October Moon (2006)


Produced, Written & Directed by: Jason Paul Collum


Sean Michael Lambrecht .... Corin Bachman
Jeff Dylan Graham .... Jake
Jerod Howard .... Elliot
Brinke Stevens .... Nancy
Judith O'Dea .... Mrs. Hamilton
Tina Ona Paukstelis .... Marti
Darcey Vanderhoef .... Maggie

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: February 14, 2006



A homosexual Corin Bachman (Sean Michael Lembrecht) is having guy trouble with his boyfriend Jake (Jeff Dylan Graham) and has a great job since he is an employer of his own company.
He speaks to his assistant employer and friend Nancy (Brinke Stevens) about it all and he realises that a good looking guy Elliot (Jerod Howard) is going to work for him as they spend alot of time together on projects at the office. Yet Elliot is engaged to a girl named Marti (Tina Ona Paukstelis) but yet he is not sure if he wants to get married as his homophobic mother Mrs. Hamilton (Judith O'Dea) is pushing him to do so.

Elliot seems to obsess about Corin as he spends alot of time with him going to gay events and parties and spenmding less time with his finace.
Corin realises that he loves his boyfriend Jake and wants to stay with him no matter of a pain he can be.
However, Elliot realises that he is gay and wants to be with Corin as well constantly calling him and stalking him as well as taking pictures of him from his bedroom window and sending constant love letters on his office notebook which Nancy forces him to leave his job.

After Elliot breaks off his engagement with Marti and gets kicked out of the house by his mother the terror really begins as he goes even more beserk. Then on Halloween night he is convinced to have Corin all to himself during an October moon.


When the story starts rolling along we spot a nightmarish scene of the two couple Corin and Jake in bed and one of them is almost looking dead as it's a nice start off to a horror story although later on it goes into a basic drama.
Corin and Nancy also has dinner with his new employee Elliot along with this employee having eyes for Corin and then these two employers discussing him later on which looked well done by what they were talking about and figuring that Elliot is closeted.
Perfect settings on a gay bar with Elliot joining the rest of his employees going there as the surroundings looked like an actual gay bar.
Corin introduces Elliot to his home as things look impressive when Jake tickles his boyfriend as this as a nice add into the scene showing a couple being happy with one another as well as Elliot trying to do the same later on or having other suggestions on seducing Corin including taking stuff from his laundry or licking his cup from a drink he plans to give to him. Offers alot of good psychological twists imagining on someone obsessed with someone else and how far they would go to be a threat to his lover or not staying sane which we keep watching as to what will turn out later on.
Later on there's disputes between the two of them as you wonder if they will break up since things are barely working out which looked good and natural by how this was all set out as well as Elliot thinking he can have him until these two make up which makes matters worst for Elliot and offering more obsessiveness to this closeted homosexual.
Elliot asks if he can tag along with Corin and Jake on their camping trip which we all get a feeling he still wants to be attached to Corin. There's a great discussion between the two of them though when sitting out and discussing stuff which looked nicely well done.
Things become messier for Elliot when Nancy realises that he is drawing love things on his folder and people are spreading rumors in which he is forced to leave his work as this was well remembered for anyone who watched this piece making this moment looking truly believeable.
What's worst is that his mother isn't accepting the fact he's a homosexual and throwing him out of the house as this was another great tension to be feeling pressured on situations. This can drive someone insane and depressed. The scene looked truly intimidating.
Not too long after this the horror kicks in when he wants Corin all to himself by tying him up and acting crazy towards this guy since this is where the psychological horror kicks in big time as well as Jake trying to track him down which was one of the best moments in this story.
Bottom line is that this is probably the best independent film in the gay market ever. It starts off like a Brokeback Mountain love story type drama and it does become a psychological horror a quarter way through keep watching and you will see. At first you will think this isn't a horror film but watch the whole thing as it changes proving that a drama can be a horror film too not just films that are horror comedies that you normally watch that will scare you and make you laugh too. It is intense and disturbing and a realistic look at an obsessed crazed person who is madly in love. Definetely makes you think of how you had a crush on someone and how far you'd go to have that person in your life making the other people wonder about you. It's fear in your mind for sure. Made on a video type budget but so what?! THis is an indie film and they put alot of work in it regardless.

The acting is superb and terrific and realistic with plenty of talent. Lead actor Sean Michael Lambrecht (Corin Bachman) does nicely as the level headed homosexual who is nice and laid back confused about his relationship. Certainly drew in a nice mature as well as an intelligent type bringing this to look very realistic. He knew his stuff.
Scream king Jeff Dylan Graham (Jake) is perfect as the assertive boyfriend showuing great emotions and aggressions to his character and portrays his part incredibly well as a young freespirited person who is protective with his lover.
The most disturbing performance you will ever see in an actor is by Jerod Howard (Elliot) as he trips out terrifically with his obsessions and crying as it all seems way to real. It kind of reminded me of what I was like when I really liked someone but he got way more extreme (Hey I have aspergers syndrome. What can I say?)
Scream queen Brinke Stevens (Nancy) does marvellously as a fag hag showing a sense of humor with her character as well as sterness when she is forced to let an employee go making her character extremely realistic as she shows her true talents in this film and her best performance ever.
It's nice to see cult icon Judith O'Dea (Mrs. Hamilton) back in the saddle in a supporting role as a closed miinded mother who isn't in touch too well with the reality of her son. She was quite intimidating with her part. She proves she's come along way since her fame in Night of the Living Dead

There is a butt shot of Sean Michael Lambrecht after taking a shower

There is a stabbing with some blood pouring down but the gore is a total turkey

There is some nice waltzy synthesizer music and some deep tones and thumping to for the moments when it's necessary as well as some dark sounds too but at times it can get annoying after a little while but this was all composed neatly by Red Clark II, Sean Michael Lembrecht and Jamey Sewell

We have some great songtracks like:

"Catch Me I'm Falling" by Pretty Poison
"The Prodigal" by Sacha Sacket
"Changes", "Lucky Day" and "Drowsy Maggie" by The Sandcarvers
and the theme song "October Moon" by DJ Smoove