Kelly Kole: Hanging with America's Favorite Genre Pin-up by Brian Kirst

A favorite of the original (and much lamented) Femme Fatales magazine, which focused on her roles in the horror films 'Jack Tricking' and 'Alone' , Kelly Kole has gone on to have a varied and fabulous career. Besides appearing as Debbie on 'The Sopranos' , Kole has inspired comic book artists, photographers and fantasy illustrators galore. Her own book 'Introducing Kelly Madison Kole' is a stunning tribute to her life in art and her captivating website, promises to get even more intricate and exciting in the months to come. So set aside your own easels and watercolors for a moment and enter the world of your favorite illustrated genre pin-up queen - Kelly Madison Kole!


Brian: You have a photo/piece in the December 1999 issue of the original (and greatly lamented) 'Femme Fatales' that is fabulous. As an experienced, highly sought after model, do you have a favorite layout or photo experience?

Kelly: I have been lucky to do several types of shoots in so many different genres. I wanted to break the mold of just staying in one arena (i.e. swimsuit, fetish, nudity, bondage, gothic etc.) I love the whole energy on a set. I really don't have one favorite layout. But I look at them all and it's weird to know that's me.

Brian: I imagine that you are best known for playing "Debbie" on two episodes of the wildly popular 'Sopranos'. What are your memories about working on such an amazingly popular production as that?

Kelly: When I got the role I didn't realize the shows popularity. I was always traveling and didn't have time for TV. I heard of it but never knew much of it. When I got the role the producer told me to get ready for a lot of exposure. Yet I still didn't realize. Honestly sometimes I don't know if it's fully hit me yet. Everyone was great to work with. - Very nice and down to earth. I ate lunch with James Gandolfini and he actually seemed shy to me but who knows. Mike Imperioli was very friendly and I was giving him my opinion on acting and training and he was a good sounding board and had some good replies. I enjoyed it. I would do it again in heart beat!

Brian: You were photographed for a comic called 'The Raven' which sounded very interesting. Did that project ever get off the ground and if so how did the resulting comic turn out?

Kelly: The comic book came out and until you just reminded me I haven't seen my copies! Sometimes it's hard to remind people to send you stuff for your portfolio!

Brian: As a model for fantasy artist Yves Plateau what has been the most outlandish thing that you have been re-imagined as?

Kelly: Yves Plateau was the first artist but I have worked with many across the US and internationally. Ray Leaning from the UK just released his book the "Muse" and I am in that. As well as Dave Nestler! I'm in a few of his pin up books. I love creativity and the artists view of me whether a photographer or artist! It all moves me and just gets me excited and enthusiastic.

Brian: After having appeared in two horror films, 'Jack Tripping' and 'Alone' are there any particular roles or types of films that you would love to tackle in the future?

Kelly: I would love to do an action film. I really want to be challenged. I would love to do a foreign film especially in the UK. There is something that draws me to British films. I did go to grade school there as a child.

Brian: Lastly, any future plans or words of wisdom that you would like to leave us with?

Kelly: I published a book a while ago available at and and I am currently working on second book. My site is going to be live this fall all types of memberships!

Brian: Cool, Kelly. We'll look forward to that. Thanks so much for taking the time to chat!