Land of the Dead (2005)

Written & Directed by: George A. Romero


Simon Baker .... Riley
John Leguizamo .... Cholo
Dennis Hopper .... Kaufman
Asia Argento .... Slack
Robert Joy .... Charlie
Eugene Clark .... Big Daddy
Tony Nappo .... Foxy
Jennifer Baxter .... Number 9
Pedro Miguel Arce .... Pillsbury
Krista Bridges .... Motown
Alan Van Sprang .... Brubaker

Special Appearance:

Tom Savini .... Machete Zombie

Release Date: Theatrical: June 24, 2005



The dead have already taken over the world but pretend to act like they are still human as they manage to become smarter.
A group of military soldiers still try to kill them off one by one distracting them with fireworks but somehow their machine to set the fireworks off doesn't seem to work.
They head back to their walled in city which is blocked from the dead to try and get in. Eventually the dead find a way to get in and is killing the people one by one eating them alive.
There is a wealthy group of people living in a sealed skyscrapers across the river led by a scumbag named Kaufman (Dennis Hopper).
Protecting the others working for the wealthy group is an enormous tank called Dead Reckoning, controlled by a group of people led by Riley (Simon Baker).
But when Riley loses command of the tank to an insane man bent on destroying the city, he must save it from Dead Reckoning as those who walk beyond the walls of the city slowly develop new abilites and become a much greater threat to humankind.
The dead eventually manage to cross the river and invade the sealed skyscaper.


Lots of surprises in this flick. Effective situations with the zombies trying to act like they're alive like trying to play instruments during a run down area where there was a music fest or we spot the head zombie Big Daddy making out that he's working in a gas station with some of the soldiers spying and discussing on what they're doing. This was nicely put in. We spot perfect camera shots on the main characters driving by shooting the zombie's along with a big armor truck too which looked adventureous. Plus we have good shots on fireworks shooting in the air as well as good night shots on the zombies staring in the air when these fire off. Has a nice touch to the story.
After this moment we have a perfect scene with Big Daddy showing his anger and growling.
A nice moment with Cholo in a liquor store walking towards a fridge where wine bottles are displayed and then a zombie crashes through and attacks him and he struggles to try and shoot the zombie and throws some good punches too.
Perfect situation with Cholo doing business by going into a secure and safe luxury building as well as spotting things looking normal and peaceful with others walking around or shopping. Then a good moment when he goes into a room for dorpping off a delivery as we spot someone hung as well as someone crying hysterically and then a nice close up shot on this corpse waking up as a zombie and about to attack and him trying to put an end to this thing as this was a great drawing card that even the odd zombie can reside at this building which was good and mysterious.
Nice close ups on an evil rough bar as we spot zombies chaned up for display as well as a stripper along with people cheering while Slack is trapped for her life against two zombies which looked intense. Perfect shots on her battling them
which looked perfectly choreographed.
Nice action moments with both Riley and Charlie shooting away at the bar and people running away which looked adrenalised.
Good dark situations with Riley, Charlie and Slack having a discussion while in prison on what is happening as this seemed to flow in quite well.
There's a great shot on Charlie licking his thumb and then aiming his rifle with a sneering look. Also a good shot on him pointing his gun towards Slack and about to fire which is a real teaser wondering if he has lost it and about to shoot her.
Perfect reactions on both Charlie and Slack when they fire at a zombie that creeps up behind them. Also a moment when we see a headless zombie approaching someone which psychs you out and then it's head almost chopped off snaps up and bites this person as this was a nice surprising moment used in the scene.
Great shot with two people on the lookout and a couple of zombie's attack them.
Also great shots on other locals by planting missiles in their armour truck
Good shots on people running away from the zombies as well as nice close up shots on the zombie's eating people. Plus a nice moment when Big Daddy has a hold of a rifle and tries using it as this is the first time we spot a zombie using a weapon to try and kill others as well as seeing another with a meatcleaver butchering someone's arm.
More great killings when there's zombie clowns slaughtering another one of the soldiers which looked perfectly graphic and a must see for anyone who likes a good gruesome zombie flick.
Perfectly dark moment when some of the soldiers are looking in an area and seeing zombies feasting on corpses as this for sure looked perfectly gruesome and a good add on to the film.
Another great dark shot on Big Daddy leading the other zombies towards some water as the tower standing on the other side and trying to go into the water with good gloomy type shots on them rising from the water on the other end as well as shots looking down on the city with them swarming the place. Plus a good moment on them crashing into the building and attacking the people there which looked intense.
A nice dark shot on Big Daddy with the zombies walking on an overpass to find another place to stay as Riley brings his speech across by explaining at what they're doing and to cease fire. This scene seemed to explain itself quite well.
A good shot on the armor van rolling by and fireworks are shooting in the air.
Bottom line is that this one is the fourth chapter of George A. Romero's zombie films and the best sequel too with tons of action. I found this one not too bad, but I wasn't a huge fan of it either. Nevertheless it was very creepy. Romero seemed to blend in a bit of Mad Max idea with this one too.

