Psycho Sleepover (2008)


Story & Directed by: Adam Deyoe & Eric Gosselin

Written by: Kurt Kroeber & Adam Deyoe


Rachel Castillo .... Debbie Dickey
Emilia Richeson .... Ginny
Ariel Teal Toombs .... Sally
Frankie Frain .... Ugly Jean
Ryan Martin .... Jeremy Hummel
Ariel Teal Toombs .... Flick Weinberg
Thomas Adrian Villalobos .... Thomas Algernon / Greyhood
Lenore Cutler .... Mrs. Dicky
Jim Martin .... Kench
Kurt Kroeber .... Barry Goldwater
Thom Sigsby .... Mr. Danny Glover
Nick Tully .... Duane
Adam Malamut .... John

Special Appearances:

Felissa Rose .... Marilyn Saunders
Lloyd Kaufman .... Anchorman

Release Dates: Austin Film Festival: October 18, 2008; Oxford Film Festival: February 6, 2009






After accidentally murdering her boyfriend, Debbie Dicky (Rachel Castillo) moves to a new town and meets three girls who invite her to a sleepover. The very same night there is a breakout at the local insane asylum where forty serial killers escape and head over to crash the party. However, the girls at the slumber party might not be as helpless as the killers think.


The beginning involves Debbie Dickey whom is slowly starting to see a guy who eagerly wants his cock sucked and is desperate for it which I thought to myself that I was in for a real bad film and it keeps getting worst and worst every time I was watching it. It looked like whoever wrote this was experienced for doing pornography as the story really sucked for far while watching this scene. Then she gets a call which is supposed to give you the chills which misses by a longshot due to the amateurish and corny moments this takes place.
Then we have what looked like a maniac in a clown suit about to attack her which looked way too off to being frightening and so sloppily done but then we have a moment when she unmasks this person and murders him which looked a little more brutal but still nothing to brag about whatsoever.
Then a bit later in the story there's Debbie with her friends discussing on having a slumber party as this looked way too hokey on what they all were discussing but what looked more annoying was when two geeky kids eavesdrop on this and discuss spying on them taking off their clothes etc which I rolled my eyes greatly.

Things keep getting too silly as someone who works at a psych ward Mr. Danny Glover paying a visit to Laura due to the fact that she killed her boyfriend and comes on strongly towards her and admits he's hitting on her which looked terribly written which was totally uninspirational big time.
In the story there's mental patients who sneak out of their psych ward but accidentally goes to the wrong home when they're meant to kill the girls at the slumber party and realise they made an error which was done tongue in cheek but in a real terrible way.
There's an attention grabber when someone is hoting the news with the patients surrounding a home and then this host is killed which is out of the ordinary. Probably the only scene worth watching.
What's more messed up is when the girls at the slumber party party invites some guys over and bring a freak over whom is Barry Goldwater for Debbie who pigs out on food and talking to her and insisting that she listens in which he talks totally pervertedly towards her as this moment leaves a decent psychological feel to it all.
In a scene one of the party girls Ginny gets it on with one of the guys but is full clothed which looked unnatural and them getting it on looked over the top as well. But then we have this guy getting murdered later on in the bathroon by one of the mental patients and then she spots him dead thinking nothing of it and then later on acts upset which looked pretty messed up.
Then more of the maniacs start to invade the home and Ginny finds this a riot and fun which I wondered as to why this was enjoyable which was in seriius bad taste by what we spot here as well as later on with Debbie trying to talk to Barry on what's happening when he is pigging his face and asks if she wants to suck him off which looked sickly twisted and gets harsh with her afterwards. This looked believeably psychotic as I hoped that a maniac would do this freak in. And we get just that with someone in a uniform coming in for the kill.
Things start to unravel a bit more when Debbie is talking to Ginny with her bouncing wildly on the trampoline as well as later on spotting two of the nerds that wer once eavesdropping tied up with the girls surrounding them about to torture them but still things were doen in a stupid way.
Alot of gruesome moments when there's a ceremony hosted by Ginny with her and a bunch of the maniacs in the room discussing on trying to track down Ginny along with killing one another which looked uninspired by how it was all drawn out. Alot of gruesome perverted moments here and there which looked lame and sick to watch too.
Then we have both Debbie and Danny trying to save the day by snuffing out these manaics but this was even sloppily done and uneven. Some brutal killings though to make this a convincing horror revenge moment.
Then things catch you by surprise towards the near end wondering if this was all a tale or not but yet it become unorganised and even more confusing.
Bottom line is that this flick should've never been made as it was that bad and it looked like whoever wrote this must've been smoking something pretty heavy. It's sick, stupid pointless and not the least bit entertaining as it doesn't really carry a story in which this film was hard for me to follow or even discuss. Doesn't know as to whether it was trying to be a stupid comedy or a horror but either way it's not scary or the least bit funny. Don't let the poster fool you as it's not like Slumber Party Massacre. Not even close to it. You'll wanna put this one to sleep long before the closing credits.

