Pulse (2006)

Produced & Directed by: Jim Sonzero

Written by: Wes Craven & Ray Wright


Kristen Bell .... Mattie
Ian Somerhalder .... Dexter
Christina Milian .... Isabelle Fuentes
Rick Gonzalez .... Stone
Jonathan Tucker .... Josh
Samm Levine .... Tim
Ron Rifkin .... Dr. Waterson

Special Appearance:

Brad Douriff .... Thin Bookish Guy

Release Date: Theatrical: August 11, 2006; Deauville Film Festival: September 2, 2006

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There's a computer hacker named Josh (Joanthan Tucker) who hacks at other computers but he invades the computer of Douglas Ziegler who is developing a wireless signal and accidentally releases a mysterious and deadly force in which it gives people a virus that they die from as well as generating a suicide epidemic and incresing the force and they seem to get in when you log into your e-mail or cell phone.
His girlfriend Mattie (Kristen Bell) spotted Josh hanging himself as she also encounters her other friends dying from all of this in which she talks to her shrink Dr. Waterson (Ron Rifkin) but he thinks that she's being too paranoid.
She meets up with Dexter (Ian Somerheider) as they plan to make a virus to put a stop to the worlds destruction by this force and to save all humankind but this force seems to try to stop them from doing so and each town is starting to get deserted too.


There's a perfect start with Josh walking the streets looking nervous and looking around and then going to a building with a silent feel to it.
Great shots on him looking around at a library with some quick camera shots too and other terrific shots like on a light above flashing and the book shelf alley ways. The best shots are with him slowly staring into a book shelf with an empty space and then the camera focuses into the space and then a phantom leaps and and grabs him which is guaranteed to make you jump.
There's a great dark moment with Mattie walking to her boyfriends apartment with a good camera shot looking down on her when she is at his door and reaching for the key on the top with her peeking in the door calling to him. There's many good camera shots on her looking around in his suite along with her opening his fridge and spotting maggots and then a good background shot on Josh coming from behind some plastic drapes walking past her acting silent along with her just wondering what the hell is going on. Then there's perfect shots on Josh hung in a room with a frightened expression on Mattie's face backing up.
There's many effective conversation sequences between Mattie and a psychiatrist.
We have some great shots on Professor Cardiff walking towards a bus and the bus swerves.
Many good close up shots on Mattie, Isabelle Fuentes, Stone and Tim at their computer messaging to one another and then a good shot on a repeated message by Josh saying HELP ME.
A nice shot on a corridor in Josh's apartment room with Stone checking things out with other angle shots when he explores each room. A great close up shot on Stone shocked at what he sees in a room with a good effects image on a sprit ghost along with him running and trying to hide beside a bed. Then a great camera shot looking up on the spirit looking down with him screaming in terror.
A nice conversation between Mattie and a landlady having a brief argument.
We have another good argument between Mattie and Dexter about the computer that affected Josh.
There's a great dream sequence with Mattie walking around town showing torn down buildings with Josh standing on one of the buildings along with some fast action camera terror shots.
There's a perfect shot with Mattie standing in the streets and a watertower behind her with someone jumping off.
Another great dark shot on her in washroom and listening to a toilet doorway with a good shot on her and a ghostly image on the other end and then a good shot looking up with her pushing the door open and then a nice shot on a crack of a door with an eye of a spirit looking and her running out.
A good shot on Stone freaking out like a child with Tim watching him shocked and then some great camera shots on Tim himself covering his room with red tape.
A nice shot on Dexter and Mattie watching his computer with a dvd installed showing Josh trying to keep his sanity about something but just losing control which looked extremely effective too.
There's a good discussion between Mattie and Dexter discussing on what's happening in a diner along with a perfect camera shot on a thin bookish guy acting crazy towards them and getting demanding of what is happening out there which gave it that perfect strange feel to it.
Nice shots on Isabelle doing laundry in the laundry room and talking to a neighbor doing laundry and her behaving stand offish.
A perfect spooky moment on Isabelle in the laundry room when she hears a banging sound in one of the dryers and a good shot on the door opening with clothes being thrown out and a dark figure climbs out and then hisses towards her.
A nice presence by Isabelle rising up from her bed after Mattie walks in as she does well not sounding good telling her what these spirits want and then dying with a effects on her crumbling to dust and her getting upset.
There's perfect camera angle shots on her and Janelle walking in a deserted townand then residents catches them by surprise and freaking out about what is going on and to turn off power which looked truly intense.
A terrific intense presence by Douglas Zieglar obsessing on taping up the room and acting crazy towards Mattie and Janelle first crying and then laughing hysterically.
Some excellent fast camera shots circling around Mattie with a spirit as well as showing her frightening expression during many takes.
Terrific shots on a bunch of hands grabbing her as she struggles.
Bottom line is that
I love these types of films imagining that electricity especially from computers can come out and get you by spreading a virus and dying from it. Borrows heavily from White Noise but yet is not a ripoff to the film which makes you jump almost as much with just as much good special effects too. The story was hard to understand but still it doesn't matter as we have alot of great shocks and performances throughout the films plotline. Good dark pictures makes it good so you won't know what will come out and get you making it a nice shocking surprise. If you love ghostly invasions then this is the film for you.

The acting is quite good as Kristen Bell (Mattie) shows terrific fearful expression and emotions to her part. Plus she speaks very well with her lines proving herself a worthy character actress. She showed nothing but terrific energy throughout all of this. A good shocked reaction on her when she spots something gross.
Ian Somerhalder
(Dexter) is not too bad in his role either showing a nice seriousness to his part and being energetic alot with the haunting around him.
Rick Gonzales
(Stone) really stood out in his part showing some interesting characteristics to his part and really knew how to act choked up during his final part in the story.
Jonathan Tucker
(Josh) pulls it off perfectly with his intense actions and upsetting emotions as the first victim in the film. A nice reaction on him in her bathtub screaming after she sees a ghostly image in the water.
Ron Rifkin
(Dr. Waterson) does a nice job with his opinionated behavior as a psychiartist making his part very real as a not so sympathetic character.
We have a perfect effective cameo by Brad Douriff (Thin Bookish Guy) as someone in a diner since he really brings out his insanity to his part.

Elia Cmiral composes some great hissing sounds with some awesome banging effects which will make you jump with the story. There's also some effective humming sounds too as well as some scraping noises too.

Mattie Webber: Just like Josh said, he pulled something through...
Dexter McCarthy: Pulled ghosts through the Wi-Fi? I just doesn't make any sense.
Thin Bookish Guy: [adding to their conversation] It makes all the sense in the world. Do you have any idea of the amount of data that's floating out there? The amount of information we just beam into the air? We broadcast to everyone where we are, and we think we're safe? The whole freakin' city is going insane, and we're acting like it's nothing. Well, it's not nothing. It's something we don't understand, and it is coming for us.
Goth Girl: You're freaking us out, man.
Thin Bookish Guy: It's the end of the world. That's what it is.
Goth Girl: Maybe it's the booze in your coffee.

[last lines]
Mattie Webber: We can never go back. The cities are theirs. Our lives are different now. The things that were supposed to connect us to each other, instead connected us to forces we could never have imagined. The world we know is gone, but the will to live never dies. Not for us... and not for them.