After a career as a chiropractor, PAUL KRATKA is returning to his acting career that was mostly abandoned after his role as Rick in the 'Friday the 13th Part III' (1982) - arguably the best in the series. Since then he was made only last year's 'The Day They Came Back' for Scott Goldberg. He's also working on Golberg's new film.

And for your enjoyment, The Doctor is in the house....

  You recently played a role in Scott Goldberg's upcoming film, "Illuminated". How did that role come about?

I really believe in Scott Goldberg's talent as a filmmaker and I've been trying to work on another project with Scott since working with him two years ago on THE DAY THEY CAME BACK. I was bummed I couldn't be part of FORREST HILLS. But we've stayed in touch with each other and when he sent me the script for ILLUMINATED, I was very intrigued with the story line. Also, I came to respect the 'super short' format and how that type of film is very useable to film festival coordinators because it can be sandwiched in between other films at a festival. I also believe there is more truth than fiction to ILLUMINATED's story line.

Playing the "Narrator" of the film, you did a lot of memorizing as an actor, especially the monologue you had to memorize. What did you do as an actor to prepare for the role?

The script for my character was a somewhat lengthy monologue. One way to memorize anything is to write it down, over and over. So, first in the couple of weeks leading up to the filming I kept the script in my car and at every stoplight I would try and speak the words as much as possible from memory. Then while I was flying from San Diego to New York, I just wrote the script over and over until I could write the entire script without looking at the master. This writting it out also gave me the opportunity to "tweak" the words, grammar and syntax in some subtle ways which gave it a little more 'flow'.

The film "Illuminated" touches on such subjects as false flag terror attacks, FEMA Camps, 9-11 and a possible grim future for the world. Were there any worries about doing the film on such a controversial subject?

No worries at all - being an American it is, in my opinion, not only our right to free speech but it is also our responsibility to question and challenge our government. I think the atmosphere that pervaded our society immediately following 9-11 whereby people were called unpatriotic or even treasonous when they questioned our government's handling of terrorism was reprehensible.

This was your second time working with Scott Goldberg. What was it like working on this film compared to 'The Day They Came Back', two years prior?

Well, Scott and I have developed a great friendship so I really enjoy my time with him; we share a passion for eating only health-promoting foods (he's even more committed than myself in that he's a 'raw vegan', which is the ultimate in optimal nutrition) so we go out to raw restaurants and talk health and food. The filming was much different that previously in that the 'Narrator' was on camera but without any movement or emotion and the majority of the scenes were filmmed in extreme close-ups. This was very different in that this was a lengthy monologue that needed to be delivered without facial expression or vocal inflection/emotion. But as with all Scott's days on the set, it was fun and easy.

Two years from now, from a career point of view, where do you hope to be?

Well, I'm getting ready to retire from active practice as a chiropractor and would like to get back to acting more regurlarly. So I'm hoping that more filmmakers will be open to hiring a F13 alumni for their films.

You run a chiropractic business. What is the most important key to health that a lot of people are lacking in their lifestyle?

Without question it would be the understanding that to be well, we must eat well, move well and think well. At first glance that seems overly simplistic, but in actuallity or in lifestyle application, it is not easy and much deeper than people realize. For example, what the average person perceives as "eating well" is the standard modern society disease-producing diet of grains, dairy products and meat, all of which are mass produced, highly processed and incredibly toxic. Finally, the real issue with 'eat well, move well, think well' is that you have to do it at the same time, for a period of time to create wellness. Now that is clearly a much more challenging responsibility for each of us to be healthy.

What draws you to act in recent independent films of today?

I like the spirit and passion that young independent filmmakers bring to their work. Plus, with specifically the horror genre, the independent film directors are fiercely loyal to the original formula for horror movies, something that is lacking in studio-produced films today.

Any upcoming conventions or events that horror fans will be able to meet with you at?

Gosh, I have been invited to the Kentucky Fright Night Filmfestival August 17-18 and Screamfest 2007 in Orlando October 19-21. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to commit to either yet. I'm trying to work out the scheduling for one or both of these, but I just don't know yet.

Thanks for your time Paul.