Lake Placid 2 (2007)

Directed by: David Flores

Written by:
Todd Hurvitz & Howie Miller


John Schneider .... Sheriff Riley
Sarah Lefleur .... Emily
Sam McMurray .... Struthers
Chad Collins .... Scott Riley
Alicia Ziegler .... Kerri
Joe Holt .... Ahmad
Ian Reed Kessler .... Thad
Justin Uhrich .... Larry
Cloris Leachman .... Sadie Bickerman
VJ Kewl .... Rachel
Robert Blush .... Frank
Jonas Talkington .... Cal Miner
Terrence H. Winkless .... Deputy Davis

Release Date: Made-for-Cable: April 28, 2007




After 8 years of a giant crocodile terrorising country locals at Lake Placid more were bred in the lake as people are being eaten up by either swimming or fishing there.
Sheriff Riley (John Schneider) who also takes after his son Scott (Chad Collins) goes on the hunt to kill two of them as well as questioning a local there named Sadie Bickerman (Cloris Leachman) since she was a suspect for the last incident that happened there before.
Scott meets up with a girl named Kerri (Alicia Ziegler) and her smart ass boyfriend Thad (Ian Reed Kessler) in which they all hang out at the lake and party out with their other friends but suddenly they realise there's four other crocodiles nearby after the other two were killed in which they also find a nest there with eggs.
One by one they are cornered and eaten up and it's up to Sheriff Riley and his team to try and rescue them from the grips of these giant killer crocs.


There's a beginning of a story which is almost similar to the first one but not as good with two bumbling people fishing whom is Frank and Tillman having a corny discussion as this looked too set out and unnatural. However a good camera shot zooming towards Tillman's hand as this looked suspensefully done as well we have a fast almost jumping moment when he is attacked from something in the water as this added good timing and shocking results too.
While the story is running there's some teenagers skinny dipping as well as a guy joining them and having a good time in which the story drags while we watch this all happening. Looked a little amateurishly done. It especially looked badly done when they're attacked by the crocodile.
Passable discussion with Sheriff Riley talking to his son Scott and getting stern with him for getting fresh with him. Looked like a convincing father to son talk.

Nice approach with Sheriff Riley and his troops trying to talk with Sadie Bickerman about the crocodile incidents as well as her being unpleasant. Plus we see her discussing about her dead sister from the previous flick as it sticks to it's roots that this one is a definete sequel to the first one.
There's dull situations when the team plans to trap a hog to use for bait for the crocodile approaching and the CGI effects looked phony when we see this large beast coming in. Plus there's a moment when one of them tries to wrap something around it's mouth when it is sleeping after being drugged as this keeps you in suspense and having a bad feeling that something terrifying is going to happen after this moment. This is a good jumping moment. Yet the CGI effects once again is off when the shocking moments happen.
Good shots on everyone on a boat looking for the crocodile as well as good suspenseful moments on this reptile attacking it and breaking it apart even if the effects looked off still.
Good natural moments with Scott getting aquainted with Kerri as well as her cocky boyfriend Thad which looked believeable with teens associating towards one another as well as Thad getting fresh on stuff which leaves an impression that this boy is a bad influence. The scene worked in perfectly well.
There's a moment with Sadie leading a businessman named Cal to a pier and showing what's in the lake as well as her telling him she's going to bring a snack as this leaves a creepy feeling that she's setting him up for the crocdile's next meal.
We have silly moments with the teens hanging out at the lake and one of them acting sexist. Plus we have a girl sunbathing and feels someone breathing over her thinking it's one of her boyfriends and it's a crocodile as this for sure looked pretty corny.
Nice moments with Sheriff Riley trying to use a spear gun on the boat to kill a crocodile and we have annoying Struthers flying the plane in his way causing damage and tearing both these vehicles apart which looked effective to watch.
There's discussions on the team discussing on camping out and then a cheesy moment with a thunder storm occuring as this looked too set out that this suddenly happens.
Nice situation when Thad finds some crocodile eggs and goofs around with them as well as Scott demanding him to put them back as well as standing up to him. Plus a nice aggressive approach by Thad towards him as this for sure looked intinidating on a bully towards someone else. A good moment with the mother croc coming up from behind Thad as well as both Struthers and Kerri telling him not to turn around as of course we get this moron being ignorant about it all and knowing that he's going to be next which works well into a horror flick.
Perfect suspenseful moments with Scott, Kerri and Larry trying to run away from the crocodile with this thing really jumping to try and trap them as well as as them trying to climb a tree branch as this looked well shot and them trying to stay up there with Larry asleep and falling down thinking he's i=on the ground and then we realise that he's sleeping on the back of the crocodile sleeping as well which gives you the chills wondering if the beast will wake up.
Nice shots on Scott and Kerri being cornered by more than one crocodile and them trying to figure on how to get away.
Nice creepy moments on both Kerri and Scott talking to Sadie asking if she has kids as well as her seeming disturbed on situations as well as when the moments on crocodiles are brought up which is done in a good horror fashion.
Perfect creepy situation when Sadie tries to bring Kerri to the pier and then forces her with a crocodile coming in for the kill which looked perfectly intense when we watch this happening. A great shot on this monster leaping up.
Alot of good action sequences with Sheriff Riley trying to snuff out the crocdiles in the forest which looked well done.
Bottom line is that this a disappointing sequel and it's a bit slow with corny discussions and weak special effects to top it all off. This sequel was taken in a different direction this time and not as good of a budget. There's good father and son moments along with your stupid everyday teenagers being attacked by crocodiles along with the odd jumping scene with the attacks. The forestry still looked good as well as the camera shots used in this film but the story borrows a bit from Tobe Hooper's Crocodile.

