The Prophecy: Uprising (2005)

Written & Directed by: Joel Soisson


John Light .... John Riegert / Satan
Sean Pertwee .... Dani
Kari Wuhrer .... Allison
Jason London .... Simon
Doug Bradley .... Laurel
Georgia Rylance .... Clara

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: June 7, 2005



A woman named Allison (Kari Wuhrer) tries to protect an ancient manuscript which tells of the coming of the Anti-Christ, and an obnoxious detective named Dani Simionescu (Sean Pertwee) who has a disturbing past is spotting many corpses with their hearts torn out in which he investigates with his assistant named John Riegert (John Light).
Dani finds out that John is the devil himself and forces him to track down Allison as there's something he wants with that manuscript but another fallen angel named Laurel (Doug Bradley) will stop at nothing to get that manuscript before him.
During this time period, Allison is told by an angel named Simon (Jason London) that she must protect the bible against a demon called Belial that wants to read this final chapter to have advantages in the war of angels.


A great beginning with many shots on someone running away and climbing over objects like fences and acting believeably scared. Plus there's a great moment with Dani Simionescu coming up to him and pointing a knife at his neck and really acting aggressive towards him which looked strongly done.
There's a good moment with both Dani and John Riegert while they discover a corpse suddenly leaping up which is a nice jumping moment. We have Dani getting obnoxious when John tries to ask if he's ok which was strongly done in a good way.
We have a nice shot on Clara in a park walking towards some dogs attacking a woman with her bending down as well as the bit part actressis woman leaping up and then a camera shot looking up on Clara with her acting possessed in which looked well done.
There's a nice moment with Dani acting anxious towards John when he speaks coldly to him realising that he is not the same giving it a nice suspenseful feel to it as well as him acting aggressive too.
A good and dark scene with Dani entering a deserted looking psychward with nice fearful expressions as well as great suspenseful shots on
his past life family acting dysfunctional and going crazy thing and then a nice shot on him really losing control after spotting this.
Many good shots between supporting character Ion and John in a room together with good shots on their faces when John is being questioned and then a good close up shot on Ion starting to bleed and spit out white stuff which made the situation look perfectly twisted and powerfully done.
There's also a good shot on Allison getting emotional at this abandoned place as well after spotting her past. There's also a nice approach with her, John and Dani encountering one another along with Laurel appearing and bringing on a wicked charm to try and snatch a book away from Allison and being forceful too as there's many good shots on this struggling moment as well as a good shot on her shooting him in the head and then possessing before falling with a great close up shot on Dani's blocking on him slowly turning around and showing a nice evil expression on his face.
Bottom line is that this flick was very different than any of the Prophecy films and I find this one to be the best of them all showing the odd jumps and frightening moments too. It's almost like those older supernatural horror flicks like The Omen and The Exorcist showing great possessions and nice special effects too with terrific flashback moments on the mkain character's past lives too. There's numerous twisted moments in the film which makes you wonder who could be human or who could be a fallen angel. You also wonder if everyone involved with this film is evil and who the real enemy is too. Check this one out for yourself as you may get a kick out of it since this British flick brings out alot of entertainment surprisingly since I was never a fan of the previous Prophecy flicks.

The acting is very well done as Sean Pertwee (Dani Simionescu) lived to play an abusive and obnoxious police officer with his intense aggressions and violent behavior too proving to be extremely energetic and revealing many characteristics to his part in the film. I couldn't see anyone else playing the role as well as him.
John Light
(John Riegert / Satan) played the perfect role as Satan disguised as an assistant cop in the film acting expressionless and having a silent attitude with his cold speaking to top it all off and came across very clearly that he was indeed the devil in this film.
Kari Wuhrer
(Allison) really knew how to show her upsetting and crying emotions on the camera as well as her anxious reactions on what's happening to her. She brings good character along with the rest of the cast members onto the screen.
Doug Bradley
(Laurel) really brought on an evil charm with his personality on the film and really brought out his nasty attitude playing a great fallen angel. He really showed a totally different personality than his demonic role as Pinhead and can convince you that he's a whole different person.

There's corpses with their chests torn open
There's a homeless person with their fingers cut off
Many people's hearts are ripped out

Joseph LaDuca composes the music again with great strong classical music as well as the great metal banging sounds and the nice low violin playing with many chanting sounds too plus has some terrific music for the closing credits.