Owen: How did your career as a Scream Queen come about?

Melanie: Well, my SQ career came about when I responded to an audition notice for Netherworld.  I had always been a horror fan, but once I was surrounded by the environment at Netherworld, something about being a part of the horror, and actually creating screams was rather satisfying.  Since then, I have sought out horror movies as the genre I prefer to work in.

Owen: 'Deadly Predator 3', 'Creature of the Night', 'The Netherspawn', and 'Demon Sight'...How long do you intent to take this horror ride?

Melanie: "Deadly Predator 3" was actually the first film I worked on in which I was the bad guy. I have really fond memories of that shoot.  Gary Lynch is a great director to work with.  He has since done a couple of other horror films and I believe is working on a new script.  I would love to work with him again. 

"Creature of the Night" was a film by Diana Curry, whom I met on another film shoot.  She actually had the film mostly in the can at that time.  What I did on that film was get together a bunch of the Netherspawn to play victims to her werewolf as filler.  It was my first experience doing FX makeup on a film.  It was a fun experience, and I was proud of the fact that it was several of the Netherspawn's first time on camera.  Since then, several of them have gone on to play major roles in independent horror films.  I like to think I helped them get their foot in the door.

Ah, the Netherspawn.  This is my family.  No matter how far I go in my career, I would never completely leave the Netherspawn.  In the three years that I have been with them, I have gained unbelievable experience.  I've learned so much about special effects makeup, horror, and improvisation.  It's indispensable.

Owen: What makes you scream in real life? 

Melanie: Idiot people with circular logic.  And mushrooms.

Owen: Who are your inspirations in the horror field?

Melanie: Who do I look to- I have two inspirations.  Barbara Steele was fantastic.  And though I admire her work and her magnetism on screen, I have to say I don't really feel I have as much in common with her.  But she is definitely one that I look up to.  I would have to say I think I look to Bruce Campbell more than anything.  Yep.  I want to be a female Bruce Campbell.  But since I can't do exactly that, I'll settle for using him as inspiration. 

Owen: What have been your best and worst filmmaking experiences?

Melanie: My best filmmaking experience is hard to pinpoint.  I think the set that I had the most fun on was "Morning Glory," which was a television pilot.  We filmed two episodes. I played a schizophrenic character and, well, really got into the role.  It was freezing and we were filming in a drafty old house, and I think I almost caught pneumonia, but I didn't notice. It was really fun and challenging.

Worst experience.  I sat on a set for 12 hours one time having not filmed anything.  I'm used to that.  Happens all the time. But it turns out they had decided to cut my scene earlier in the day, but didn't want to tell me because they needed bodies there to fill out the background.  If they would have told me this, maybe... MAYBE I would have helped them out.  No.  No I wouldn't.  Because it was rude and unprofessional.