Vixen of Virtue: Natalie LaSpina Follows Her Scream Queen Dream by Owen Keehnen

The lovely Natalie LaSpina has dreamt of acting in movies since she was a little girl...and those dreams are becoming realized big time. With impressive stage and television credits (including Comedy Central) her career has taken an interesting turn since 2005 and the NYC native has done a whopping seven horror films. Natalie has no plans to stop spilling fake blood anytime soon and even cemented the deal with a recent reign as Scream Queen of The Month. Some of her movies include the lead role of Lara in 'Blood Pond' for Dale May Productions, Sharon in the comedy/horror flick 'Bikini Blood Bath 2: Bikini Blood Bath Carwash', the reincarnation movie 'Subject 187', as Nikki in the Savage Roses Productions cannibal opus 'Eat Your Heart Out', the horror short 'Office Beast', 'The Amulet', etc. as well as roles in non-genre films like 'Rape is a Circle' and as Briana Alvarez in 'Their Choice' as well as her upcoming superhero status via the online action series 'Vixens of Virtue' For this talented big dreamer this is one dream that is quickly becoming a reality. We were fortunate enough to chat with Natalie after a long day of auditions.


  Natalie, why not start the racks and razors readers off with a visual and describe the room where you are answering these questions?

I'm at a little internet cafe in Union Square.. very tired from a day full of go see's and castings so it finally feels good to sit down!

One of your recent horror films was 'Blood Pond' for Dale May Productions. How did you go about getting cast in the role of Lara?

I came across the casting and noticed the role was for an actress with a Russian accent, which I couldn't do at the time. A few days before the casting I rented terminal with Tom Hanks and really studied the way he pronounced his words and that helped me get the part of Lara. I also had to do alot of screaming and crying at that audition. They had me read a very intense scene from the script which was great because I love roles where I can emotionally really get into a character. That was an interesting shoot because we were out in the middle of nowhere in Snowshoe, PA shooting this horror film. Very very freaky but I had a blast!

'Eat Your Heart Out' is such a promising title. Can you give me a little plot synopsis teaser that will make this Savage Roses Production irresistable to Racks and Razors readers?

'Eat Your Heart Out' is a love story based on a shy, insecure guy falling for a girl who has a secret.. She eats people. In the film I was one of her victims. She brought me home for her and the male lead and instead of us have a threesome (which is what my character thinks is going to happen) she ends up eating me alive. This film is filled with horror and alot of sex appeal.

I've seen a clip of 'Subject 87' where you have past life memories. It looks really interesting, can you tell me a little bit about that project?

Subject 87 is a film about people being brought back to life from the dead. It really is a very crazy plot. There is undreground testing going on where my charachter and a few other test subjects are brought back to life. My character had a horrible traggic death and when she remembers her death she wants to die again. Its emotional but yet has thrill to it.

Do you believe that we have lived previous lives?

Yes I do.

Yeah, I find that whole subject fascinating, anyway...Tell me about your role as Sharon in 'Bikini Bloodbath 2'. Should we be very afraid?

'Bikini Bloodbath' is a comedy/horror. It was so much fun to shoot! My character is the dumb ditzy best friend of the female lead. It is basically about a killer chef going around a campus killing college kids. My character is obssessed with her appearance to the point where it becomes a joke throughout the whole film.

Looking back on your youth does any incident make you smile and think, "Yeah, that little girl was destined to grow up to be a Scream Queen".

Absolutley! I have always been acting since I was a little girl and I knew when I grew up that I would become an actress. I have always loved horror films. Me and my best friend in middle school used to rent them every weekend. I remember thinking " I want to do this one day "

So if a young lady came up to you and asked for advice and tips about breaking into the independent horror scene what are some of the things you would say to her?

Just go for it! You only live once and you gotta pursue every dream you have! Work hard at it and it will come to you.

Do you have any other projects in the immediate future that you would like to tell our readers about?

I am currently working on an online action series called 'Vixens of Virtue' which will begin production in 2007. Im pretty psyched about it because I get to play a superhero chick who kicks butt.

Do you remember the first movie that scared the absolute shit out of you?

'Poltergiest'.. that little girl got me! I couldn't sleep for days!

We're pulling the car into the Natalie LaSpina Drive-In, what three horror flicks are on the triple bill tonight and what goodies are they going to be >serving up at the concession stand?

I love chocolate so the concession stand would be filled with chocolate covered raisins and strawberries! The three horror flicks playing would be 'Jason', 'Scream' and 'Psycho'.

I want to go to your drive-in! Those chocolate covered strawberries would have me in a happy sugar coma in no time. Vampires, zombies, werewolves, witches, creatures, aliens -- what does it for you horrorwise Natalie and why?

Wolves for sure, they are so scary and big! Vampires are just sexy!

What scares you in real life?

Losing people I love

Thanks Natalie and much continued success in your on-track career.