The acting is half decent as we get former Dukes of Hazzard TV superstar/country singer John Schneider (Sheriff Riley) playing the lead as a lawman in the film he seemed a bit wooden with his actions and trying too hard to pull off this role. He knew how to act stern when he needed to be and very caring too. Also shows some decent energy when trying to battle away the vicious reptiles and does it in nice style. He wasn't terrible but seemed to need a bit of a push.
Sarah Lefleur (Emily) seemed to pull off a good smart type of woman role as she does it with nice style as well as a good sharp attitude. Had the right looks for her part in the film. Adds some nice characteristics into all that she did here. Offers good energy during the terrors.
Sam McMurray
(Struthers) really pulled his part off well as a sarcastic and stubborn one in the film showing great characteristics to his role. He definetely came across as the convincingly cocky idiot that you really feel like punching in the head that he gets on your nerves that much. Also makes you hope he will get his in the end.
Chad Collins
(Scott Riley) does a fine job as a decent kid next door type of role with his true energy and nice charms. Plus does a good job portraying a typical teenager getting fresh at times. Also has the guy next door attitude too which shines off. Plus does well getting stern when someone else does something that could lead to danger just being in the position and doing this greatly.
Alicia Ziegler
(Kerri) really knew how to bring out her fears and disturbed action about it while being attacked by these crocodiles as well as showing a nice attitude to her role. Also had the perfect good girl appeal to her part of the film acting believeably mature and reacting to stuff quite well. Shows a good innocence to everything that she did throughout everything.
Ian Reed Kessler
(Thad) was a good character actor playing a smart ass rebelious type in the film making his role come to life. He shows good expressions and attitude too. Had the nice near brawny football jock look too. Does well acting full of himself, having a don't mess with me personality and coming off perfectly arrogant as well as ignorant drive which makes you want to dislike him for his intimidating and obnoxious persona.
We've got a goofy performance by Justin Uhrich (Larry) playing a male shauvinist plus was good with his creeped out behavior acting like a big scared child. Sometimes he was over the top by how he behaved especially when he shows off swimming in the lake. Yet he stands out and will be remembered in his performance in this one.
Cloris Leachman
(Sadie Bickerman) this time takes on the role as the crocodile feeder as she seems a little more wicked which is a good thing and brings on her comedic side just as well too.
Shows off a good aggressive and unfriendly attitude during one of the first appearances in the film. Also knew on how to react disturbed by what someone tells or asks her along with acting good and forceful towards someone else at a pier of the lake really plunging into her part marvellously.
Robert Blush (Frank) seemed awfully wooden in his part of the film but seemed like a convincing airhead nevertheless by what he did. He was a bit low on energy alot of the times by how we see him do his stuff. Yet reacts well to being creeped out when terror strikes him.

Two actresses played by Yana Marinova and Zhasmina Toshkova are skinny dipping in a lake with their breasts fully exposed.
VJ Kewl
takes off the top of her bikini to sunbathe breasts totally exposed.

People's arms are bitten off
A head is chomped off
Some bodies are chewed up

Nathan Furst composes some good violin playing in a fast paced way with the crocodile attacking during many scene's of the movie. Plus there's the odd screeching sound along with some cheesy but fun synthesizer music. The music is more powerful than in the first flick as well as standing out loud and clear. Lots of great trombone playing and drum poundings too like in the first flick.

Sheriff Riley: After a while crocodile