Psycho III (1986)

Directed by: Anthony Perkins

Written by: Charles Edward Pogue


Anthony Perkins ... Norman Bates
Diana Scarwid ... Maureen Coyle
Jeff Fahey ... Duane Duke
Roberta Maxwell ... Tracy Venable
Hugh Gillin ... Sheriff John Hunt

Release Date: Theatrical: July 2, 1986




A troubled and fallen Nun Maureen Coyle (Diana Scarwid) flees from her convent where she had lived just as she hitches a ride from a sleazy drifter named Duane Duke (Jeff Fahey) who attempts to rape her and then continued to travel until she reached the Bates Motel -- at which Jeff has also become newly employed upon being hired by Norman (Anthony Perkins) himself.
However, Maureen reminds Norman of Marion Crane, (the woman he murdered while she was taking a shower 23 years before while he was disguised as his Mother), which disturbs him a great deal when he sees her.
However, when he dresses up as 'Mother' all the while thinking that she is still manipulating him to murder these women and to accuse them of being whores, he discovers that Maureen is attempting to take her own life in her bathtub by slashing her wrists, so instead he saves her by getting her to a hospital.
Norman is also being bothered by a nosey journalist named Tracy Venable (Roberta Maxwell) who asks questions about his past and tries to get any information she can from anyone who is dealing with him as well as trying to find any clues about Emma Spool who was also murdered by Norman.
Maureen seems to have found love with Norman, yet someone dressed as 'Mother' begins to kill people around the Motel one-by-one during which time Norman believes that he is being given orders from 'Mother' once again.....


There's a piece that involves Maureen Coyle feeling suicidal at the top of a church and losing her faith in God and while it looks a bit cheesy it is a necessary scene as you'll see.
We have a good shot on Duane Duke at the Bates Motel looking over at some cash open at a cash register.
There's a good moment with
Tracy Venable trying to get info from Sheriff John Hunt about Norman Bates at the diner as heis being being stern with her to leave him alone which works in well into the scene.
A good scene with Tracy talking to Norman Bates while he is distracted and shows disturbed expressions when Maureen enters the diner as well as a good shot on her head banning down as well as a good close up shot on Norman making him remember the death of the woman that he murdered, while she was taking a shower.
We spot many good scene's with Norman in his house talking to the back of the head of the corpse of his mother.
A good shot on Maureen sitting at her bed in the hotel looking at a holy bible and then rocking herself while crying.
There's a great shot on Norman looking through a peephole in the hotel wall like we've seen in the previous films.
We have a good shot on Maureen in a bathtub as well as a dark and creepy effect on Norman dressed as mother about to walk in -- rather like an updated scene from the first movie.
A nice shot on Maureen lying in a hospital bed with two preachers being there for her.
Perfect shots and scene's between Duane and a beautiful woman Red by having a lustful moment in the hotel room as well as him acting obnoxious towards her. A good shot on him throwing her out of his motel room.
There's a perfect angle shot on Red in a phone booth trying to put her shirt on while making a call as you suspect a murder is about to happen because we spot a great dark shot of Norman dressed as Mother while raising a kitchen knife and then she is freaking out so making the murder look perfect.
There's also a good moment with Norman while he is outside of the motel when John puts his hand on an icebox and not paying attention to what he's grabbing and we see a hand of a corpse is placed in there along with some blood on some ice and you may wonder if he will look at all.
A good discussion between Maureen and Father Brian having a discusssion about Norman Bates.
Nice dusky shot on both Duane and Norman in a hotel room with a deadly struggle.
Good shot on a car being driven into the swampy water along with Norman trying to struggle out of the car underwater and swimming to the surface all with a freaked out expression afte her spotted a corpse in the water.
Good shot on Maureen walking up the stairs in the Bates house walking right up to the top which makes you wonder if she will be murdered. A good shot on both Maureen and Norman holding their hands out to one another. A nice cheesy shot on her falling down the stairs.
We also have a good shot on Maureen lying lifelessly on a couch with candles around her along with Tracy just being disgusted with her for being so naive.
Bottom line is that this sequel takes place a month after Part 2 and it's an improvement. It's totally 80's cheesy type horror but in a fun way. It does show some creepy dark stuff with the killings and some other stuff too with Norman Bates talking to his Mother which looks effective also. It's a little different than the past two films and it should be that way for sequels but the story isn't as mysterious either since we all know who is behind all the murders all along too.

