Never Hike Alone (2017)

Produced Written & Directed by: Vincente DiSanti


.... Kyle McLeod
.... Jason Voorhees

Special Appearances:

.... Tommy Jarvis

Release Date: Telluride Horror Show: October 13, 2017; Crypticon Seattle: May 5, 2018; WE ARE INDIE HORROR FEST: August, 2018






A hiker Kyle McLeod (Drew Leighty) stumbles on an abandoned camp site called Camp Crystal Lake and discovers it's deep darkest secrets and then tries to survive by trying to escape the legendary killer Jason Voorhees (Vincente DiSanti).


Impressive beginning with Kyle McLeod driving his truck through logged areas and stuff like that along with breaks of an opening credit on the film which was well concentrated. The makers seemed to know how to grab your attention as to what is going on in the story.
Then things look clever when he goes hiking and turns on his camera to spot on what he is doing in which this somewhat becomes a found footage type of story which made me watch carefully on how he is climbing to a top rocky mountain and then we spot a distance shot on Crystal Lake which made me think that the suspense will happen soon while he plans to hike down there.
What looked impressive was when he goes to a land that says private property which was a nice touch to the story and he looks away when he concentrates doing a situation and a nice teaser moment when we spot in a distance Jason Voorhees slowly approaching and when Kyle turns to look that way he is not there which for sure is a chilling moment and a great touch in a horror story.
Then more good moments using his camera when he goes to the camp site discovering an old cabin as well aas him going in them and finding it abandoned and beat up as the makers did a nice job on these situations which is well done for a sequel of this kind. Plus he hears sounds from another area and plans to go to where that is which almost leaves you the chills that this isn't a good idea.
A nnice hall area of a cabin that has a fireplace as well as having his camera shooting on him telling the tale of Jason's history and what went on there which is one of my favourite moments making this story necessary to have.
Then a real effective and creepy scene when he uses his camera and discovers something underneath some bed sheets and is about to take the sheets off which doesn't seem to be a good idea making me watch closely as to what will happen next as this moment looked terrifically well done.
Good fast action moments when Kyle is thrown around outside of the cabin and a good shot looking up on Jason which was impressive as well as trying to survive his blows against him. Plus some great moments when he is on the run as well as nice camera shots on Jason charging through the wooded area. More suspenseful moments when Kyle fubars his leg which made me wonder if he is helpless escaping from Jason's grasp or a moment when he knocks off his mask which looked quite impressive as I wondered how the make up effects will look on his face when the camera points to him.
Plus another teaser when they both stab one another with both of them staring at one another as I began to wonder on what will happen next.
Later on in the story when we think Jason put an end to him suddenly comes up which happens to be my favourite moment when he is in an ambulance with paramedics as at first it looked a little too campy but seemed to fit in with the story as well as spotting Tommy Jarvis coming in to help which was a nice treat since I wondered as to what became of this character.
Nice moments on Kyle hallucinating that he is on a stretcher outside with Jason there which made me wonder if he was just imagining on what he went through or not which was a good teasing moment.
The ending looked great involving Tommy and what he says to Jason which is a great tribute to his role from Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives.
Bottom line is I generally don't review fan made films but this was made on a good budget and is really being publicised so I thought why not. Seemed to add a great mysterious beginning as we knw that Jason will appear but it builds up a bit before he does. The films can be campy fun and some nice found footage touches like mentioned as well. I tip my hat to the makers for doing a good effort on this.

Basically it was a one man show and the rest were minor role in which Drew Leighty (Kyle McLeod) really packed a punch with his performance in which he was not a born amateur at all. Added some nice spunk and enthusiasm into all that he did for the beginning of his role as well as doing a great job reacting to stuff along with telling Jason's tale really just telling things as they are with the legend and history. He showed nice effort during this scene. Does well acting anxious or frightened bringing up great adrenaline when the terror strikes him especially when he is attacked or struggling against the madness around him.
Thom Mathews
(Tommy Jarvis) had a nice cameo in the flick as a paramedic in which he showed okay energy and being on the ball of things. Does well by telling the Jason character off with his sarcastic behavior during the end of his performance which was a classic moment indeed.

Bloody stabbing
Head is bloodily crushed

The music is very well composed all put together by Ryan Perez Daple and Trevor Vaughn in which there's a variety of sounds along with string plucking as well as low deep sounds by a good synthesizer and other types like that. Of course there's strong classical violin music with high pitched sounds too. For a fan based film this sounded amazingly well.