The acting is so terrible it isn't even funny as I'm guessing anyone involved were all friends and wanted to try something. I had a hard time reviewing this large cast as only very little people were worth mentioning but I will do my best to dig some of these people up.... Rachel Castillo (Debbie Dickey) really couldn't get with it in her performance as someone whom killed her boyfriend as she doesn't relate to her surroundings at all and shows no characteristics whatsoever. Also when she acts upset or frightened she is terribly wooden. But does show good blocking energy quarter way through when plunging a sledge hammer as a vengeful killing. Plus seemed to do okay after telling a slumber party tale but that's about it.
Emilia Richeson (Ginny) had a really annoying personality in her performance as someone who acts like an evil brat but she does better than most of the cast member which says very little. She has the right looks and appeal but yet is over the top like most of them. Tries to act wild and crazy but of course she's terribly amateurish while behaving this way.
Frankie Frain (Ugly Jean) was terribly humiliating in his performance playing an ugly party girl as whoever wrote this role in was on serious drugs to begin with. Knew on how to come across as sarcastic whenever he needed to behave that way. Seemed to show energy whenever he had to do this but by no means is he a natural character actor.
Ryan Martin (Jeremy Hummel) plays a nerdy perverted one who spies on the party and he really needed acting lessons big time as he forces his words out too much and getting carried away by what he was doing in the flick. He really got on my nerves watching him in this awful clunker.
Lenore Cutler (Mrs. Dicky) seemed to pull her weight off in an okay... I mean just an okay fashion as an eccentric fruitcake type of family woman but even she could've been a bit better. Does a good job actin upset quarter way through her role or acting vicious ready to kill someone which is better than most of the cast members mentioned here.
Kurt Kroeber (Barry Goldwater) certainly had thr right appeal for an ugly burly as well as a creepy and brain dead freak guest at the party in which he knew on how to not act sane at all and making you uncomfortable by what he was talking about. He was for sure a crazy moron in the story whom is utterly stupid and useless. Knew on how to act convincingly gross.
Thom Sigsby
(Mr. Danny Glover) is probably the best in the cast as the shrink at the ward in which he for sure draws your attention by what he is talking about as well as doing a convincing job as someone not to trust and coming across creepy as well as sketchy. Has the right looks and appeal for this role as well. Was defientely energetic by what he was doing.

Two women are barebreasted on a TV screen
Butt shot on a guy in a bathroom
Some other butt shots on other people during the wild maniacs coming into the house
Womans top is torn off before being killed big breasts exposed
Droopy breasts on a woman dropping down from her top

Throat is slit
Bloody stabbings
Heart ripped out
Victim is stabbed through the crotch with his dick sliced off
Head chopped off
Many violent bloodsheds
Face torn off
Hand is grinded in a blender
Face is whacked by a sledge hammer

Eric Gosselin composed the music which is very cheap and amateurish music different sounds but you could tell that he used the same device to do all of this. There's low and high sounds which is nothing to brag about as well as lame sound effects and some techno sounds which was irritating.

Barry Goldwater: Wanna suck my dick?