is a moment when he smacks her which looks not too bad.
A good shot on RoseMarie staring at the phone with a message for her on it as well as a shot on the phone too showing a nice suspenseful moment.
There is a good shot on her staring at a door as it is knocking and it looks good when she loses it and screams. 
We see a good moment with RoseMarie staring freaked out at what she sees as well as a shot on someone with a ghost like face and a nice shot on a struggling scene with the two of them.

There's a great intense performance by her alone with Bill Randazzo as he is chained up to a wall when she expresses her insanity towards him as well as good shots on him being tortured by thorns from a rose.

Bottom line: An ok no budgeter as the first part of this movie was alot like Scream and the second one very much reminded me of those Fear Street novels by R.L. Stine whom I'm a fan of.  However, the camcorder camera looked extremely cheap along with the lighting it's sometimes hard to believe that it would be released like this.

In Nocturnal Emissions, the acting is quite bad for some of the supporting cast but not too shabby with some of the leads. Sasha Graham (Monica Larraby) seems to do a fairly good job with her acting skills compared to the raw quality of this flick showing some character to her part in it as the one who is being stalked by the deadly prank caller. She is quite a natural with her character as she plays someone with a split personality which is hard to do. She is fairly good when she loses her mind and balls out shaking her head.
Indie scream king Joe Zaso (Phillip Dargeant) as a detective however didn't impress me too much as he overly does it alot of times. Offers good face expressions by looking menacing but his actions were too melodramatic. Sorry Joe.
Supporting actress Ruby Honeycat (Kim) as the model in the film was god awful with her acting as I wasn't convinced the slightest with her work in it.
She doesn't look beliebeable at all when posing to get her pictures taken for a model shoot. She also looks phony by being frightened when she is attacked and her screaming lacks big time.

In Method to the Madness, the acting is a bit better as Sasha Graham (RoseMarie Curtis) plays another character in this film who seemed quite good with her intensity in it. 
Carl Marchese (Bill Randazzo) also is fine as her shrink trying to help her out with her problems.  
However, Joseph Marzano (Claude DeCarlo) is too mellodramatic as his role playing a nasty stage director.
However there is a moment when he smacks his fellow actress which looks not too bad.

Plenty of nudity in Nocturnal Emissions
Sasha Graham undresses and her breasts are exposed.
Ruby Honeycat flashes her breasts during a model shoot. She also takes it off again while getting undressed.
A breast shot and brief butt shot on Graham during a sex scene as well as a brief butt shot on Zaso in a shower with her.

In Nocturnal Emissions a  small butcher knife is stabbed in a model's head bloodied.

In Methods to the Madness we have some bloody stabbings
A wounded bloodied head
Bloody scars from thorns of a rose
Bloodied head

There's some good chiming synthesizer music along with a cheesy organ keyboard sounding during the opening credits and in some other spots too by Jerry Djerassi .

We have a good heavy metal score by Voodoo Storm with their song "Scar" for the "Nocturnal Emissions" chapter during the slaughtering moments.