Krampus: The Reckoning (2015)


Produced, Written, Edited & Directed by: Robert Conway


.... Dr. Rachel Stewart
 .... Zoe Weaver
 .... Detective Miles O'Connor
.... Dr. Tom Jennings
.... Lamaar Coelman
.... Joe Mooney

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: November 3, 2015



A disturbed little girl named Zoe Weaver (Amelia Haberman) uses some sort of voodoo dolls to control Krampus to kill her foster parents and is sent to a mental hospital and has other deadly plans for people whom are naughty or have a dark past in their lives.


The film leaves a somewhat impressive moment when a Grandmother tells two little girls the story of Santa along with Krampus as to what happens when kids are naughty as this seemed to draw me in a bit with this scenario happening but yet afterwards the story got a little dull.
However there's an impressive moment with the young strange child Zoe and possessing her somewhat voodoo dolls with a Krampus one leaving a clue to what will unravel here along with her wicked foster parent locking her in her own room as this looked somewhat convincingly dysfunctional.
The terror starts to strike with the foster parents revealing the Krampus character as this demon looked not too badly done as well as to what happens later on. However I wasn't overly entertained by this at the same time.
Then Zoe is sent to a hospital and a nice discussion with the counsellor Dr. Rachel Stewart towards this child and this brat just being negative in which the timing seemed to be on track.
The Krampus demon strikes one of the employees from the hospital at his home for being negative towards a solicitor but this wasn't too thrilling to watch apart from this victim burning up in smoke.
The story improves a bit better in which we have good discussions between Rachel and Detective Miles O'Connor with them seeming to fall in love with one another as well as him discussing what happened to him and so fourth which looked well dramatically done and the moments here looked quite natural.
A good natural situation with Zoe in the hospital talking mean to one of the patients there with her scarred face which looked a bit disturbing to watch as well as one of the workers talking to her about this and this little brat getting nasty towards her as all of this looked quite powerfully done.
The excitement really happens when Rachel gets more stern talking to Zoe with her being silent but then catches you by surprise on what she does to this woman which offered perfect psychotic timing. I won't give it away but this scene was worth a watch.
Rachel afterwards goes to a bar to have a discussion with Miles as their conversations flowed well like during the rest of their scene's of course and then a drunken regular there approaches Miles to stir up trouble as you wonder if a fight will break out since this looked very convincing.
A well focused lustful romantic sequence occurs between Miles and Rachel in which this is a nightmare sequence when something suddenly happens as it looked a bit effective for viewers who enjoy horror flicks for sure such as myself.
Then like always there's a confrontation with Zoe towards Rachel on her dark past as this is common in a horror story such as this one which looked quite well done and is pretty watchable when we find out as to what happens to her in the end.
Bottom line is that this story was really starting to lack but it picked up a bit and was fairly entertaining for what it was. Doesn't have the right Christmas atmosphere as there was no snow or anything since it was shot in Arizona. Certainly has some dark moments while watching the film but it isn't that great either.

The acting is surprisingly good for a bad movie in which (Dr. Rachel Stewart) does a nice job as the understanding type as well as having a good calm type of behavior as this shows off well. She also does well with her discussions towards others along with having a nice romantic type of attitude too. Also does well acting emotional for when the frightening moments happen to her. A convincing character actress.
Child actress  (Zoe Weaver) was the best in t he cast with her expressionless and emotionless attitude and acting perfectly disturbed as well as coming across as believeably nasty along with lashing out as she was a true force of nature. Shows a perfect sharpness in her behavior and was perfectly wicked within all that she did here. I can see her going places with her career.
 (Detective Miles O'Connor) really brought on a great charming type of personality to his part of the film as well as a good deepness to his speaking adding a nice seriousness but real uplifting appeal to all that he did. Had the right looks to portray this role as well as really getting into what he was talking about. He certainly made his part pretty likeable by what he did.

Two foster parents are lusting towards one another in bed with butts revealed as well as the foster mother herself exposing her bare breasts.
Two couples are lusting with the male's butt very much exposed and the female exposes her breasts in many different sequences.
Bare breasts revealed in a shower scene.

Bodies and faces are scarred and burned to death.  
Heart is ripped out from a woman's chest.

The music is put together by Owen Conway and Kevin Tye in which they lack inspiration big time. Although I've heard worst this sounded weakly done with icy sounds and hissing noises as well as scraping sounds in which the music is the big part to make the scene's effective but this just doesn't cut it at all. However, there's a moment during a nightmare sequence as well as someone discussing their past which worked in fairly well but that was about it. Also there's some annoying synthesizer music repeatedly playing during the near end of the film that was driving me nuts!!!!