The acting is marvellously done by a bunch of talented people. Simon Baker (Riley) was a bit wooden I must say in his performance as he needed a bit of a push to make him more real with what he was doing but does show a good seriousness to what he is saying so that worked well in his favor. Had the right looks for the role which was another nice pointer.
John Leguizamo
(Cholo) really knew how to pull it off as a tough as nails combat fighter and delivery person too showing good violent punches with his scene's. Also showed a perfect aggression too as well as acting believeably arrogant and obnoxious too just really getting into the scene's marvellously.
Dennis Hopper
(Kaufman) was perfect as a greedy businessman at the superb and safe tower he's staying in as he shows perfect aggressions.
Shows a good scumbag and evil attitude when tricking someone. Offers a great seriousness and cold attitude. Nice aggressive expressions on him when he shoots out of frusteration towards an onscreen zombie as he does well growling with anger. It's good to see him in action again.
Asia Argento
(Slack) played a perfect fighting warrior in the film and really packs a punch to her character. She shows a no nonsense attitude as well as showing a perfect rebellious type of attitude too. Knew on how to show off her fighting skills too. Was great using a weapon to fend for herself as well. She was a ball of energy and adrenaline too.
Robert Joy
(Charlie) was another nice character actor as he stands out well and brings some humor and toughness to his role at the same time. He
reacted well at being in pain in a certain scene. He also shows off a great aggressive and hyped up behavior too. Was great by jumping into a scene and stood out the most out of the whole cast. He was a true character actor.
Eugene Clark
(Big Daddy) looked perfect as the head zombie and looked perfectly monstrous. He offers perfect growling and insane attitude as well as showing great angry and sneering expressions. Does well with his blocking and violent attitude too. He definetely didn't make himself forgettable for anyone who watched this flick.

Pedro Miguel Arce (Pillsbury) presented himself pretty good as well since he seemed to have a good lighthearted behavior and was on the ball for the action that is happening and showing a fearless as well as agood courageous attitude. He made his burly features and personality noticeable and deserves some good credit for everything that he did here.

Bit part actress Dawne Furey is topless as a topless dancer in a sleazy run down bar

People's heads get ripped off.
Eaten alive
Ripped apart
Gruesome looking zombies
Bloody gunshots

The music was very well done and goes with the adventureous story composed by both Reinhold Heil and Johnny Klimek in which there's many good deep sounds which has a nice gloomy effect. Plus we have light classical sounds here and there as well as other types that we hear through the story which isn't overly played.

Mike: They're pretending to be alive...
Riley: Isn't that what we're doing? Pretending to be alive?

Slack: [talking about Riley] You take care of him, huh?
Charlie: Hell, yeah. He pulled me out of the fire. It was bad... Just look at me, you can tell it was bad.

Slack: Charlie, why do you lick your rifle?
Charlie: Catches the light.
Slack: What light? How can you see anything?
Charlie: Good eye.

Cholo: [a shot is fired] What the hell's that?
Brubaker: Oh, that's just target practice.
[scene cuts to soldiers]
Veteran Soldier: There's nothing there, man.
[he's attacked by Big Daddy and screams]
Cholo: OK, so what the hell's that, screaming practice?

Arena Policeman: What the hell is going on here?
Riley: Someone shot the little fat man.

[repeated line]
Kaufman: You have no right!

Kaufman: [Kaufman gets in his private underground limo, while his driver opens the garage door] Careful when you open that door.
[Big Daddy appears, and attempts to get into the limo. His driver sees this, and runs out the garage door, leaving Kaufman in the limo]
Kaufman: Get back here, you bastard! You've got the fucking keys!

[last lines]
Riley: Take us north.