The Prophecy 3: The Ascent (2000)

Directed by: Patrick Lussier

Written by:
Carl V. Dupre & Joel Soisson


Christopher Walken .... Gabriel
Vincent Spano .... Zophael
Dave Buzzotta .... Danyael
Kayren Butler .... Maggie
Steve Hytner .... Joseph

Special Appearance:

Brad Dourif .... Zealot

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: March 14, 2000



The fallen Arch Angel Gabriel (Christopher Walken) returns but this time he's a homeless person and lost his own battle to destroy humankind as the war in Heaven still rages on as he fears one of his enemies named Pyriel (Scott Cleverdon) the Angel of Penocide who intends to destroy all of mankind himself.
But the only one who stands in his way is Danyael (Dave Buzzotta) who was born of an Angel and a woman and Gabriel stands as his secret guardian this time since he is unaware of his purpose after being shot by a crazed fanatic named Zealot (Brad Dourif) while preaching to people that God doesn't care for anyone anymore.
Pyriel sends one of his angels named Zophael (Vincent Spano) to track Danyael down and to be destroyed as he seeks help from a friend of his when he was human named Maggie (Kayren Butler) convincing her he is out to protect her and that Danyael needs to be stopped.


There is a good shot on Danyael preaching about God not caring and getting aggressive. There's also a good shot on Zealot taking out a gun and shooting at him with a nice slow motion shot on Danyael reacting to the shots and falling down.
We have a good shot on Maggie kneeling down towards Danyael and crying which looked extremely effective.
There's also a good moment and camera shot on
Zealot in his apartment speaking to himself out loud and a nice shot on him slitting his wrist.
A great scene that involved Gabriel in a room cornered by Zophael.
There's a nice camera looking up on Joseph at a table discussing the corpse.
A good shot on Danyael by rising up and bolting towards Joseph as the scene showed perfect energy. We also have another moment with Zophael acting menacing towards Joseph as well demanding on where this person is.
We have a great shot on Danyael smashing open a door and walking towards Zealot as we have a great shot on him looking lifeless.
We have a good moment with Zophael acting demanding a cashier at a donut shop showing attitude towards him.
Many good fighting scene's between Zophael and Danyael as it looks very well choreographed.
There's a nice comedic shot on Gabriel driving in his car in the middle of nowhere and playing the trumpet which looked very fitting and funnily done.
We have a perfect shot on Maggie scrambling to get some bullets to put in a gun and a good shot on her aiming her gun and shooting.
The best scene was with Zophael being firm with Maggie and telling her who he is and why he is here and meaning her no harm which looked very effective and powerful.
We have a good humoress discussion between Gabriel in a diner towards a woman named Madge like in the first film reuniting and mentioning what happened the last time which worked very well too.
There's a great car chasing scene that involved Zophael getting aggressive towards Maggie along with a nice shot on Danyael speeding away on his motorbike.
We have a disturbing and sad moment with Maggie suffering on the ground to death.
There's a nice effects with the camera focusing both on Danyael and Pyriel having a conversation together and then Danyael himself attacking him with a spear.
Bottom line is that this is a nicely done film with great effects too as we get lots of good flashback scene's on what caused this war in heaven and how some of these fallen angels came to be. Gabriel this time portrays a good guy which is a bit of a twist and it boggles you who is a good angel or a bad angel which keeps you wondering what the whole truth is behind this whole mess too. The story like the rest of these film's aren't that special but still entertained if you're in the mood for it.

The acting is still good as Christopher Walken (Gabriel) grew his hair looking like a homeless person as he seems to be a good guy this time and seems quite mellow too. He does well acting cold towards his fellow actor in a scene while cornering him.
Vincent Spano
(Zophael) had the perfect looks and attitude to play a cold and demanding fallen angel in the film as he was perfect on how he said his lines. He showed terrific seriousness to his part and knew how to be firm too. He really stole the show with his performance.
Dave Buzzota
(Danyael) really portrayed a great fallen angel warrior in the film and looked young for the part which worked just as well too. He showed true perfect aggressions to his part. Shows some nice aggressive expressions to his part when he performs his battles. Shows off great aggression when attacking someone with a spear.
Kayren Butler
(Maggie) does well with her crying emotions as well as her tough as nails attitude at the same time. She stood out quite well for her part more so than most of the leading actresses in the previous films. She really knew how to make her final performance seem real when she's suffering to death.
Although Brad Dourif (Zealot) had a small part in the film he was effective for his role as a nutcase proving he can wear other hats as a psycho than just the voice of Chucky.
We have another small role by Scott Cleverdon (Pyriel) towards the end of the film portraying a Jesus type figure who made his part memorable very clearly to the plot of this film.

There is some woman briefly nude piled up in front of an evil angel.

Some bloody gunshots
Many people are stabbed in the chest with sharp objects
A heart is torn out

Steve Boeddeker composed the music for this film this time but it isn't too noticebable but has some nice silent sounds to the plot with the odd chanting effects.

Danyael: GOD IS NOT DEAD!!!! He just doesn't give a damn

ZophaelJones: Killing you would be so easy.
Gabriel: Fried food can kill me, a mugger can kill me. You're not so special down here, Jones!

Zophael Jones: You answer my question, or I'll personally see to it that you spend the next millennium chained to a damp wall, wondering just what that is that's been winding its way up through your bowels for the last 750 years.

Zophael: So... this is what it feels like to be human