The acting is not too lacking in this one as Anthony Perkins (Norman Bates) still brings out the madness and tense moments to his character. He shows great intense reactions towards his fellow actor in the hotel office when he finds out that the woman who resembled the one he killed in the beginning, Psycho 1, is staying there and in the same room too. A good conversation when he is talking to someone in her hospital bed while he acts nervous and he is fairly impressive with that scene. Great crazy reactions by him when somebody enters his home searching around. He shows a good expression on his face when someone looks in an icebox. He shows great anger during a struggling moment. He showed great intensity by screaming his Mother's name.
Diana Scarwid (Maureen Coyle) is good as a basket case runaway Nun who knew how to act gullible and naive as she seemed realisitic as someone who seems to have lost touch with reality. A nice reaction on her acting like she's in love when she knocks and calls for Norman Bates at the front of the house staring dreamily. She does well by still appearing to have her head in the clouds and being in love and almost completely losing it When Norman's name is being mentioned.
Jeff Fahey
(Duane Duke) is not too bad as a scumbag drifter in the film working at the Bates Motel as he is passable by performing this role but yet at the same time nothing too spectacular with his performance. We have a realisitic looking moment with him in a car giving her a lift while maybe looking a bit too friendly with his actions although he pulls it off well that he really is someone a little too sleazy.
Roberta Maxell
(Tracy Venable) does a fine job too as a nosey person trying to get some information on Norman Bates and his missing mother. She was terrific near the end of her performance with her screaming and trying to save herself by holding Norman's arm -- the one that held the kitchen knife.

There is a brief breast and butt shot on Diana Scarwid while she's taking her clothes off to take a bath
Juliette Cummins
shows off her breasts in a hotel room during a lustful scene as well as she has a partiallynude shot taken of her outside near a payphone.

There are some slit wrists.
There is bloody stabbing.
A woman's neck is cut open.

We have some good 80's sounding horror synthesizer type music with some thumping sounds and sexy saxophone music during a lustful moment composed by 4 different artists whose names were: Stephen Bray, Carter Burwell, D. Stanton Miranda and David Stanborn.

Nun: Wasn't your own sin red enough? You'll burn in hell for this! You'll burn in hell!

Duane Duke
: Stupid bitch! You could have been comin' instead of goin'!

Sheriff Hunt
: I've had enough of this Nancy Drew horse-shit from you.

: Mmm... Oh, God, don't tell me you're one of those guys who farts, rolls over, and then goes to sleep!

Duane Duke
: I picked you up in a bar, after one lousy drink! Whaddya want to get married?

: You shit-heel!-- [She slaps him]

Duane Duke
: Look! I gotta get up for work soon, so why don't you just go home, huh?

Red: How? You brought me out here.

Duane Duke: Here's cab fare. phone book's on the table.

Red: Jesus, You make it all sound so cheap.

Duane Duke: It is? But it beats a good vibrator.

Red: Yeah? Well at least a vibrator gets me off! -- [gives Duke the finger]

Duane Duke: [Grabs Red] Use the payphone bitch!

Norma Bates
: You dirty, dirty boy

Norman Bates: But I... I didn't do anything, Mother... I didn't do anything, Mother. She's a nice girl.

Norma Bates: She's a whore.

Norman Bates: But we didn't do anything.

Norma Bates: You let her come between us.

Norman Bates: But this... It isn't right. It isn't natural.

Norma Bates: It's perfectly natural for a son to love his mother.

Norman Bates: God, will you leave me alone, Mother? Will you leave me alone?

Sheriff Hunt
: Norman! What the hell's the matter with you?

Norma Bates: Get that whore out of my house! Throw her down in the muck and filth where she belongs!

Norman Bates: I'll get you for this, Mother. I'll get you for this.

Norma Bates: You haven't got the guts, boy.

Maureen Coyle
: You must think I've gone mad.

Norman Bates: Oh, no... no. We all go a little mad sometimes.

Norman Bates
: You! You made me do this, your tainted blood in me! -- (A cartoon laughs from the TV) -- Don't laugh at me, Mother! Don't laugh at me!

Duane Duke
: (Repeated Line) Watch the guitar.

Norman Bates
: Mother!

Norma Bates
: Why can't you leave my poor son, my poor Norman alone?

Norma Bates
: It's lies. It's all lies. Norman, she's a lying whore!

Tracy Venable: Norman! Norman where are you?

Norma Bates: She's a slut!

Tracy Venable: Norman!

Norma Bates: Don't let her talk about me like that!

Tracy Venable: Norman! Please, Norman, please listen to me! Norman, Mrs. Bates, whoever you are, damn it doesn't it make any difference in that demented brain of yours?

Norma Bates: Kill her, boy. Get her! Just like the others! Get her!

Tracy Venable: Oh! No! Don't! No! Please! Norman, no!

Norma Bates: (Norman stabs mother) Norman! Can't you do anything right? How dare you treat your mother in such... a... way... Norman.

Norman Bates: So I don't have the guts, huh?

Sheriff Hunt
: Jesus Norman, I wanted to believe it wasn't you. This time, they'll lock you up forever!

Norman Bates: But I'll be free. I'll finally be free.